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The eye of Solaris[2] is an obstacle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are extremely dangerous rifts that can cause damage or instant death.


The eyes of Solaris are dark colored, floating orbs with sparkling vortex effects surrounding them. Essentially immovable rifts in space-time appearing only at fixed points, they come in two variations: dark blue and dark red. While the dark blue eyes suck objects into oblivion, the dark red eyes spew out objects from different locations. As they seemingly track passing characters, the eyes may be sentient.


In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), eyes of Solaris only appear in the End of the World and during the battle with Solaris. In the End of the World, the eyes are found in each stage and can pop out of thin air at any time. If the player touches an eye of Solaris, it causes an instant death. In some instances, they will also distort the coloring of the Action Stages. While the eyes are invulnerable to the player, using nearby orb statues can banish them for a few moments, although they will resurface soon after.

In the End of the World, dark blue eyes are the most common, and will create a vacuum effect that pulls everything in, including objects, enemies (except the purple variants) and the playable character, making them difficult to evade. These eyes' suction radius will increase as time passes, but it will not continually expand. It is extremely hard to run past these eyes with slower characters, such as Silver the Hedgehog and Amy Rose.

Dark red eyes are less common in the End of the World and will spit out things like Explosive crates and Wooden Containers, or other objects in the various stages at the player to inflict damage.

In the boss battle with Solaris, the deity will summon the eyes of Solaris which can throw projectiles at the player and block the Arrow of Light. In the latter case, Super Sonic will not be defeated upon touching them, although he will take damage.


  • Sometimes, the red eyes of Solaris will disappear even if the player did not touch an orb statue.
  • The eyes of Solaris have a similar name and appearance to the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings franchise.
  • The first dark blue eye of Solaris at the start of Crisis City, near where the cars spawn, will suck the playable character under it, but not into it.
  • While most eyes will spawn at predetermined times in the level, some eyes only activate when the playable character hits a collision trigger.
  • Despite how some objects act within normal Action Stages, when an object is sucked into a dark blue eye of Solaris, it will never respawn.
  • Some dark blue eyes of Solaris have varying range from one another.
  • Very rarely, an eye of Solaris can spit out objects not native to the Action Stage it appears in, such as a giant stone ball from Tropical Jungle.
  • In some of the game's hidden files, unused lines from the characters about the eyes of Solaris are revealed:
    • Each character indicate that the eyes of Solaris were supposed to grow.
    • Omega says that Super Shadow's Spear of Light was supposed to be able to close the eyes of Solaris.
    • Eggman says that the eyes of Solaris were supposed to be able to suck the player in during the boss battle against Solaris.
  • Both the red time rifts that are part of Iblis and the purple ones that are part of Mephiles, turn blue when time starts falling apart.
  • If one of Iblis's Minions is absorbed into an eye of Solaris, the player will receive their Light Cores, although the player's points will not increase.
  • The eyes of Solaris can track Amy even while she is invisible.


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