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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Fennec Shopkeeper[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic fennec fox who runs a grocer on Seaside Island.[3]


The Fennec Shopkeeper is an anthropomorphic, fallow-furred fennec fox at nearly Knuckles' height with buff fur on his front torso and muzzle, and golden eyes. He has a fairly large and round torso, a wide head, slightly thin arms, a bushy tail, long triangular ears and slightly stubby legs. In addition, he has a medium-large black nose, long cheek tufts on his muzzle with brown tips, and brown tips on his ears and tail. His attire includes a watermelon-colored cap with a pink bill, a red and white-checkered neckerchief, a purple apron with the image of a split watermelon on it, white gloves, slightly baggy dark green socks and brown shoes.


TV series


Years ago, the Fennec Shopkeeper had Charlie as his employee. However, he fired Charlie when he kept fumbling with his apples (which was actually Knuckles' doing). He later heard that Charlie got a new job.[3]

Season one

The Fennec Shopkeeper at his shop.

While in the Village Center, the Fennec Shopkeeper would sell groceries to Zooey at a smaller stand.[4] He later met Knuckles at his shop, who was looking for Charlie. As he told where to find Charlie though, the Fennec Shopkeeper would begrudgingly see Knuckles fool around with his inventory.[3]

Season two

After seeing who seemed to be Knuckles break into his shop and eat his vegetables, the Fennec Shopkeeper would sarcastically criticize Knuckles when he caught sight of him again, inadvertently making the echidna go into exile for a while.[5]


The Fennec Shopkeeper is very strict about his business, being neither tolerant or patient regarding foolery with his inventory. He is also not one to give second reevaluation of others given how he thought that Charlie was still a clumsy worker after several years (even though Charlie was never at fault for this).[3] He has also shown an sarcastic sense of humor and way of criticizing others.[5]


  • The Fennec Shopkeeper's basic character model is derived from the Male Fennec's. The two characters' voices are also near-identical.


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