This article is about the cannon used by Emerl to destroy earth. You could be looking for Final Egg, a stage from Sonic Adventure, or the Final Color Blaster from Sonic Colors.

The Final Egg Blaster (ファイナル・エッグブラスター Fainaru Eggu Burasutā?) is a weapon built by Dr. Eggman during the course of Sonic Battle.


Sonic Battle

After building the Final Egg Blaster, Dr. Eggman attached it to his Death Egg and waited for Emerl to appear. After being defeated by the Gizoid, Eggman fired the Final Egg Blaster on a group of stars, destroying them. This activated Emerl's original program, which forced him to break its Link to its former Master and establish a new link with the owner of that overwhelming power. Unfortunately, Eggman's plan worked too well, as Emerl aimed the Final Egg Blaster at earth and set it to fire after sixty seconds.

Eggman, not wanting Emerl to destroy the planet (because Eggman would not have a world to rule if he did), tried to command him to stop, but Emerl knocked him out. Sonic battled Emerl before the Final Egg Blaster fired, restoring him to his old self again, but causing such damage that Emerl was destroyed as well. The Blaster was deactivated and the earth was saved.


  • This weapon serves the same purpose as the Eclipse Cannon, as they are both powerful weapons that can destroy entire planets.
  • Since Dr. Eggman attached a large cannon to the Death Egg, this further parodies the Death Star from Star Wars because it has a large cannon that can destroy entire planets. However, its' capability of destroying entire star systems makes it more analogous to Starkiller Base in the Sequel Trilogy, despite the fact that the Final Egg Blaster came before it.

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