Face to Faith: Sonic and the Black Knight Vocal Trax is the vocal soundtrack of Sonic and the Black Knight.

Track list

  1. "Knight of the Wind" (Main Theme) [4:31]
  2. "Fight the Knight" (King Arthur Boss Theme) [1:29]
  3. "Through the Fire" (Knights of the Round Table Theme) [1:57]
  4. "With Me" (The Dark Queen Boss Theme) [3:56]
  5. "Live Life" (Ending Theme) [5:37]
  6. "Seven Rings in Hand" ~Fairytales in Trance~ by [5:34]
  7. "With Me" ~Massive Power Mix~ [3:56]
  8. "Knight of the Wind" (Instrumental Version) [4:31]
  9. "With Me" (Instrumental Version) [3:56]
  10. "Live Life" (Instrumental Version) [5:37]


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