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Feral Forest Update

Feral Forest

Feral Forest, a small village of Mobians, was a "back-water burg out in the middle of nowhere" according to Dr. Eggman.



Elias in Feral Forest

When Elias Acorn decided to flee from his responsibilities of assuming the role of king, he fled to Feral Forest to lead a simpler life. He became a farmer and settled down, marrying a local named Megan, and having a daughter with her. The village came under attack by an army of Eggman's E-105 robots. However, his robotic army was destroyed by the combined might of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn and the local villagers. (StH: #121)

After being kicked from the throne by Naugus, Elias and his family decided to move here to avoid any more hazards in their way. (StH #234)

With Team Fighters heading to Feral Forest after Eggman planned an invasion there, a gigantic battle was made as Team Freedom tried to stop Mecha Sally, Silver Sonic III and SWATbots from destroying the village. Along the way, they received help from the actual villagers and thus, Eggman retreated to attack New Mobotropolis in the next several minutes. Team Fighters had saved the village from destruction at last. (StH #239)