Final Frontier

Quotation1.svg Jump on the platforms and get the rings! Quotation2.svg
— Introduction instruction, Sonic Shuffle

Final Frontier (宇宙の彼方へ Uchū no kanata e?, lit. "Deep space") is an Accident Mini-Game for Fourth Dimension Space in Sonic Shuffle.


In Final Frontier, all four players stand on a square platform. More platforms come from the top while the ones on the bottom go away. The centers of the platforms open up that either give a blast of fire that will make the characters lose Rings or shoot a small fountain of Rings or Forcejewel. If the characters fall off the platforms, they will pop out of the center of a platform while losing Rings.

Whoever collects the most rings gets twenty extra Rings; second-place gets ten Rings, while third-place gets five Rings.

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