Fire Ants are a group of insectoid Mobians that are presumably descendants of the earthly hivelings of the same name. With red exoskeletons and four limbs, they retain their ancestor's tunneling ability and have used it to their advantage often. Many Fire Ants have also demonstrated the ability to generate and manipulate flames, although this may not be a racial ability. Fire Ants were powerful allies of the Echidnas and later the Brotherhood of Guardians.


From Downunda to the Sky

The first impact on history the Fire Ants would have was their assistance in the formation of Angel Island. Having previously been in contact with the citizens of Echidnaopolis, they readily agreed to help the two scientists Kayla-La and Jordann with their plan to save the city from the White Comet that was headed on a collision course. While the Echidnas gathered twelve Chaos Emeralds, the Fire ants used their tunneling ability to loosen the dirt under the area. Just before the comet struck, the new island rose to the sky via the power of the Chaos Force, bringing the Echidnas, Dingoes, and Fire Ants with it. (StH: #34, KMS: #2)

Emergence of the Guardians

Enerjak and the Dark Legion

The Dingo Conflict

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