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Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted

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"Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted" is the nineteenth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. As the name suggests, it consists of two shorter stories, each approximately ten minutes long. It first aired on 15 October 1994.

"Fed Up With Antoine"




The episode begins in Robotropolis. There, Antoine is nervously sneaking through the streets in order to obtain a message that Chuck has left in the appointed place. However, the wind is blowing through Robotropolis, carrying with it several sheets of paper. One of them hits Antoine in the face, causing Antoine to lose his balance for a moment and stumble into some trash cans. A moment later, Antoine heads to the gargoyle statue where Chuck's message is hidden. Antoine cannot open the gargoyle head however, so he resorts to trying and split the gargoyle head with a big rock. However, the rock breaks, and Antoine throws a rock fragment behind him in frustration. However, he ends up hitting a Swat-Bot, who is standing right behind him. The robot arrests him and tells him to move forward, but Antoine warns it that it is making a big mistake. Antoine then begins describing himself as a friend of Dr. Robotnik until Sonic comes running and takes him away. The Swat-Bot takes a shot at Sonic with its laser gun, but misses him. Once they are safe, Sonic rebukes Antoine for almost revealing the place where Chuck leaves their messages to the enemy. Antoine, however, assures him very confidently that he had everything under control. Sonic proceeds to tell Antoine that if he thinks he is so "cool", then he can find a way back to Knothole on his own. With that, Sonic takes his leave, leaving a terrified Antoine to shake in fear and whimper for help. Immediately after, Sonic appears behind Antoine's back and pokes him on the shoulder. Terrifed, Antoine jumps up and lands straight into the arms of Sonic. Antoine then begins to thank Sonic and call him his savior, but Sonic tells him to stop.

In Knothole Village, Bunnie Rabbot is training Tails in martial arts and has him practice on a dummy resembling Dr. Robotnik. Tails delivers a high kick on the dummy, and Bunnie praises him for it while also making corrections to some of his attacks. A moment later, Antoine arrives on the scene, but trips over a rock. Bunnie picks him up and hears from Antoine that he wants to have a few words with her. As it turns out, Antoine wants to learn martial arts as well, and he claims that only one lesson will suffice for now. Bunnie, however, seeing how clumsy Antoine is, believes that it is going to take a lot more than that. During Bunnie's lesson, Antoine breaks some pottery and several trees, but is unable to hit the Robotnik dummy. Frustrated, Bunnie tells him to concentrate. Despite his fatigue, Antoine delivers a flying kick to the Robotnik dummy, causing it to get knocked loose from its rope and be send flying into Sonic's hut where it hits Sonic himself. Sonic proceeds to open the door to his hut and exclaiming that he wants to know who the dummy belongs to. Proud of his achievement, Antoine calls himself out and proclaims himself a master of "King Fu". Sneering at Antoine, Sonic throws the dummy back at him. Upon hitting Antoine however, the dummy pops open and covers Antoine in dust. Sonic then returns to his hut, but Antoine believes that Sonic is just jealous of his amazing skills. Antoine then makes a jump, but accidently hits a branch that he bounces off on, causing him to be send flying into Sonic's hut. Beginning to lose his patience, Sonic throws Antoine out of his hut.

Getting somewhat depressed, Antoine decides to scroll around the Great Forest while showing off his (poor) skills during fits of jealously at Sonic. Suddenly, however, a gang of bikers called the Nasty Hyenas arrive. They begin circling Antoine and threatening him with claims that they are worse that his worst nightmare. Antoine nervously announces that he is prepared to defend himself and shows off his skills, only for the Nasty Hyenas to start laughing. They then take off their helmets and all of them scare Antoine at the time. This causes Antoine to jump up so high in shock that he hits a tree branch on the way up and breaks it off, before coming down again and landing on one of the Nasty Hyenas' motorbikes. Antoine then accidently begins driving the motorbike, only to ram into the other motorbikes. Landing back on the ground, a dizzy Antoine mentions "King Fu". The Nasty Hyenas immediately after change their attitude and apologizes to Antoine. The Nasty Hyenas then claim that they did not recognize him because he has seemingly lost weight, and begin bowing to Antoine and proclaiming him their ruler, something which Antoine takes an immediate liking to.

During night, the Knothole Freedom Fighters are looking for Antoine. Eventually, Tails find footprints that emit the unpleasant small of Antoine's perfume. Around the same time, the Nasty Hyenas have planted Antoine on a throne and dressed him up with a cape around his neck and an empty metal can on his head. Upon learning that the Nasty Hyenas would meet all his whims, Antoine becomes very happy. At first, he asks one of the hyenas to rub his feet, but as soon as the hyena pulls off his shoe, he is driven off by the stench of Antoine's perfume. Antoine then proceeds to demand a pizza and tea from his servants before falling asleep. Not long after, Sonic comes running and wakes Antoine up. Upon asking what is going on, Antoine explains that he has become a king. Antoine then asks Sonic to bow before him, only for Sonic to sneer and laugh at him. Immediately after, Antoine falls down from his throne and drops his metal can crown. Sonic proceeds to pick up the "crown" and begins making a joke about it. Picking himself up, Antoine takes back his crown and puts it on his head before calling upon his guards and telling them to take Sonic to the dungeons. Two hyenas then arrive and grab Sonic, whom they tell are dead serious about obeying Antoine. Sonic breaks free, however, and begins to run around Antoine's throne, causing it to spin around in turn. A moment later, Dulcy comes flying in, carrying Sally and Bunnie on her back. Dulcy's subsequent landing causes the Nasty Hyenas to run away. As Bunnie wonders what is going on, Sonic explains that Antoine now fancies himself a king. Regaining his senses, Antoine begins insulting the heroes, except for Sally, whom wants to become his queen. Sally, however, refuses Antoine's offer and reminds him that he has no business being the king of anyone. Bunnie then picks up Antoine by the back collar and adds that he should not rule hyenas. Hearing this, Antoine decides to resign from the Freedom Fighters. Sally and Bunnie try to stop him, but it is too late, as Antoine takes his leave. While Sonic does not mind Antoine's departure, Sally tries to remind him that Antoine has his good sides too. When Sonic asks for her to mention them however, the only thing she can come up with is that Antoine has good hair. Sonic, however, does not believe it.

Later, after Sonic and Bunnie have fallen asleep, Sally uses Nicole to get information on the Nasty Hyenas. It turns out that the Nasty Hyenas are a splinter group from a cannibal tribe that always eats their king. On average, they eat 4.3 kings per month. Terrified by this piece of info, Sally realizes that Antoine is in danger. The next day, Antoine finds himself in a cauldron filled with boiling water which two hyenas are warming up and seasoning. Antoine tries to get out of this situation though talk, but the hyenas remark that they take their meals very seriously. The female hyena tastes salt being poured by one of the male hyenas and says that it is still chilly but the sun will fix the problem real quick. When they pour pepper into the cauldron however, Antoine jumps out of the cauldron temporarily. Antoine proceeds to tell the hyenas that they cannot season something like him with ordinary pepper and insists that they should use paprika. When the hyenas say that they do not have any paprika, Antoine refuses to be eaten. However, as time passes, he starts to get more and more hot in the cauldron. Suddenly though, Sonic comes running, overturning two hyenas while Sally and Bunnie come flying in on Ducly's back. Sonic proceeds to turn over another hyena before luring a larger group of them into following him. He then jumps over the landing Dulcy, who falls on the hyenas and knocks them all down. Sonic then tries to get Antoine out of the cauldron, only for Antoine to warn him of the hyenas approaching him from behind. As the hyenas run towards him however, Sonic runs out of the way, causing them to hit the cauldron themselves and knock it over, causing its water and Antoine to pour out. Sonic then looks at the defeated hyenas, not noticing another hyena approaching him from behind. However, Antoine comes to the rescue and hits the hyena with a strong flying doublekick that knocks the hyena down. Sonic then praises Antoine before taking him with him as he and his friends returned to Knothole.

Back in Knothole, Antoine brags and showcases his skills. He insists however, that his display of his last martial arts move was not good enough, so he decides to repeat his performance. Antoine stumbles, however, and ends up falling down on Dulcy's foot. Dulcy proceeds to jump in pain, knocking down the hut's bed, table and lamp in the process. Despite the destruction he caused however, Antoine insists that his move was performed much better, making Sonic remark that they should have let the Nasty Hyenas eat him.


"Ghost Busted"




The episode begins with Sonic taking Tails through the Great Forest in order to teach him the skills necessary to become a future Freedom Fighter. At first, Sonic teaches Tails how to search for various clues, such as broken branches, flatten grass, footprints and stuff like that. Tails soon after finds a broken branch and shows it to Sonic, prompting Sonic to praise Tails. He then tests Tails by questioning him about what other senses he should use. Tails proceeds to use his nose and eventually smells Antoine's cologne. Soon after, the duo hears Antoine's scream and runs over to a slope which Antoine is rolling down of. Sonic and Tails proceed to follow Antoine, who eventually falls into a mud pool. To check if he is still alive, Antoine pinches himself. Although he knows he is alive now, he begins to mourn his condition. Meanwhile, Sonic and Taila come running. Sonic asks Antoine what he was doing, as he was supposed to hide so Tails would be able to track him down. In response, Antoine asks them if they saw the ghost. Tails gets scared, and Antoine explains that he met a ghost and tried to fight him, only for the ghost to sneak away. Sonic does not believe Antoine's story, however, and begins to walk up the slope with Tails. On the top of the slope, Tails nervously asks Sonic that ghosts are not real, which Sonic confirms. As Antoine catches up to the duo though, he insists that he saw a ghost and that he tried to fight it off. As Antoine shows off his skills, however, he stumbles and falls down the slope and back into the mud pool. Upon seeing this, Sonic deduces that this is what that must have happened when Antoine fell down the slope the first time.

Later at night, the heroes have set up camp and lit a bonfire. There, Sonic tells Tails the story about the Gopher Highwayman who stole the sorcerer's gold medallion and lost his head as a result. He then adds that his headless spirit still haunts the forest under the name the "Headless Gopher". This prompts Antoine to jump up in fear, which makes Sonic and Tails laugh. The duo then tells Antoine to relax, and Antoine pretends that the story did not scare him at all. He then puts on his sleeping mask and lays down on his mattress. At the request of Tails though, Sonic begins telling Tails another scary story, which makes Antoine hide underneath his mattress's covers while trembling in fear.

After Sonic finishes telling Tails the story about an evil spirit that became a duck and the Moon, Tails thanks him for the entertainment. Both heroes then fall asleep in their respective sleeping bags. While dreaming, Tails sees the Evil Duck's face appear on the Moon, who devours a flying bat. In turn, on the hill, Tails sees a headless rider riding on the back of a mount. Terrified, Tails sees the gold medallion in his hand and suddenly wakes up, only to notice the silhouette of the rider amongst the trees. Soon after, the silhouette evolves into a strange, yellow-glowing silhouette, which Tails believes to be a ghost. Tails' subsequent cry wakes up Sonic, and Tails shows him the place where he saw the ghostly apparition. However, Sonic does not see anything there, and begins to calm Tails, who insists that he was not dreaming. However, when Sonic calls for Antoine to back him up, it is revealed that Antoine's mattdress is empty.

Sonic and Tails subsequently begin to track Antoine by following his footsteps. Eventually, Tails finds a broken branch that he shows to Sonic. With it, Sonic deduces that Antoine was here recently. Sonic proceeds to praise Tails for his find, only for the ghost to appear and begin to approach them. Sonic tells Tails to wait for him at the camp while he examines the ghost. As Sonic runs towards the ghost, Tails does as Sonic says and begins to fly through the forest. Eventually though, Tails gets tired and falls into the bushes. It is in this moment that Tails remembers that as a Freedom Fighter, he should remain calm in the face of danger. After calming down, Tails flies up on top of a cliff and notices the ghost below, prompting Tails to conclude that the ghost must have gotten Sonic. Tails thus flies in the other direction, but stumbles in midair and lands in front of a cave. He proceeds to listen to the sounds coming out of it and smelling the smells. As Tails goes into the cave, he notices several green pairs of eyes looking at him in the darkness. Frightened, Tails runs outside, but there he gets scared by an ominous owl and runs back into the cave again. However, he escapes from the cave again when bats begin flying around him. Outside the cave, Tails hears Sonic's voice and begins to call out to him. However, he begins to wonder if it is the real Sonic calling out to him. Tails thus decides to track him down using his sense of smell and hearing. Shortly thereafter, Tails begins flying towards Sonic. When Sonic finally comes running, Tails hides behind a big rock. He then sees that Sonic is looking for him alongside the ghost, making Tails think that the ghost has brainwashed Sonic.

Tails proceeds to run away, but falls down a hill along the way. He then gets stunned when he pictures the Evil Duck's face on the Moon. Soon after, Tails comes running for him. Tails, however, tries to run away from Sonic, only to run into the ghost. Falling to the ground, Tails tries to crawl away from it. It turns out however, that the "ghost" is Antoine, whom Tails recognizes upon hearing him speak. Sonic then arrives and shows him that while sleepwalking, Antoine walked into some foxfire plants that covered him from head to toe in glowing fungus, thus explaining "ghost's" strange glow.

The next morning, Tails is back to his old self and helping pull out the campfire the right way, just as Sonic has told him. While Tails admits that camping is pretty cool, Antoine expresses his discontent with it by kicking his backpack. Tails also asks Sonic if he would tell him more ghost stories (which Antoine privately expresses discomfort with). Sonic, however, is not sure that he should, considering what happened the night before. Tails assures him, however, that he now knows that ghosts do not exist. Immediately after, Sonic hears Antoine fall and helps him back on his feet. As it turns out, Antoine is unable to carry his own backpack. A terrified Tails then calls out to Sonic and shows him a gold medallion that he has found under his sleeping back. As a mysterious laughter then fills the air, a scared Sonic takes Tails and Antoine and runs away.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Czech Plné Zuby Antona Fed up with Antoine
French Antoine, le roi/Camping sauvage Antoine, the king/Wild camping
German Falsche Gewürze/Das Gespenst Wrong Spices/The Ghost
Korean 왕이 된 앙투안 / 귀신 소동 Antoine became king/ghost riot
Latin American Cansados de Antoine/Los cazafantasmas Tired of Antoine/Ghostbusters
Russian Надоедливый Антуан Annoying Antoine


  • This is the first episode in the series that was divided into two shorts.
    • A later episode, "The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca", has the same format as this episode and was written by the same writers.
  • The episode ends with an "In Memoriam" tribute to Owen Fitzgerald, an animator and comic book artist who worked as a storyboard artist for the series. He passed away on 23 July 1994.