Quotation1 Amy uses her hammer to send Sonic spinballing into a foe for a triple attack that might make the target sluggish. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[1]

Fastball (ファストボール Fasutobōru?) is a POW move used by Sonic the Hedgehog, with the aid of Amy Rose, in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. When performing this move, Sonic has Amy use her Piko Piko Hammer to send him spinballing into a foe. This attack may leave the foe sluggish.


When performing Fastball, Sonic walks up in front of the opponent, while Amy gets up right behind him. Sonic then revs up a Spin Dash and Amy uses her Piko Piko Hammer as a croquet mallet to knock Sonic while he is still curled into a ball into the opponent. When Sonic then rebounds from hitting the opponent, Amy knocks Sonic, who is still curled into a ball, back into the opponent, and repeats the process. After hitting the opponent three times this way, Sonic uncurls, and he and Amy retreat back to their team positions.

In gameplay, Fastball deals attack damage to a single target with three strikes. When dealing damage, Fastball has a chance of inflicting sluggish on the target. The higher the level of Fastball is, the more attack damage it will deal and the greater the possibility that it will inflict sluggish on an opponent.

Real-Time Interaction

When performing Fastball in gameplay, the player has to complete a series of real-time events by performing certain actions on the Touch Screen, in order to execute Fastball optimally:

  1. The player has to touch and stay inside the outer circle that appears when it overlaps the inner circle and follow it in a small curve on the left side of the screen from the upper part of the screen and down.
  2. The player has to touch the inside of three circles in succession when the outer circles overlap the inner circles.

Missing or not touching these circles correctly will either result in Sonic missing a strike or the damage from the attack being reduced.


Level PP Cost Damage Effect
I 5 3 x 175% of Attack damage Sluggish I (30% chance)
II 5 3 x 200% of Attack damage Sluggish I (50% chance)
III 5 3 x 225% of Attack damage Sluggish I (80% chance)


  1. Official in-game description.

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