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Final Mova (ファイナルムーバ Fainarumūba?), also called Final Mover, is a transformation in the anime series Sonic X. It is the combined form of Dark Oak, Black Narcissus and Pale Bayleaf, with Dark Oak being the dominant mind, created through the Metarex's forestation process. This transformation was the culmination of the Metarex's plans to reradiate all animals and make plants the dominant life-form in the universe, but it was defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies of heroes and villains alike.


Dark Oak, Black Narcissus and Pale Bayleaf's transformation into Final Mova took place on Planet Aqurius as a one thousand year phenomenon occurred there which created a rift into another universe and caused a powerful light to emerge. Using their stolen the Planet Eggs to provide water and the seven stolen Chaos Emeralds to provide light - the essentials for plant life - the Metarex used the energy from the phenomenon to transform into the first form of Final Mova which was a three-headed snake-dragon. As Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies arrived to stop Final Mova, the monster plant wrapped inself around the nearby Blue Typhoon with it plantlike vines in order to break the bridge. In a final attempt to kill Sonic the Hedgehog, it swallowed him alive, trapping him underneath the surface of Planet Aqurius.

After saving Sonic, the heroes managed to utilize the Master Emerald to fire a powerful laser with the Sonic Power Cannon, destroying two of Final Mova's heads. Dark Oak's consciousness survived however and made Final Mova finish absorb the Chaos Emeralds' power and rise the water level of the planet until its remaining head was pulled under. It then condensed the planet into a seed and began spreading its power across the galaxy, causing plants to flourish rapidly and animals and robots to slowly wither away. However, its seed form was destroyed by Super Sonic and Super Shadow after the heroes managed to recharge the Chaos Emeralds, thus foiling the Metarex's forestation. In a last attempt to seize victory however, Dark Oak began compressing Final Mova's form and power until it could create an explosion that would destroy the universe while making a force field to keep Super Sonic and Super Shadow from destroying it.

Before it could succeed, Final Mova was finally defeated when Cosmo, having underwent a transformation, flew over to Final Mova while dissipating the gravitational field and planted herself on top of it in the form of the seed, immobilizing it. Tails then fired the Sonic Power Cannon loaded with Super Sonic and Super Shadow at Final Mova and eliminated it for good, though at the cost of Cosmo's life.

Powers and abilities

Final Mova possesses a variety of different powers in each of its forms that are fueled by the Planet Eggs and the seven Chaos Emeralds, arguably making it the strongest entity in Sonic X. For each form it takes, Final Mova's power grows exponentially greater, eventually reaching the point where even two super forms are unable to defeat it alone.

First Form


Final Mova growing roots.

In its first form, Final Mova is in the last stages of the Metarex's forestation project and is extremely powerful thanks to the seven Chaos Emeralds. It can use its roots as tendrils to attack or restrain enemies, either by extending them or growing them at an extraordinary rate. It can also grow roots from its neck. However, its roots are noticeably fragile.


Final Mova's Laser breath.

Final Mova's main body has high durability, withstanding the impacts from several missiles and easily brushing off Sonic his allies' attacks. Even after being hit with the full power of the Master Emerald and losing two of its heads, Final Mova still survived. In addition, Final Mova has high physical strength, easily tearing through the Blue Typhoon's interior and outer armor without effort, though it struggled against Shadow's level of strength.


Final Mova creating water sprouts.

Final Mova's first form is capable of projecting energy as laser beams from its mouths which pack enough power to destroy one of the Blue Typhoon's engines in one shot. It also has hydrokinetic abilities that enabled it to create water sprouts from its roots to eject foes and even rise the water levels of Planet Aqurius. Final Mova can also launch its fur as clusters of over-sized needles.

A more miscellaneous power of Final Mova's first form is its ability to manipulate the dreams. When it had caught Sonic, it kept his mind trapped in a dreamscape while he was conscious and, at the same time, fought Sonic's attempts to resist it.

Second Form

Darkness attack

Fina Mova's energy projection.

After absorbing all of the chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds, Final Mova completed its metamorphosis and reached it final state, which was its second form. In this form, Final Mova's energy levels rises so rapidly that they cannot be measured.


In this form, Final Mova can generate galaxy-encompassing waves that cause plants to grow rapidly. However, animals or robots affected by these waves will be drained of life energy, resulting in growing weakness and eventually death, in order to accelerate vegetational growth. Cosmo's species are immune to these waves however. Final Mova's second form also has incredible durability; even when hit by Sonic's momentum-fueled Spin Dash, it was completely unfazed. However, foes like Super Sonic and Super Shadow could easily tear it apart.

Final Mova's second form can release dark energies from its shell like water currents to push attackers away and is able to direct these energis at will, allowing it to launch this attack from any angle. It can also manipulate plants to act as its limbs, such as when it used the roots on the Blue Typhoon to attack Cosmo.

Third Form


Final Mova's gravity field.

Final Mova's third and most dangerous form is the core of its second form, which was exposed after its shell was torn off. In this form, Final Mova's energy levels increase to even higher levels than before.

Final Mova's third form can generate a powerful gravitational field by compressing its Planet Egg's energy, which can almost immobilize Super Sonic and Super Shadow. This create an nearly impenetrable force field around itself. At the same time, Final Mova can turn its gravitational field onto itself to crush itself. If Final Mova's pressure should reach a certain point, it can create an explosion that could destroy the universe.


  • Since the only body part Final Mova had below its throat was its roots, it is possible that it was talking by telepathy, as the vocal chords reach to about the collarbone in a normal animal. This would also explain why its mouth does not move when it speaks and why it talks to Sonic in his dream.
  • It appears to have fur while in its first form; however Vector refers to the Pale Bayleaf head as "a slippery one" while he and Espio are climbing on it.



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