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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Fabian Vane is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a pop star dog with peach fur. He is selfish and extremely arrogant. He typically wears a white suit and platform shoes, as well as black glasses and a wig. He is the worst singer that ever lived. His songs are typically self-aggrandizing and often contain specific requests for people to buy his records.

Fabian Vane was created by Lew Stringer. He first appeared in Sonic the Comic #109, and became a recurring character, primarily for comic relief.


Star Struck

Fabian Vane was a major successful pop star who performed at sold-out concerts[1] and appeared on Chloe's live TV show. However, he had refused to pay any of the people that had helped him in his rise to fame, such as his plastic surgeon, his wig-maker (he was otherwise bald), the man who made his shoes, the man who wrote his songs, as well as his former bodyguard Bruiser Magoon.[2] He hired Amy Rose and Tekno to protect him from these people,[1] but when they found out the truth they forced him to pay his debts. Having been revealed as a fake and having lost much of his fortune, he was left relying on his fans to support him, only to find that he was "yesterday's news" and that the new "hot favourite" was Peter Android.[2]

Spooked and Root of All Evil

Fabian tried time and again to make a comeback. On the first occasion, he moved into an abandoned and decrepit house in the Old Hill Zone in order to practice, but his terrible singing made the locals think the house was haunted. It also weakened the house's foundations, causing it to collapse and making Fabian lose his demo tapes, although Fabian himself was saved by Amy and Tekno.[3] He took a job as a Croon-A-Gram for Valentine's Day, although his songs did very little to encourage any romance. He was snagged by weeds from the Doom Seed and saved again by Amy.[4]

Vane Hopes

Finally reduced to opening supermarkets and in desperate need of money, Fabian turned to the remaining members of the Fabian Vane Fan Club to help him fake his kidnapping. The club members whisked him away to a cave in the Rocky Valley Zone, but he was tracked down and the plot exposed by Amy and Tekno. Nevertheless, the extra publicity succeeded in reviving Fabian's career and he was quickly booked for a huge concert. Fortunately, though, spending so much time in the damp cave gave him laryngitis, making him lose his voice and preventing him from singing at the concert at all.[5]

Finally, a group of Mobians encouraged him to use the Eternity Ring to spread his music to other worlds, hoping to ensure he'd be gone from Mobius forever, but Amy and Tekno saved him.


  • Lew Stringer, Fabian Vane's creator, has mentioned that he created characters such as Fabian Vane because the editor, Deborah Tate, wanted the back-up strips in each issue to be lighter in tone than the lead strips. This was specifically to cater to Sonic the Comic's main demographic, which was readers between 5 and 10 years old.[6]


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