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'''Fire Ants''' are a group of insectoid [[Mobians]] that are presumably descendants of the earthly hivelings of the [[File:192px-Archimedes.jpg|thumb|Archimedes, a Fire Ant.]]same name. With red exoskeletons and four limbs, they retain their ancestor's tunneling ability and have used it to their advantage often. Many Fire Ants have also demonstrated the ability to generate and manipulate flames, although this may not be a racial ability. Fire Ants were powerful allies of the [[Echidnas]] and later the [[Brotherhood of Guardians]].
===From Downunda to the Sky===
The first impact on history the Fire Ants would have was their assistance in the formation of [[Angel Island]]. Having previously been in contact with the citizens of [[Echidnaopolis]], they readily agreed to help the two scientists [[Kayla-La]] and [[Jordann]] with their plan to save the city from the [[White Comet]] that was headed on a collision course. While the Echidnas gathered twelve [[Chaos Emeralds]], the Fire ants used their tunneling ability to loosen the dirt under the area. Just before the comet struck, the new island rose to the sky via the power of the [[Chaos Force]], bringing the Echidnas, [[Dingoes]], and Fire Ants with it. ([[StH]]: [[Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 34|#34]], [[Knuckles Miniseries|KMS]]: [[Archie Knuckles Miniseries Issue 2|#2]])
===Emergence of the Guardians===
Observing the echidna race for generations, following their progress closely. When [[Edmund|two]] [[Dimitri the Echidna|brothers]] devised a way to reunite the island with the [[Downunda|motherland]] and was rejected they sensed danger, but even they could not foresee the [[Enerjak|horror]] which was about to be unleashed.
As the seemingly unstoppable echidna held his enemies hostage the insectoid pyromancers quickly chewed away at the foundations of [[Nekronopolis]]. Bringing the chaos resistant fortress down on it's master, perplexed he did not flee with the others as it collapsed around him. Afterwards they resumed watching over the echidna race but were troubled by the emergence of a new [[Dark Egg Legion|faction]] dedicated to technology on a fanatical level. Once the numbers became too great it was decided they would take direct action.
Approaching the one person they knew would be up for the challenge, informing him of his [[Steppenwolf|son's]] predicament they made a grave error. For though Edmund was more than mentally prepared for his duties he lacked the physical aspects necessary to survive. The great Edmund fell before his duties could be fulfilled, realizing their error they saw no other option than leaving the legion alone while dedicating time to shape Edmund's successor. Honing his body and mind to levels beyond that of any ordinary echidna, for an undetermined amount of time he trained in [[Haven]] for the task at hand. Returning and claiming his father's title of [[Guardian]] he fought the legion, engaging his cousin in mortal combat before banishing them to the [[Twilight Zone]]. In the aftermath his guilty conscious was eased by his mentor, still Steppenwolf pondered on how this would affect the future.
From then on the Fire Ants would act as mentors and spiritual guides for future [[Brotherhood of Guardians|generations of guardians]].
===Enerjak and the Dark Legion===
Centuries later their old enemy resurfaced from his tomb, taking the current Fire Ant mentor and Guardian by surprise, banishing the duo to Sandopolis and enslaving [[Chaotix]] as his vanguard.
While he and [[Knuckles the Echidna (Archie)|Knuckles]] kept the demon at bay and distracted Archimedes' brethren mimicked the process of the past, this time aided by their allies. Once more banishing a great evil from the island, (and Mobius in general) afterwards the training of the current guardian was halted yet again.
The Dark Legion's return caused more damage than the island had seen in ages, acrees of the forest was burned and numerous lives threatened.
===The Dingo Conflict===
===Eggman and Eradication===
During [[Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie)|Sonic's]] year in space the majority of the fire ants was caught and the council met their end in the [[Egg Grapes]].
==Background Information==
*All of the named fire ants have Greek or Latin names.
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