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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Fast and Easy

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"Fast and Easy" is the sixty-first episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the sixty-first episode, it aired as the sixty-second episode during the show's original run.








Sonic and Tails spot Scratch and Grounder setting a trap. Sonic confronts the Badniks, but they tell him the trap is not for him and want him to go away. Curious, Sonic and Tails spy on the bots until they catch their prey. Sonic immediately rescues the victim who he soon learns is Easy Eddie, an ungrateful, pickpocketing ferret.

Easy Eddie refuses to tell Sonic and Tails why Robotnik is after him, he hates speed, chili dogs and he makes very snide comments to Tails and knocks him down. Sonic is very glad to see him leave, but they soon find out that Tails' lucky coin is missing from his shoe. Tails thinks Easy Eddie stole the coin.

At Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Dr. Robotnik is frustrated with Scratch and Grounder for not capturing Easy Eddie. He reveals to them that Easy Eddie stole his Chaos Emerald Ring which is the most powerful Chaos Emerald on Mobius. Robotnik wants to use it to place it in an activation altar in the Special Zone he will have the power to sink entire countries of the planet into the sea.

Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder go after Easy Eddie. They capture him, but Sonic saves him once again. Sonic overhears Scratch and Grounder talking about Robotnik's plan so he confronts Easy Eddie about the ring. Easy Eddie reveals that the ring is stuck on his finger and he can't get it off.

Sonic and Tails take Easy Eddie to the lab of Professor Von Schlemmer. The professor tries a number of wacky inventions to try and get the ring off, but none of them work. Easy Eddie slips and slides around the lab and gets zapped by a laser that allows the ring to fall off his finger. Tails picks it up. Professor Von Schlemmer feels his pride is at stake since it came off on accident and not by one of his inventions. He brings out his spinner shaker machine. Easy Eddie pushes Sonic and the Professor into the machine then steals the ring from Tails and runs away. Tails frees Sonic and the Professor and they go after Easy Eddie.

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are searching for Easy Eddie using a Ferret Finder Field Helmet that Robotnik made for Scratch. Easy Eddie runs into them and breaks them up. Easy Eddie makes it to Robotnik's fortress where he trades the ring for a zillion Mobiums. Robotnik agrees and they make their trade. Easy Eddie is outraged to find Robotnik gave him counterfeit money. Robotnik throws Easy Eddie in his dungeon.

Robotnik goes to the Secret Zone of Mobius, but is confronted there by Sonic. Sonic takes the ring and runs away. Back in the real world Sonic and Tails throw the ring into the ocean. They are glad to have avoided that catastrophe and even more glad to be rid of Easy Eddie. Easy Eddie appears behind them and explains that he stole his jail cell key from Scratch's pocket. He explains he is giving up stealing and then returns Tails' coin and Professor Von Schlemmer's underwear. Easy Eddie leaves and the three heroes wave goodbye.

Sonic Says

Sonic is tired because he skipped breakfast. Scratch and Grounder try grabbing him, but Tails pulls him to safety. Sonic and Tails go eat breakfast and talk about how it is the most important meal of the day.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le Pic Pocket The Pick-Pocket
German Der coole Eddy The cool Eddy
Italian Facile e veloce Easy and fast
Spanish (Spain) Rápido y fácil Quick and easy
Spanish (Latin America) Rápido y fácil Quick and easy