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The Super Peel Out, also known as the Figure Eight Super Peel Out or just Figure Eight, is a type of move used by Sonic the Hedgehog in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics series published by Archie Comics. The Super Peel Out is faster than a typical Spin Dash that Sonic uses and is used by Sonic during either moments of rage or when he needs to defeat a foe, mostly of the former. So far, Sonic is the only Mobian to possess this ability.


Main Continuity

Pre-Super Genesis Wave

When Amy Rose and Miles "Tails" Prower were captured by Dr. Robotnik, Sonic had went to the Collision Chaos Zone in order to save his friends. Unfortunately, he had a small problem: Robotnik made Metal Sonic to test Sonic's speed and strength to his own limits. After racing for sometime, Sonic began to use his "Figure-8 Super Peel Out," as he called it. He used this to exhaust Metal Sonic's processors, which caused the robotic doppelganger to melt his own core away. (StH #25)

As Robotnik had summoned all of the Chaos Emeralds of Mobius to his base, Sonic had used the Super Peel Out trick to run through most of the "levels" inside his base (these bases were, in fact, levels from Sonic Triple Trouble). However, Fang the Sniper had shot him in the back to swipe the Chaos Emerald from him. (STT)

Later on, Rotor Walrus was sick from a stomach virus and told Sonic to investigate via shrinking down into size and stopping the virus from Rotor's insiders. Sonic then found himself facing the French Frirus and after they attacked at him, Sonic used the Super Peel Out trick to move away from the fever. (StH #33)

Archie Super Peel Out 02

Sonic using the Super Peel Out to punch Knuckles.

Knuckles the Echidna had came to Robotropolis at one point, but, unbeknownst to him, Sally Acorn and Tails had caught the red echidna. Sonic, who was alarmed at this, thought that the Guardian of Angel Island was joining sides with Robotnik again. With this, Sonic went to Knuckles and, with using the Super Peel Out, Sonic ambushed Knuckles. Knuckles, confused, then grabbed a root from a tree nearby and pulled it to hit Sonic. (SS v. HK)

After a trial against Sonic after he was roboticized several days ago, Sonic wanted to give payback to Fang the Sniper for helping Eggman roboticized him. But, when Sonic could not get inside the Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill, he perform a Super Peel Out move to access inside, as well as take out the gatekeeper of the bar. (StH #40)

Upon Sonic's journey to the Great Desert, he was ambushed by a Roboticized Carl Condor and was quickly taken up by the roboticized bird to the Death Egg. In order to escape from Carl, Sonic used the Super Peel Out trick. He quickly left Carl Condor to explore the Death Egg later. (SQ #2)

While Sonic was transported to an alternate dimension of Mobius, Doctor J. Kintobor had built the Giant Robotno to stop the mutated Freedom Fighters from destroying his city and possibly his zone. With this, he made Sonic the controller of the Giant Robotno. In order for the robot to move fast, Sonic had to perform a Super Peel Out trick to make the robot super-fast. (SSS #12)

StH 170 Super Peel Out

Sonic using the Super Peel Out on Pseudo-Sonic.

After Sonic stumbled upon a map to Dr. Eggman's secret island, Sonic traveled across the Mobian Sea to the Island of Misfit Badniks where he would get ambushed by Badniks. Sonic was able to escape, but only to face a familiar foe; Pseudo-Sonic. Sonic would then use the Super Peel out trick to try to uppercut Pseudo-Sonic, only for the robot to poke Sonic's eyes to defeat him. (StH #170)

Fiona Fox was missing and suddenly appears again at Knothole Village. After She revealed that she had no interest in Sonic until he was switched with Scourge the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower tried to hesitate her to join the good side again. However, she only slapped him in the face, and Sonic, agitated,  attempted to perform a Super Peel Out trick on Fiona. But, Scourge stoped him from doing so, via running towards him. (StH #172)

StH 175 Super Peel Out

Sonic using the Super Peel Out in order to defeat the Egg Beater.

After Dr. Eggman had burned Knothole Village to the ground, Sonic, furious at the loss of everything he cared for, attacked Eggman in his robot, but was unable to cause any damage. Eggman explained to Sonic that the robot was designed to match and outclass his speed and strength, and that he had reached his limit. Sonic, determined to show what he can do and to get back at Eggman for his friends, ran halfway across the continent to the eastern coast. There, he used a charged Super Peel Out move and ran back towards Eggman's robot. However, despite being faster than Eggman calculated, all he was able to do was dent the robot's shield. (StH #175)

On the eve of the Invasion of the Eggdome, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters had to face Eggman's Egg Phoenix. Sonic had used the Super Peel Out trick to distract the doctor while the Chaotix and the Freedom Fighters made a plan to destroy the machine. (StH #198)

When Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette were heading towards Sand Blast City after the Sand-Blasters sent a distress signal to the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Bunnie was shot down by one of Avery the Bear's E.M.P. machines. Agitated by the Sand-Blasters evil ways, Sonic performed a Super Peel Out move to burrow down inside Sand Blast City. (StH #217)

SU 35 Super Peel Out

Sonic performing a Super Peel Out during the Battle Bird Armada invasion.

Prior to the Battle Bird Armada invasion on New Mobotropolis, Sonic and the Babylon RoguesJet the Hawk, Storm the Albatross, and Wave the Swallow–moved away from New Mobotropolis to fight each other. But, Jet used his Gravity Ring to surround Sonic with a barrier for him not to attack the Babylon Rogues. The Battle Bird Armada ship was at pinpoint with Castle Acorn and was nearly ready to launch a beam to destroy Castle Acorn to get to Babylon Garden underneath New Mobotropolis. Sonic was released from the barrier, and a very agitated Sonic used the Super Peel Out trick to run towards New Mobotropolis before the Battle Bird Armada destroys Castle Acorn. He continued to use it until he went with the Bablyon Rogues inside the pit to reach Babylon Garden. (SU #35, #36)

StH 234 Super Peel Out

Sonic holding Antoine while performing the Super Peel Out trick.

Shortly after the invasion, Eggman, in his newly-built Death Egg, attacked the Freedom Fighters–Sonic, Tails, Bunnie, Antoine, and Amy–while they were protecting the Royal Family. Metal Sonic v3.5 and Mecha Sally were sent to stop the Freedom Fighters. As Metal Sonic was approaching to self-destruct on the Royal Family's vehicle. Antoine, in a selfless act, went towards Metal Sonic, grabbed it away from the vehicle, and in no time, Metal Sonic self-destructed in Antoine's face. Eggman then gathered his forces back to the Death Egg and as the Freedom Fighters came together to see the damage done for Antoine, Sonic came up with an idea to run towards the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital in New Mobotropolis. With this, Sonic, carrying Antoine, used the Super Peel Out trick and run towards the hospital at Mach-10 speed. (StH #234)

During the Albion Attack, Thrash revealed to Knuckles the Echidna that he put the echidnas somewhere where they wouldn't cause trouble. Knuckles attacked Thrash, but he was blown away by Thrash's supersonic screaming power. Sonic, however, attacked Thrash from the back. Sonic is agitated that Thrash took the echidnas and sent the away, and thus the hedgehog performed a Super Peel Out trick. He failed after Thrash used his supersonic screaming power towards Sonic. (StH #244, #245)

In the Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide comic crossover event, Sonic and Mega Man decided to work together to stop Tails Man from terrorizing the traffic on the road with his wind currents. Sonic used the Super Peel Out trick to move along without being pulled back by Tails Man. (MM #25)

Post-Super Genesis Wave

StH 252 Super Peel Out

Sonic saving Tails while using the Super Peel Out trick.

During the post-When Worlds Collide event, Sonic the Hedgehog used the Super Peel Out trick to save Tails from being crushed from the monster-form of Tails Doll at Mobotropolis at Westside Island. (StH #252)

Another Time, Another Place

During the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II adaption, Sonic, arriving from Earth after facing Eggman in the E.G.G. Station Zone, is greeted by Tails, who tells Sonic that Little Planet's annual arrival is near. Sonic then remembers memories of his previous adventures on Little Planet. With this, a flashback shows Sonic performing the Super Peel Out move against Metal Sonic. (SSSM #3)


  • Prior to Ian Flynn's arrival as writer of the Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog comics, every time Sonic used the Super Peel Out move, a little note from the editor mentioned the last time the Super Peel Out move was used.


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