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The prototype is still alive, and he's controlling the space colony as it's falling to earth! He's become one with the space colony, and is determined to keep it on its collision course!

Dr. Eggman, Sonic Adventure 2[1]

The Finalhazard (ファイナルハザード Fainaruhazādo?) is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the Biolizard, having transformed by fusing with the Space Colony ARK. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna stopped the Space Colony ARK from colliding with the earth on its own, the Biolizard fused with the ARK to become the Finalhazard and keep the ARK on its crash course. However, he was defeated by Super Sonic and Super Shadow before he could destroy the planet.


The Finalhazard consists essentially of his original form fused with the Space Colony ARK on the Eclipse Cannon, making the entire ARK a part of his body and the Finalhazard one of the largest entities in the Sonic the Hedgehog series by far. At the tip point of the Eclipse Cannon, the Finalhazard's organic body can be found, which is his original form. Where the Biolizard's tail would be though, he instead has the Eclipse Cannon fused to him. Additionally, the Finalhazard's organic body displays severe damage; the cables on the left side of his head and the back of his body have been torn off and he has a stump where his left foot would be.


Sonic Adventure 2[]

When the Biolizard failed to stop Sonic and Knuckles from using the Master Emerald to stop the Chaos Emeralds, the Space Colony ARK lost the power source needed to keep it on its collision course with earth and destroy it. Acting upon the orders given by the late Gerald Robotnik, however, the Biolizard used Chaos Control with the Chaos Emeralds' power to teleport out of the Space Colony ARK's central core to the outside of the ARK, where he fused himself to the Eclipse Cannon's tip, thus becoming the Finalhazard. Now in control of the ARK, the Finalhazard resumed the ARK's crash course into earth by literally dragging it towards the planet. However, having lost his life support system in an earlier battle left the Finalhazard weak and vulnerable.

On the Finalhazard's way to earth, he was confronted by Super Sonic and Super Shadow and he engaged them in a showdown in space. Over the course of the battle, the two hedgehogs took advantage of the Finalhazard's weakened state and caused him enough damage to make his body start exploding and the beast slumped down in defeat. Following its loss, the Finalhazard became dislodged and his body was presumably incinerated upon re-entry into the atmosphere.

Powers and abilities[]

Sonic2app 2015-08-29 19-36-42-071

The Finalhazard's lasers, from the 2012 remaster of Sonic Adventure 2.

With the power provided from the seven Chaos Emeralds and the Space Colony ARK, the Finalhazard was a powerful entity; despite weakened from his failed life support system, he took the combined strength of Super Sonic and Super Shadow to defeat him. Even then, both combatants acknowledged his strength as surprisingly great.

As his primary offense, the Finalhazard was capable of firing up to two pink lasers which had enough power to repel even a Super State user and cause them slight discomfort. Also, due to being physically connected to the Space Colony ARK, the Finalhazard could control the entire ARK, though it is not known to what extent other than controlling its crash course.[1]

Sonic2app 2015-08-29 19-37-01-156

The Finalhazard's egg projectiles, from the 2012 remaster of Sonic Adventure 2.

In addition to new abilities, the Finalhazard's normal ones were greatly enhanced. Possessing a skin designed to absorb attacks, the Finalhazard's skin could generally withstand impacts from even a Super State, and his regenerative healing factor let him restore himself instantly whenever he was injured. Together, these abilities made the Finalhazard nearly invulnerable. The Finalhazard also retained his asexual reproduction abilities, allowing him to create pinks eggs seemingly out of nowhere. He also kept his magnetism manipulation powers, allowing him to move and repulse objects remotely, which had been refined to the point where he could arrange his eggs as a perfect shield and repulse them with enough force to knock a Super State away and cause them slight pain.


The Finalhazard's enormous power unfortunately came at a price: due to the loss of his life support system, he had to draw power from the Space Colony ARK to maintain himself and developed large red swelling areas on his skin, which were vulnerable spots in his otherwise impenetrable skin.


The Finalhazard is fought as the true final boss of Sonic Adventure 2, its enhanced port Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and its 2012 remaster.

Boss guide[]

The battle against the Finalhazard is fairly simple at the start. During the battle, the player takes control of both Super Sonic and Super Shadow as they take turns battling the Finalhazard. In order to deal damage to the Finalhazard, the player must use the Super Sonic Boost to ram into the Finalhazard's pink swelling areas. After each hit, however, the Finalhazard will make it more difficult for Super Sonic and Super Shadow to get close by shooting laser beams or launching his purple eggs.

After damaging the Finalhazard, the character the player controls switches, though the player can also switch manually by flying to the over side of the Finalhazard. As with all super transformations, Super Sonic and Super Shadow lose one Ring for each past second, and if one of them run out of rings completely, the controlled character will revert to normal and the player loses a life. In order to have one character collect more rings, the player has to switch to the other character, and the first character will collect more rings while the player controls the other character.

Once the Finalhazard receives a total of six hits, he will be defeated. After about three minutes into the fight, the screen will turn an eerie red, signifying that the ARK is approaching earth. If over five minutes have passed and Finalhazard is still not defeated, the player will instantly die due to the fact that the ARK has reached earth's atmosphere and crashes into it. A character will remind the player about the time limit.

  • First Round: During the first part, the Finalhazard basically does nothing until the player gets close. Once the player does, he surrounds himself with the nine eggs (three in a row). It is relatively simple to maneuver around this and hit him. The player will have a maximum of fifty rings to maintain the Super State, and if switched over to the other character, then the other player will have rings equal to 50 minus whatever the predecessor player has.
  • Second Round: The Finalhazard starts shooting laser beams from his life support system that the player has to maneuver past. If the player gets hit by a laser, they will not be able to move for about 5 seconds as they get flung back with no direct damage taken otherwise.
  • Third Round: The Finalhazard shoots one laser continuously while spreading around for erratic coverage.
  • Fourth Round: The Finalhazard starts shooting two lasers in unison instead of one, each one following an independent firing line for erratic coverage.
  • Fifth Round: The Finalhazard will surround himself with his eggs, though in a denser field, and shoot lasers. The eggs will slow down the player as well. From this point on, the player's maximum Ring count is 40.
  • Sixth Round: Same as the fourth round, except this time, the Finalhazard's egg shooting is faster and a little more erratic.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Live & Learn ...Main Theme of "Sonic Adventure 2"" Crush 40 4:28


In other media[]


Sonic X[]

Main article: Final Lizard

The Final Lizard, from "Showdown in Space".

In the Sonic X anime series, the Finalhazard was named Final Lizard. Just like in the games, the Bio Lizard became the Final Lizard in order to keep the Space Colony ARK on its crash course with earth. Shortly after, however, the Final Lizard was confronted by Super Sonic and Super Shadow who destroyed its life support system and blew the Final Lizard to smithereens.

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]


The Finalhazard, from Sonic Universe #2.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Finalhazard appeared as a part in the comics' adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2. While it chronologically appeared between Sonic the Hedgehog #98 and #99, it was not until Sonic Universe #2 that it actually appeared in the comics.

Much like in the games, the Biolizard became the Finalhazard in order to keep the Space Colony ARK on its collision course with Mobius, but it was defeated by Super Sonic and Super Shadow before it could succeed.


  • Depending on which character that deals the final blow to the Finalhazard, said character will pose for the ending cinematic of the boss fight.
    • Similarly, who makes the final remarks and what they say varies depending on which character lands the final blow. If Sonic lands the final blow, he will say "Did you really think you had a chance?!" presumably talking to the Finalhazard. If Shadow lands the final blow, Shadow will say, "I must destroy all evil the professor has created," referring to Gerald Robotnik's actions after the latter had gone insane from grief from the death of his granddaughter Maria.
  • The Finalhazard's roar is a recycled version of Perfect Chaos, which was later also used for Devil Doom.
  • During the battle with Sonic and Shadow, Eggman referred to the boils on the Finalhazard's skin as "chloroplasts."
  • In Sonic Adventure 2 the Finalhazard was shooting lasers out of his health support system. However in Sonic X, the lasers were shot out of its mouth.
  • In Sonic and the Black Knight, while fighting the Earth Dragon in Dragon's Lair, Caliburn says it is an enemy like no other, Sonic replies saying he had a similar battle where he was with Shadow the Hedgehog, referring to the Finalhazard.
  • There is an error in the boss battle that occurs sometimes which makes the game move the controls to Super Sonic even after the Finalhazard has been defeated.
  • The Finalhazard is the only boss in the game where more than one super character is played as a requirement to defeat it. He shares these traits with Metal Overlord, Solaris, the Time Eater, the Egg Salamander, and the Egg Wizard.
Biolizard's eggs comparison

The Biolizard's eggs (left) and the Finalhazard's eggs (right).

  • It is interesting to note that the eggs produced by the Finalhazard are different from the ones he produced previously. The ones produced by him as Biolizard are surrounded by a pink cortex. However, the cortex is removed from the Finalhazard's eggs.







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