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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Hey there, Fleet-feet. Always a pleasure to snipe you!

— Fang the Sniper, Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special

Fang the Sniper[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic jerboa-wolf hybrid from another dimension set in the recent past, where he is a mercenary and treasure hunter who likes to get his hands dirty for money.


Fang is an anthropomorphic jerboa-wolf with black eyes and purple and white fur. Keeping true to his namesake, he has a large, sharp fang on the left side of his mouth. He also has long ears, a pointy blue nose, long feet and a long, thick, purple tail. For attire, he wears a big brown stetson hat, brown gloves with metal plates on them, a brown belt with a gold buckle and brown boots with white gaiters.


Seasons of Chaos

Fang and his gang, from Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special.

Hired by Dr. Eggman to find all the Chaos Emeralds in exchange for a hefty reward, Fang and his companions Bark and Bean set out on their treasure hunt. Eventually coming across Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in Summer Falls Zone, Fang had Bark and Bean occupy Sonic and Tails while he went after the local Chaos Emerald, Just as he grabbed the Chaos Emerald using his Marvelous Queen however, Tails sabotaged Fang's vehicle, causing it to bounce around and making Fang drop the Chaos Emerald. As Fang retaliated, thus making Tails drop the Chaos Emerald into Sonic's hands, he kept Bean from blowing the gem up. He subsequently shot the Chaos Emerald out of Sonic's hands, causing it to fall over the edge of a waterfall. Deciding to retrieve the Chaos Emerald later, Fang took his gang to Autumn Forest Zone where the next Chaos Emerald was. There, Fang and his gang found the local Chaos Emerald in the hands of Mighty, Ray, and Amy. Despite trying to have his companions take on the tough guys, Fang ended up facing and being defeated by Mighty. However, when Metal Knuckles appeared and escaped with the Chaos Emerald, Fang suspected Eggman was trying to double-cross them. Fang and the rest thus gave chase until they came across Eggman in the company of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.[1]

Eggman proceeded to explain that Heavy King had taken over his forces and was the one retrieving the Chaos Emeralds. Knowing Heavy King could not be allowed to have the Emeralds, Fang and the others joined forces with each other and went to Heavy King's base in Winter Caverns Zone. The crew soon found Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles, but Eggman managed to override the signal Heavy King used to control the Metals. With the Metals on their side, Fang and his allies confronted Heavy King, who was now possessing all seven Chaos Emeralds. Using their power, Heavy King overwhelmed Fang (who tried to escape but was restrained by Metal Sonic) and his allies until Sonic managed to distract Heavy King, allowing Fang and the others to take the Chaos Emeralds back in secret. Escaping from the base afterward, Fang and took his leave with his gang, taking the purple Chaos Emerald with them as their reward.[1]


Fang is greedy and heartless, not caring about anything except money and his airbike, the Marvelous Queen. Fang is a rather nasty individual, perfectly willing to hurt people for money, with Amy describing him as a "jerk" and "mean, rude, and cruel". Fang is arrogant about his skills as a treasure hunter, claiming he could easily find and retrieve all seven Chaos Emeralds if Sonic did not get in his way. He also acts smug and cocky when he has the upper hand. Despite this, Fang is a coward and does not like facing foes that are obviously stronger than him.[1]

Despite his greed, Fang is willing to work with others and share his reward with his teammates. He is also willing to temporarily team up with his enemies, as long as he is paid for it. Fang can be lazy as well. An example of this is when he decided to use the spring on his Marvelous Queen to get to the top of a stone pillar rather than climb it. Fang also has a tendency to give nicknames to everyone he meets, such as calling Sonic "Fleet-feet".[1]

Powers and abilities

True to his title “the sniper”, Fang is a skilled marksman. He is also a capable air bike rider.[1]


Fang's main weapon is his Popgun, which can fire pieces of cork. While it does not pack lethal firepower, it is effective enough to temporarily stun someone for a moment and be a general annoyance.[1]

Fang also makes use of the Marvelous Queen, an air bike that serves as his main means of transport. This vehicle comes equipped with a range of abilities, including autonomous modular sidecars, a build-in Emerald Radar, and a spring for elevation.[1]


Bean and Bark

Dr. Eggman

Sonic the Hedgehog





  • This counterpart of Fang is depicted with five fingers on each hand, whereas his game counterpart has only four. Ian Flynn stated on the BumbleKast that giving Fang five fingers was a mandate that came directly from Sega.[2]

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