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Sonic and the Black Knight
Faraway Avalon

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Faraway Avalon (ファラウェイ・アヴァロン Farawei Avaron?) is the seventh and last area of the first part of Sonic and the Black Knight. The area contains the second and final boss fight against King Arthur.


Faraway Avalon is an elegant place, with large golden structures throughout.


Sonic is told by Merlina that he must head to Avalon, where King Arthur is staying. After confronting him at Avalon along with Caliburn, Sonic battles and defeats King Arthur. At the end of the fight, Sonic knocks the king off his horse and the horse disappears. After celebrating his victory, the king also disappears, leaving nothing behind but the Scabbard of Excalibur.


Due to the speed arena design of the boss, the area itself is on constant loop. However, the missions themselves that take place here do have a dedicated goal post to mark success or failure and the area itself is never seen as a dedicated level in the main story, only as post-game content.


Main article: King Arthur (boss)

Throughout the entire boss fight, Sonic must chase and avoid the more orthodox attacks of King Arthur such as lightning spells and wormhole slashes before he drops hazardous red orbs.

To attack, Sonic must swing his sword with correct timing or use Soul Surge to deflect the red orb attack back at Arthur. Once Arthur is countered, he will be stunned and Sonic can catch up via Soul Surge, leading to two rhythmic Real-Time Interactions, the first being in regularly timed deflections before the second chase and the final one being in quick succession of back-to-back double slashes, with a long pause in between each of Arthur's attempts to throw Sonic off, before landing the winning blow.


  • Defeat the Boss: King Arthur - 250 followers
  • Chain of Rings: Get a 350 Ring Chain - 250 followers
  • Total Rampage: Defeat as many enemies as you can - 600 followers
  • Ultimate Challenge: Defeat as many enemies without being hit - 400 followers


  • According to commentary from Sega, this stage was purposely colored to look yellow.
  • According to Arthurian Legend, Faraway Avalon is the place where King Arthur died after sustaining wounds from his son Mordred.
  • The Chaos Control jingle from Shadow the Hedgehog can be heard in this stage's music.


Concept artwork




Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Faraway Avalon" Jun Senoue 2:23

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