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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Fearsome Foursome, a group that serves under the auspices of Mammoth Mogul as his personal enforcers, first arrived on the scene when Mogul reintroduced himself to the Chaotix as one of the Ancient Rulers of Mobius. Each member was given their own special powers. The Foursome are more than willing to carry out their orders whenever necessary and are always ready to dish out whatever is commanded of them.


After nearly successfully impersonating the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix respectively, thanks to Mammoth Mogul's manipulation of Chaos energy, The Foursome were finally brought down when each group figured out what was going on after all the confusion. Since then, they had remained jailed up until Robotnik's breaking out of the Prison Cells at the Devil's Island Gulag. Wreaking havoc with Snively as current commander - along with Warlord Kodos, Uma Arachnis, Drago Wolf, and Sleuth Dawg - the Foursome helped out whenever necessary in an attempt to take back Mobotropolis from the Freedom Fighters, kidnapping Nate Morgan.

Following Sonic's return from space after the Xorda conflict, however, a group of robots identical to their Robian forms were deployed by an entity known at that time as "Anonymous". In fact, the robots were only copies, and the real Fearsome Foursome had teamed up with Drago and Sleuth Dog, though their new group remained unnamed. They were thought to have made a deal with Anonymous, who was actually Eggman's computer virus son A.D.A.M., but the recording of that meeting was in fact computer generated. They appeared again later on, this time under their new alias, the Destructix. They worked under Sleuth Dawg to free Mammoth Mogul. From then onwards, the group was known simply as the Destructix.

A second group was eventually created by Mogul in order to escape from the prison in New Mobotropolis. Mogul brainwashed Mighty the Armadillo, Mina Mongoose and Miles "Tails" Prower using previously-placed post-hypnotic suggestions in order to make them attack Sonic. His purpose was to convince Sonic to deliver to him a Chaos Emerald located in Castle Acorn, which would enable his escape. When Sonic could not be forced into obedience, Mogul sent each of the three brainwashed victims towards some form of certain death. This compelled Sonic to comply with his demands, thus becoming Mogul's "fourth". Once he had obtained the Chaos Emerald, Mogul recalled his minions from their suicide missions and announced that the new Fearsome Foursome had been dissolved.


Sergeant Simian

Main article: Sergeant Simian

The leader of the Fearsome Foursome, Simian most likely hails from the war-like Guerilla Camps of the Great Mobian Jungle (Sonic #45). Armed to the teeth with grenades, guns, and anything else in his arsenal, Simian possesses a lot of strength and is often the first to question any orders given to him.

Predator Hawk

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The second member of the group, Predator Hawk is most likely the tactical man. Skilled exceptionally in the powers of flight, Hawk is quick, agile, and very skilled at flushing out his opponents from hiding. Hawk is a sort of "wild card" of the group and is also one of the most outspoken, usually putting out his comments whether needed or not.

Lightning Lynx

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The third member of the group, Lightning Lynx is the only member of the group that could probably go toe to toe with Sonic - Lynx was blessed with the power of Super Speed! While he is certainly not as fast as Sonic, he can certainly run rings around anybody! Lynx is basically the show off of the group, seeming to be impulsive in action, but will take any order given to him.

Flying Frog

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The fourth and final member of the group, Flying Frog is the goofball, and you can tell it by his expressions, right down from the Buck teeth and long face to the slack jaws, Frog is the groups comic relief. Flying Frog does not "fly" per sey but most likely uses the flaps connected to his arms and legs to soar against the wind currents sort of like what Knuckles does with his dreads.


  • All of the members in the Fearsome Foursome all became part of the Destructix.

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