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"Nack the Weasel" and "Fang the Sniper" redirect here. For other uses of the term "Nack", see Nack the Weasel (disambiguation).

Hey, when you're a wanted criminal like me, you use all sorts of tricks to cover your trail.

— Fang the Hunter, Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break[4]

Fang[6] (ファング[7] Fangu?), better known by the alias Fang the Hunter[3] (ファング・ザ・ハンター[8] Fangu za Hantā?), and also known as Fang the Sniper (ファング・ザ・スナイパー Fangu za Sunaipā?) and Nack the Weasel (ナック・ザ・ウィーゼル[4] Nakku za Wīzeru?), is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an anthropomorphic jerboa bounty hunter who is greedy and mischievous, Fang seeks to obtain valuables such as the Chaos Emeralds for monetary gain. He would often be hired by Dr. Eggman on missions, which has often caused conflict between Sonic and his friends.[9] His primary mode of transportation is his flying "aero bike", the Marvelous Queen, which he is constantly modifying and upgrading. He sometimes wields a cork-firing popgun. Fang has been known by many different names over the years, likely due to his status as a wanted criminal.[3] Although he tries to stay cool and in control, his plans tend to backfire on him due to his arrogance and bad luck,[5] and he tends to flee from danger when things go wrong.

Concept and creation[]

Fang concept Sonic point

An early concept of Fang with Sonic.

Fang was conceived as a Sega Game Gear-exclusive character.[10] While he was designed by Shinichi Higashi with permission from Naoto Ohshima,[11] Tadashi Ihoroi, who was responsible for the planning and setting for Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble,[10] was the one who came up with Fang's personality.[12] Higashi himself worked for Sega between 1994-2002 and later became known as popular freelance figure artist in Japan.[2] According to an interview on, Touma became interested in Sonic after studying for designing in art school. After Sega hired him, Touma worked in many departments, including at Sonic Team. Fang was his first professional character he designed.[2] The pointed look of Fang's face with his nose and hat both pointing forward was inspired by the simple design of Opa-Opa.[13]

Since he likes to collect valuables, Fang was designed with attire evoking that of an explorer. His original four fingers, instead of the usual five for a Sonic character, are derived from the species he was based on.[14]

During development, the character was known as "Nack".[15] However, the pronunciation of that name and Knuckles, who had recently been created for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, would be overly similar in Japanese. ("Knuckles" is pronounced "Na-ku-ru-zu", while "Nack" would be pronounced "Na-ku".) Therefore, it was decided to change the name.[16] A contest to decide upon a name for Sonic's new rival ran in the gaming magazine, Shūkan Famicom Tsūshin.[17] In the end, the name "Fang the Sniper" was decided upon.

Overseas, the character was originally revealed to the public as "Jet".[18] This name was discarded, and instead the name "Nack" was retained for Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble in North America and Europe, since the Japanese pronunciation issues do not apply in English and his and Knuckles' names were distinct enough from each other.[19]

Stt TTBeta

The early development of Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble.

During development of his debut title, Fang had what appeared to be a revolver or silver magnum as a weapon, but Sega eventually scrapped it for unknown reasons (likely due to the general stigma against realistic firearms in children's media franchises). Early screenshots of Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble featured Fang pulling out his gun to hold up or shoot and kill Sonic, but this was entirely removed from the final game. In later titles, he would instead wield a cork-shooting popgun.

In Japan, Fang was designated as half jerboa and half wolf, although Higashi only had a jerboa (トビネズミ tobi nezumi?) in mind when designing him.[20] When Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble was localized for North American and Europe, he was designated as a weasel and renamed to "Nack the Weasel".[21][22] In subsequent video game appearances, he has been called "Fang" regardless of region, with no reference to his species. His Sonic Generations wanted poster cameo broke this trend reading as "Nack The Weasel A.K.A Fang The Sniper." The official Sonic Central website described the character as a wolf-weasel hybrid.[9] As of his appearance in Sonic Superstars, Fang is known as "Fang the Hunter", and is solely referred to as a jerboa in all regions.[3] According to Ian Flynn, this was done to simplify things, and also to introduce an obscure animal in a Sonic game.[23]



Fang in his Marvelous Queen, from Sonic Superstars.

Fang is an anthropomorphic jerboa with black eyes and purple and white fur. Keeping true to his namesake, he has a large, sharp fang on the left side of his mouth. He also has long ears, a pointy blue nose, long feet and a long, thick, purple tail that he uses to bounce on and attack his foes. Originally, Fang was depicted with only four fingers on each hand, although from the Northstar Islands incident onwards this was increased to the regular five fingers on each hand. For attire, he wears a big brown Stetson hat with a black band, brown gloves with metal plates on them, a brown belt with a gold buckle and brown boots with white gaiters. During the Death Egg II incident, a holster was added to the right side of his belt to house his popgun.




Fang's Big Break Fang's past

Wanted posters of Fang with his many aliases, from Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break.

Little is known about Fang's past. Over the years, he has earned the reputation of a notorious criminal on earth who has used a variety of aliases to hide from the authorities.[5][3] For some time, Fang has looked for the seven Chaos Emeralds for monetary gain.[5]

Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble[]

In Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble, Fang managed to steal the Chaos Emeralds for himself in order to make a profit, after Dr. Robotnik had accidentally lost them in an experiment.[5][24] However, Sonic and Tails quickly reclaimed them during their encounters against the treasure hunter in the Special Stages. Fang attempted to stop them using traps and the Marvelous Queen, but ultimately failed and lost all of his claimed emeralds.

In the English release of the game, Fang's name was changed from "Fang the Sniper" to Nack the Weasel. This was dropped in subsequent English releases of games, with Sonic the Fighters referring to him as "Fang the Sniper" in all regions.

The Japanese manual for Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble states that Fang lives within subspace, though this is not referenced in any of his other appearances.[5] But Special Stages would be dropped out of canon[25]

Sonic Drift 2[]

Knack 3

Fang and his Marvelous Queen, from Sonic Drift 2.

In Sonic Drift 2, Fang is featured as one of seven playable racers. He entered the second Chaos Grand Prix to get his hands on the prize: a Chaos Emerald. His vehicle is his hoverbike, the Marvelous Queen.

Fang's strength in this game is his acceleration, with his weakness being handling; while he possesses high acceleration and maximum speed, he also possesses low handling, meaning he cannot corner as easily as the other racers. On the racetrack, Fang's special ability is the "Oil Balls."[26] With it, Fang can drop balls which cause any racers that drive over them to slip, lose control, and eventually spin out.[26]

Sonic the Fighters[]

Fighters casino night

Sonic and Fang in Casino Night, from Sonic the Fighters.

In Sonic the Fighters, Fang had managed to steal one of the Chaos Emeralds from one of the eight guardians. Eventually, Dr. Robotnik constructed the Death Egg II, which he used to deploy hordes of robots to lay waste to the world with. Soon after, Fang joined the fighting tournament held to decide which of the Chaos Emerald guardians was the strongest. If Fang could defeat all the contestants, he would earn the right to travel to the Death Egg II in Tails' single seat Lunar Fox to destroy it and stop Robotnik's evil scheme.[27]

At the end of the tournament, the victor used the Chaos Emeralds to go to the Death Egg II and made it self-destruct moments after escaping it.

Fang's Big Break[]

Dr. Eggman and Fang are traveling in their respective vehicles, as they arrive at the Northstar Islands. The doctor explains to his subordinate that he had hired him to find whatever lies on the islands that could help him conquer the world. Eggman names Fang incorrectly each time, with the former correcting him. While the scientist finds having numerous names confusing, Fang explains that it helps a wanted criminal like him cover his tracks. Eggman sends him off to explore the island afterwards.

Fang eventually lands on the island, thinking to himself that the job is extremely easy to take care of. As he keeps thinking, he suddenly looks back and briefly sees an armored stranger. He calls Eggman via the radio of the Marvelous Queen to be sure if the island itself is inhabited. The doctor tells him to stop wasting his time and continue his work. Fang pulls out his Popgun from his vehicle and starts hunting in the environment.

While exploring, Fang bemoans that the job is beneath him and a waste of his skill, claiming he went against Sonic, only to blame his failure due to technical difficulties. Suddenly he discovers a giant footprint, which piques his interest. Fang sees this as a chance to prove his skills again, stating he was able to track the Master Emerald down three times, but was foiled by Knuckles. Fang follows the tracks, which lead him to a giant Flicky. He proceeds to shoot his Popgun at its face only to anger it.

The giant Flicky loudly squawks and chases Fang. He drops his Popgun, which is crushed underfoot the big bird's talons. Fang mentally tells himself to get his act together as he was just repeating his past mistakes and that he was better than that. Seeing that the Flicky was bigger and stronger than him, he decides to not face it head on: he runs around the Flicky and makes it lose its balance. He then whistles to summon the Marvelous Queen and shoots a net from it, entangling the Flicky. Fang quickly secures the net and successfully subdues the Flicky. It was at that moment he hears a rustle behind him as the armored figure holding a spear suddenly appears. The figure however, trips on a tree root and drops its spear. Fang crushes the spear and tells the figure that he had some questions and that it will answer them... or else.

Trio of Trouble[]

Sonic has Tails, Knuckles and Amy gather round in an abandoned temple, and they all turn their heads upward to gaze at Fang the Hunter in his Marvelous Queen, holding a green Chaos Emerald. The four spread across the temple as Fang's ship unleashed its missiles, allowing the team to hide behind a pillar. They agree to attempt to confuse the Marvelous Queen's tracking system, allowing Sonic and Tails to mess with said ship. With the ship's battery reinserted backwards by Tails, the Marvelous Queen applies a drill that plunges into the floor spinning. The ship stops and is launched forward with a punch from Knuckles, heading towards Amy's Piko Piko Hammer.

Fang awakens in an ancient tunnel from what was a nightmare, bumping his ship into Dr. Eggman and Trip. They set their traversal forth, during which Eggman tramples a flower Trip wanted to inspect and later triggers a booty trap. Fang charges his Marvelous Queen into a wall along with Trip and Eggman to escape the traps, finding themselves in a large room containing a mural depicting people similar to Trip, Eggman walked up to.

Fang shines his ship's headlight across the room to investigate it, noticing something moving. A giant snake begins pursuing Fang. As Trip takes a hold of the snake's neck, Fang clings onto the snake's neck as his ship is thrown away. Eggman, not acknowledging what is happening behind me, thinks of what to note in his notebook. Hurrying back to the Marvelous Queen, Fang activated his harpoon gun in an attempt to best the snake, but the ship malfunctioned at the press of another button. Trip throws an unplugged battery back to Fang, and Fang, remembering what Tails did in his nightmare, reinserts it backwards, having the harpoon's ropes defeat the snake once it's buried under broken columns.

Fang proudly stands upon the snake's head, ignoring Trip's offer of a handshake and Eggman's drawing of a dragon from his notebook. As Trip gently caresses the snake, Eggman manically laughs after having noticed the mural containing a beast equipped with red eyes earlier.

Sonic Superstars[]

In Sonic Superstars, Fang was hired by Dr. Eggman in an incident on the Northstar Islands. Fang is accompanied by the clumsy newcomer Trip. Fang and Trip both work with Eggman, however Trip's abilities are questionable as she ends up accidentally setting off a trap in Speed Jungle, humiliating Fang, and another in Lagoon City, which backfires on her much to the jerboa’s shock and chagrin. Fang further appears in "Act Sonic", located in Speed Jungle Zone, chasing Sonic in the Marvelous Queen and serving as an obstacle for the player. He fires lasers and rockets at Sonic throughout the act until he crashes into Trip.

Fang later appears in Golden Capital Zone and uses a device to suck out the player's Chaos Emeralds. He then as a boss fight in Act 2 of that same zone. The player character rides on a floating platform and battles Fang in his Marvelous Queen. Fang launches spread shots of energy pellets at the player and uses a built-in laser to cause eruptions of lava. After beating this phase, Fang retreats into the background as he augments his vehicles (all while the player dodges dangerous fire hazards). When Fang returns to the fight, he attacks the player with drones that fire laser beams and uses an energy shield to defend himself as he fires energy pellets. Fang retreats yet again and the player again has to dodge fire spurting obstacles. Fang returns one last time firing loads of missiles at the player that cause debris to fall from the ceiling. He again uses the laser drones (spinning around him this time during the attack) and uses an improved version of his previous energy shield move. Fang is eventually defeated and comes crashing down with the Chaos Emeralds scattered onto the ground in the process. Fang kicks the nearby Trip before she finally loses her patience, removes her armor, and uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into her super dragon form. Fang retreats into a giant mech modeled after himself but it is immediately destroyed by the super Trip.

Fang appears yet again as the final boss of Trip's Story Mode. In the first phase of the fight, he pilots a heavily augmented Marvelous Queen. He fires missiles at the player and deadly laser walls that rotate along the track. He will also summon holograms of his vehicle during this phase and fly into the ground with them. In his 2nd phase, Fang pilots the giant mech seen early in Golden Capital (this time fully painted). He attacks by launching out badniks from his mech, summoning laser nets, firing giant corkscrews, launching bouncing bombs, and slamming himself into the platform. To hit him the player must run to the back of the mech and send either a badnik or blue bouncing bomb back at him. Upon being finally defeated, Fang is launched into the camera’s screen before sliding off.

Other game appearances[]

Tails Adventure[]


In Tails Adventure, Fang makes a cameo appearance as an item called Fang.[28] This item can be found at Polly Mountain 2. When equipped, it increases the chances that a destroyed enemy drops Rings.

Sonic Storybook Series[]

Sonic and the Secret Rings[]

Although Fang is neither seen or mentioned in Sonic and the Secret Rings, he was mentioned by Sonic in the DVD-ROM flash comic sold to promote the game.

Sonic and the Black Knight[]

In Sonic and the Black Knight, Fang made a cameo on a piece of fan art that made it into the game, which features him on the Marvelous Queen racing alongside Sonic and Knuckles.

Sonic Generations[]


Fang's wanted poster, from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, Fang makes a cameo appearance in City Escape, as he appears on a wanted poster for theft and extortion. Both his "Fang the Sniper" and "Nack the Weasel" aliases are mentioned on the poster.

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, Fang makes a small cameo appearance on a piece of bonus artwork in the Collection Room.

Sonic Mania[]

In Sonic Mania and its expansion Sonic Mania Plus, Fang makes a cameo appearance as an illusion created by the Heavy Magician, alongside Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite. At the beginning of Mirage Saloon Zone Act 2, he is one of the illusions that is randomly selected to destroy the Tornado, by shooting it with his popgun. Fang also appears during the boss battle of Act 2, where the Heavy Magician takes his form to attack the player, by bouncing on his tail while shooting corks from his popgun.

Much like in Sonic Generations, he also appears on a wanted poster throughout the Zone.


Fang is a mischievous, crafty bounty hunter who tries hard to be cool and in control, and tries to bolster his strength using gadgets, traps, and his popgun, but he is a coward who flees when his plans backfire on him, which tends to happen due to his bad luck and arrogance.[5] Despite being a wanted criminal, he is intelligent enough to know how to evade the authorities using aliases to continue his pursuit of treasure. Fang is purely motivated by greed. He does not seek world domination, but hunts for valuables such as the Chaos Emeralds in order to sell them and become rich.[9] Despite his greed, Fang is willing to work with others and share his reward with his teammates. He is also willing to temporarily team up with his enemies, as long as he is paid for it. Fang can be lazy as well.

In the IDW comics, Fang has a tendency to give nicknames to everyone he meets, such as calling Sonic "Fleet-feet".[29] This extends to his allies, Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite, who he considers his "mooks".

Powers and abilities[]

Fang is relatively weak and clumsy, tending to trip while trying to run and fleeing away from danger. Because of this, he tends to rely on weapons and gadgets, such as his cork-firing popgun and the Marvelous Queen, which he can fit with a variety of weapons and gadgets onto such as springs, drills, lasers, drones, shields, and missiles in order to attack in different ways.

Although he is weak on his feet, Fang's tail is strong and dexterous, and can use it to bounce himself, which he tends to do while firing his popgun. He can also use it in combat, such as to strike his foes, or to put more force behind his kicks.

Fang is a skilled pilot, able to effectively operate the Marvelous Queen in both battles and races along with using its wide array of tools. Fang is also shown to be a skilled marksman with his popgun, and although it does not pack lethal firepower, he can use it to temporarily stun someone for a moment and be a general annoyance.[29]

Fang is an effective mechanic, able to modify and augment his vehicle to gain an advantage. When given the right tools, he is capable of modifying his vehicle with different weapons or features in a quick and effective manner that allows him to properly adapt to the threats he faces. Fang also seems to be good at making things, a skill that was shown off after seemingly creating a giant mecha in his own likeness.

Fang can be clever and use his wit to his advantage in combat situations. This can range from intentionally sabotaging his own vehicle (using it to wrap up a giant snake) to getting a tougher opponent off balance so he could trap them. He is also well versed in tracking down both people and objects, being a treasure hunter primarily by trade.


Fang laughing in Sonic Triple Trouble

Fang getting burnt by his own trap, from Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble.

Despite seemingly being a good mechanic, Fang is often prone to making mistakes when designing his weapons, traps, or tools. On occasion, his own traps or tools backfire on him. This can range from a trapped pressure plate catching him on fire to one of his own missiles targeting his vehicle.

Without his toys, Fang is not as effective in combat. He relies heavily on his signature Marvelous Queen and popgun to get the job done. Without any tools, Fang is often left vulnerable.

Fang is clumsy, often falling on himself while trying to run away or sometimes even getting caught in one of his own traps. On top of his clumsiness, Fang is a coward who runs away as soon as he loses his advantage.


Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Fang Big Break VS Sonic

Fang thinking back on his previous battles with Sonic, from Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break.

Hey there, Fleet-feet. Always a pleasure to snipe you!

— Fang the Sniper, Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special

Fang has lost to Sonic many times and usually views him as an enemy, upgrading his Marvelous Queen to take him down. Fang primarily tussles with Sonic for money but he does seem to have a certain distaste for his previous losses against him, ruminating on them a few times. Despite losing to Sonic on multiple occasions, Fang has confidence in his ability against Sonic, primarily blaming his defeats on technical mishaps. Fang sometimes taunts Sonic by calling him "Fleet-feet".

Fang is still capable of working with Sonic on occasion. Without the promise of reward, Fang will not actively chase Sonic or battle him.

Dr. Eggman[]

Fang's Big Break Eggman and Fang Dynamic

Fang and Dr. Eggman, from Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break.

Gee, I'd better hire an expert hunter to scout around and find out... Oh wait! That's you! So stop wasting time and get to work!
Oh I'm billing you extra, just for that...

Dr. Eggman and Fang the Hunter, Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break

Fang and Dr. Eggman have met each other on many occasions. He was once asked, along with his Gang, by the doctor to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds. He was also hired by him at some point to search anything that could be useful for the doctor for his world conquest. Though, through all his encounters with him, he only wants the reward.

When around Eggman, Fang seems to have a level of respect towards him that allows him to team up with him, but he does think the doctor is a little bit strict at him at times, which may annoy him slightly. He also gets annoyed when Eggman uses one of his old aliases when introducing him.

His Gang[]

I'm gonna get my boys back. Nobody takes nonthin from me.

— Fang the Hunter, Sonic the Hedgehog: Amy's 30th Anniversary Special

Fang and his gang, from Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special.

Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear formerly appeared as Fang's companions, known as Fang's Gang a wanted criminal group, in the IDW comics story "Seasons of Chaos". In the story, they assist him and follow his orders. Fang treats them like lackeys, showing them almost no respect and expecting the two to obey him no matter what. Despite this, Fang relied on them whenever he's in a tight situation or feeling helpless in battle, such as commanding Bark to aid him when Fang's corks do no harm towards Mighty or sending them out against Mighty when he started feeling intimidated. In the Fang the Hunter miniseries, it's shown that Fang didn't truly care about them showing more appreciation to the Marvelous Queen. While he is celebrating his discovery of the Warp Topaz, Bean is outraged; they wasted time searching for a fictional eighth Chaos Emerald, and he and Bark leave. Fang is unbothered by this, however, stating he doesn’t have to split his bounties.

Despite their association, Fang didn't often name them, merely calling them "mooks", specifically "Bomb-mook" (Bean) and "Scarf-mook" (Bark).

Knuckles the Echidna[]

Fang Big Break VS Knuckles

Fang getting beat by Knuckles, from Sonic Superstars: Fang's Big Break.

Fang has fought Knuckles on multiple occasions when trying to steal the Master Emerald for profit. Knuckles has beaten Fang multiple times and has stopped him from stealing the Master Emerald. Fang seemingly respects Knuckles' strength as he excuses his losses saying, "But that was Knuckles! I can handle some dumb animal!", implying that he thinks of Knuckles as a very strong foe.

Fang doesn't have a nickname for Knuckles, something the latter points out, which shows he respects the guardian.

Trip the Sungazer[]

Fang kicks Trip

An annoyed Fang gets ready to kick Trip, from Sonic Superstars.

Initially, Trip the Sungazer was afraid of disobeying Fang due to his constant threats towards her, she acted as Fang's lackey temporarily. But at some point, after abandoning her in Lagoon City and after cruelly kicking the sungazer lizard, Trip revealed herself and her Golden Dragon form, destroying Fang's mech and cementing herself as his enemy. The rivalry between the two expands during Trip's Story of Sonic Superstars, where instead of Eggman, Fang is the final boss of her playthrough.




  1. Fang has worked both for Dr. Eggman (when hired to work for him) and against him (when attempting to steal the Chaos Emeralds from him).


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