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Final Factory
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Robots and weapons are churned out nonstop at this secret Eggman facility, protected by a myriad of toy-like traps.

— Description, Sonic Free Riders

Final Factory (ファイナルファクトリー Fainaru Fakutorī?) is the seventh track in Sonic Free Riders.


Despite its name, Final Factory is a futuristic city around the night sky with high structured buildings with lights that follow the perimeter on most of the course.

The level is also the setting for the final race between Sonic the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic.



The course starts up with a sharp left turn (although there is a quarter-pipe ramp if the character needs more Air or to simply make the turn) leading to three divided paths with rings obtainable by catch-mode and at the end of the path, simply jump and perform tricks to make over the gap if the player wishes to access the catch mode, grind, air ride and power skill shortcuts. If the character misses the jump and takes the lower detour, the character is treated to a curve to the left and at the end of the path, the character is lifted to the section where all the above mentioned shortcuts finish at before a trick ramp. After hitting the trick ramp, is a wide factory which opens up into five separate paths (Note that each lap is variable the paths may have Rings only, power-ups only or dash panels only.) The character will need to decide whether to keep towards the left, center or right because after this long straight section along with a sharp turn to the right (easier to make this turn with catch-mode) will lead to the secondary air ride, grind and power skill sections respectively in three divided paths with the former two requiring a jump at the end of their respective divided paths. If the character didn't take any of the skill shortcuts the player can still make that jump to the higher route or the lower route. (All the skill shortcuts will lead to the higher route.) After navigating the next divided path sections is a sharp turn to the right, followed by a trick ramp and leads to the finishing line.

If the character pulls off a high trick and races on the upper section, he/she will be led to an alternate finishing line and from the start of the next lap, keep to the left in order for the character's path to remain in this special route (otherwise the character will drop down to the main route), followed by two high-reach poles to use catch-mode to continue on the shortcut. This route ends with two divided paths requiring the character to perform a trick to be led to an isolated section where the first skill shortcuts finish at.


Missions (World Grand Prix)[]

No. Course layout Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Standard Place 1st after 3 laps! Sonic Free Riders - Sonic Icon
B Rank (Sonic Free Riders) >4:00
A Rank (Sonic Free Riders) 3:56-4:00
S Rank (Sonic Free Riders) >3:56
2 Expert Place 1st after 3 laps! Sonic Free Riders - Sonic Icon
B Rank (Sonic Free Riders) >5:32
A Rank (Sonic Free Riders) 5:28-5:32
S Rank (Sonic Free Riders) >5:28
3 Expert Beat Metal Sonic to the goal! Sonic Free Riders - Sonic Icon
B Rank (Sonic Free Riders) >5:28
A Rank (Sonic Free Riders) 5:24-5:28
S Rank (Sonic Free Riders) >5:24


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Theme of Final Factory" Koji Sakurai 5:12

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