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Sonic X
Eye Spy (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Eye Spy".

[Scene: Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Chris wakes up in the infirmary. He is alone. Up on the bridge, Tails is holding an unconscious Cosmo, and Amy, Knuckles, Cream, and Cheese are there too. Chris joins them. He sees they they are now in the atmosphere of a dead planet.]
Chris: Where are we?

[Scene Change: The dead planet]

[Rouge pounds the console of her ship.]
Rouge: Come on! Start! ... Ugh, guess we're stuck here.
[It is revealed that her ship is trapped in the brambles of the planet. Shadow stands atop one of them, looking at the Blue Typhoon in the distance.]
Rouge: Haven't you given up yet?
Shadow: I don't give up that easily. She hasn't seen the last of me.
Rouge: [Looks around] What is this place, anyway?

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Infirmary]

[Chris watches as Tails operates on Cosmo in a confined space. A laser passes over her. Knuckles is also in the room.]
Chris: Hey Tails, you wanna get some sleep.
Tails: I don't have time to sleep. Not until I find out the truth about Cosmo.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Runway]

[Sonic walks out on the runway. Amy calls after him.]
Amy: Where do you think you're going, Sonic? You need your rest!
Sonic: Don't worry, Amy. I'm okay.
[He leaps off the Typhoon.]
Amy: Hey! ... I've got to follow him!
[She runs inside and climbs into her spaceship, only to see Rouge inside.]
Rouge: Hiya.
Amy: Not you!
[Rouge beams.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Infirmary]

Tails: There's no communication device anywhere. I told you so!
Chris: Hang on a minute...
[Chris notices an electrical signal in Cosmo's brain. Tails's eyes shimmer in fear.]
Tails: Huh?!
Knuckles: You got something?
Cosmo: There's some kind of invisible signal eminating from Cosmo's brain. It's so microscopic normal radar wouldn't pick up on it.
Knuckles: So Cosmo really has been beaming information to the Metarex. Can we stop it?
Chris: I'm not so sure. If we do, she'll never be the same.
Chris: Whatever it is, it's attached to the part of Cosmo's brain that controls her sight and hearing. If we remove it, she may never see or hear again!
[Knuckles punches the wall in his stress and anger.]
Knuckles: That's a chance we'll have to take!
Tails: How can you say something like that?! I'm not letting anyone hurt Cosmo!
Knuckles: No one wants to hurt her! We just want to set her free. And if she has to lose her eyes and ears, then so be it!
Tails: [Shouting] There has to be another way!
Chris: We're on the same team, you guys!
Knuckles: I'm not the bad guy here. I just want what's best for all of us.
Chris: Okay. We've just gotta think this through calmly. I know this isn't easy for you, Tails, and I wish we had another choice, but we don't.
Knuckles: Either we do this, or we sacrifice ourselves to the will of Dark Oak.
[Cosmo quietly cries.]
Chris: I think it's pretty clear what we have to do.

[The opening theme plays.]

[Scene Change: The dead planet]

[Amy and Rouge are flying over the planet in the former's spaceship.]
Amy: I'll have you know the only reason I haven't tossed you out of this plane is because I was hoping you'd give me some information.
Rouge: About what?
Amy: I want you to tell me everything you know about Cosmo.
Rouge: What makes you think I know anything? Hey, Pinky, slow this thing down, will ya?
Amy: No. Not untill you tell me what you're up to. Why were you and Shadow after Cosmo?
Rouge: The Metarex were using your friend as a spy. I should think you guys would be thanking us.
Amy: But what do you and Shadow have to do with it?
Rouge: Shouldn't you be keeping your eyes on the skies?
Amy: Hey, don't change the subject!
Rouge: Watch out!
[She pulls up quickly to avoid a prominent dead tree. Wiping her brow, sees that there are others like it.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Engine Room]

[Knuckles' Comlink activates.]
Rouge: [Over Comlink] Oh Knuckie~
Knuckles: [On Comlink] Yeah, what?
Rouge: [On Comlink] Goodness. What a charming hello that was.
Knuckles: [Over Comlink] Well well, if it isn't Rouge the rat. You've got a lot of nerve.

[Scene Change: A building]

Knuckles: [Over Comlink] You think I'm gonna make nice [unintelligible] after all you've put us through?
Rouge: He's goin' off. Here, talk to him.
[She hands the Comlink to Amy.]
Amy: [On Comlink] Knuckles, it's me. Rouge and I figured out where we are.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Engine Room]

Knuckles: [On Comlink] Oh yeah?

[Scene Change: A building]

Amy: [On Comlink] You won't believe this. ... It's their home planet. Cosmo's and the Metarex!
[It is revealed that the building they are in, or rather, near, is in ruins. A hologram of Earthia, Cosmo's mother, appears.]
Earthia: You are looking upon Planet Green Gate. We lived here long ago, before a terrible darkness befell us. Everything has been destroyed. All that is left is long since dead. I have come to tell you our story, and that of the evil Metarex.
[Shadow is standing directly above them in a nearby tree. Sonic leaps over to another nearby tree.]
Sonic: Well...
[Shadow turns to him.]
Sonic: You know, you really outdid yourself this time, trying to hurt a harmless little kid like Cosmo. I just can't seem to figure you out, Shadow. You really are a mystery.
[Shadow leaps to the ground.]
Sonic: You just better watch your back, Shadow.
[Shadow closes his eyes.]
Shadow: Well, what's stopping you, Sonic? Here's your big chance.
Sonic: Nah, I'm not in the mood to fight. But when I am, you'll be the first to know, pal.
[Instead, Shadow takes off into the distance.]
Earthia: [Voiceover] We were once a thriving civilization, but then came the time of the great calamity.

[Scene Change: Green Gate - Building]

Earthia: It was long ago. A war began that soon threatened to spread to the far reaches of the galaxy.
[The screen fades to the scene of the past, which is cropped to a circle and blended by a surrounding white background.]

[Scene Change: Green Gate - Past]

[Several Seedrians take of running, but a jet bombs them. Daisy and her husband Landar are communing.]
Landar: I have to act quickly. Perhaps the transformation will last this time.
Daisy: Landar!
[Landar roars and transforms into a giant dinosaur-like creature. This is Mover Mode. Several enemy jets try to shoot missiles at him, but they do nothing. Landar chomps down on a jet. Liquid seeps from his mouth, and he falls over and dies. Daisy cries over him.]

[Scene Change: Green Gate - A conference room - Past]

Starla: [Voiceover] The citizens of our planet are in grave danger! As the enemy is getting stronger, we are losing more soldiers by the minute.
[The Seedrian who would later become Yellow Zelkova counters.]
Yellow Zelkova: The evolutionary process is unnaturally fast. It has yet to be perfected.
Starla: Something must be done! We must find a way to make the transformation last. We cannot continue to let our men destroy themselves!
Daisy: My own husband perished only yesterday, and unless something is done, I'm afraid more thousands will meet the same fate.
Earthia: [Stands up] It is time for us to leave here. Perhaps we will return to our home one day, but now it is too dangerous.
[She places an amulet on the table.]
Yellow Zelkova: What is that?
Earthia: It is a blessed amulet. It will protect us on our journey.
Lucas: Journey? How dare you!
[Her husband Lucas slams his hands down on the table in protest.]
Lucas: You want us to simply give in to the enemy? Never!
Earthia: Lucas!
Lucas: I won't do it! I have never been a coward, and I won't become one for you!
Earthia: [Calmly] You will do as I say.
Lucas: I have gone along with you this far, Earthia, but I refuse to let those who have fallen before me perish in vain!
[He slams his hand on the table again.]
Earthia: If you won't respect my decision, you can stay behind and fight the enemy yourself!
Lucas: Very well.

[Scene Change: Green Gate - Past]

[A large colony spaceship is ready to take off. Earthia and Starla are speaking.]
Starla: Earthia, do you think we will ever return here once the war is over?
Earthia: No one knows what the future will hold for our planet, Starla. We will have to wait and see.
[Daisy runs up to them.]
Daisy: Earthia! Come quickly! Something's happening to the trees outside!
Earthia: What do you mean?!
[Sure enough, the plants are withering, leaving only bare trunks and shrubs. Earthia runs over to Lucas, who is alone. Earthia pants.]
Earthia: Lucas!
Lucas: Yes, Earthia?
Earthia: You must help. There is something happening. It's awful, everything outside is suddenly dying--
[She gasps when she sees the giant machine Lucas is standing in front of.]
Earthia: What is that?
Lucas: It is the Planet Egg, the entire energy of our planet in crystallized form. In its powers, I have discovered a way for the transformation to last, a way for us to fight our enemy forever.
Earthia: Have you gone mad?
[There are several male Seedrians asleep in test pods.]
Lucas: Just the opposite. With such a thing as this, we will be more than mere beasts. We will rise up and we will claim our victory! Finally, Earthia, this is what we've been waiting for!
[Earthia weeps.]
Earthia: But Lucas, our people have always honored the natural world. How could you do it?
Lucas: Earthia?
[He tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away.]
Earthia: You... You have betrayed your own people! You have destroyed everything that was ours faster than any enemy!
[She approaches Lucas, but he stops her.]
Lucas: You were the one who wanted to leave here. I haven't betrayed anyone. You have!
Earthia: You're wrong.
Lucas: We will crystallize the power of every planet in the known galaxy. We will have the strength of a thousand armies!
Earthia: You are mad... Let go!
[She breaks free of Lucas' grasp.]
Lucas: We will lay waste to the enemy... and with our new-found power, we will create a new order!
Earthia: No... Please... Stop...
[Later on, many Movers are rampaging through Green Gate, including Lucas.]

[Scene Change: The Seedrian ship - Past]

Seedrian: Earthia! I'm afraid hundreds of beasts are still resisting!
Earthia: We have no choice but to destroy them.
[The other Seedrians look at her in surprise.]
Earthia: They will bring darkness upon the galaxy if we do not stop them.
[She removes her amulet.]
Earthia: May we be granted divine protection as we travel to a more peaceful world.

[Scene Change: Green Gate - Past]

[Lucas is no longer in Mover mode. He is partially buried in rubble.]
Lucas: We are not yet finished! Our transformation is not complete! The final stages are upon us! Soon we shall rule through space and time!
[Rocks fall around him. Soon, an outline of Dark Oak's armor can be seen. It morphs into Dark Oak.]
Dark Oak: You tried to destroy us, Earthia, but we are indestructible. We will live on, and all our enemies shall bow before us.
[He crosses his arms, and Pale Bayleaf, Black Narcissus, Yellow Zelkova, and Red Pine appear with him.]
Dark Oak: We will have our revenge!
[The screen gradually fades back to the present.]

[Scene Change: Green Gate]

Earthia: Only four of those who remained here survived. In time, Lucas became the Metarex leader, known as Dark Oak. He and his fellow revolutionaries continued to cause chaos throughout the galaxy. Please, do everything you can. They must be stopped.
Sonic: [Off-screen] That explains a lot.
[Amy notices Sonic listening.]
Amy: Sonic!
Sonic: We gotta stop these guys.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Cosmo's room]

[Cream and Cheese are trying to comfort Cosmo, who is in bed.]
Cream: Cosmo, you must be awfully hungry by now. Why don't you let me make you something to eat, okay? My mother taught me how to make the most delicious sugar cookies.
Cosmo: Leave me alone...
Cream: Cosmo...
Cheese: Chao...
Cosmo: Please, you two... Just go... Don't you know it's dangerous to be around me?
Cream: [Angrily] You're wrong!
Cheese: [Angrily] Chao-chao-chao-chao-chao-chao!
Cream: You're our friend, Cosmo. What you say is just not true--
[Cosmo finally sits up, tears pricking her angered face.]
Cosmo: It is!
Cream: But how...?
Cosmo: I can't be anybody's friend, not when I'm secretly working for the enemy! Just stay away! I'm no good anyway. Shadow should have finished me off by now!
[Tears form in Cream's eyes as well.]
Cream: No... Please don't say that, Cosmo... We all love you! And if you are a spy like they say...
[Cosmo looks up again, still angry.]
Cream: I'm sorry...
[Cosmo breaks down crying again.]
Cosmo: Get out... just leave me alone...
Cream: Please don't cry...
Cosmo: [Shouting] I said go!
[Her outburst startles Cream. Cosmo buries herself under the covers.]
Cosmo: [To herself] I can hear them... I can hear them inside my head...

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Sonic approaches Chris.]
Sonic: Hey there, Chris. You still up here workin'?
Chris: Finally makin' some headway. This stuff is pretty complex.
Sonic: Well, if anyone can figure it out, it's you, buddy.
[He looks over to see what Chris is doing.]
Chris: Man, there sure is a lot of data inside of this thing.
[He holds up Leon's device.]
Sonic: Anything interesting?
Chris: Plenty. In fact, I'm still downloading it all.
[He analyzes the data.]
Chris: There's a lot I haven't figured out, but what I have is pretty amazing, like this stuff here. Remember the data that Tails and Cosmo collected from that underground Metarex factory? Well, I was able to cross-reference it, and here's what I found. It's some kind of plan to wipe out all flesh and blood creatures of all kinds until the whole galaxy is populated only by trees and plant life.
[A shot of a forest planet is shown.]
Chris: [Voiceover] Plant life! There it is! There's the whole Cosmo connection! Why didn't we see it back then, Sonic? How else could she have figured out that Metarex language?
[A shot of Cosmo reading Metarex writing is shown. Right now, Tails is in his room, looking at a picture.]
Chris: [Voiceover] Maybe we could have done something. Maybe it would have been different if we--
[It is a picture of the party Cosmo threw.]
Sonic: [Voiceover] Dwelling on the past isn't gonna make it easier, pal.
Chris: [Voiceover] Yeah, I suppose you're right. I just don't wanna see anyone get hurt, that's all.
[Cosmo is in her room, washing her face.]
Chris: [Voiceover] Tails was so upset before. Poor guy's heart is breaking. [On screen] Not to mention Cosmo. Can't be easy for her.
Sonic: We'll get through it, pal. We've been through worse before, and we made it through okay, right?
[Chris nods.]
Sonic: It's gonna be okay. One day, all of this will be over. I promise.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

[Cosmo prepares to board Chris' ship and leave.]
Tails: [Off-screen] Where are you going?
[Cosmo sees Tails emerging from hiding behind the X-Tornado.]
Cosmo: Please, Tails. I'm leaving. You can't stop me.
Tails: I don't understand where you'll go.
Cosmo: To fight Dark Oak, though I'm not sure what good it will do.
Tails: You can't go alone, Cosmo.
Cosmo: Yes I can! You'll be much safer when I'm not around. I can't stay here! Don't you understand? They're using my eyes to spy on you! They're listening through my ears! They're using me to betray you.
Tails: It's not your fault, Cosmo.
Cosmo: I feel so lost... I just don't know what to do...
Tails: It's okay.
Cosmo: I feel like I don't even know who I am anymore.
Tails: You're my friend, that's who.
Cosmo: I've done nothing but bring you trouble. So how can you still call me your friend, Tails?
[Tails is now in front of Cosmo.]
Tails: 'Cause those Metarex can use your eyes and ears all they want, but they can never have your heart.
[Tails takes Cosmo's hands. Just then the hangar lights turn on.]
Amy: You're not leaving without us, are you?
[Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge are with her.]
Cream: If you're gonna fight Dark Oak, we're gonna fight with you!
Cheese: Chao chao!
Knuckles: Me too! Those Meta-dopes might need a knuckle sandwich!
Rouge: Knuckle sandwich? Gee, that was sure clever.
Knuckles: Who asked you?!
Cosmo: Really?
Sonic: We all talked it over together, and we wanna help our friend.
Tails: See? It's just like I said, Cosmo. It doesn't matter what the Metarex do. We all know that you're really our friend; that's what matters.
Cosmo: Thank you, Tails. Thank you all.
[Shadow is watching them from outside. Chris is sitting nearby.]
Shadow: You're all fools.
[He starts to walk away.]
Chris: You may be right.
[Shadow stops.]
Chris: If being a fool means helping a friend when they're in trouble instead of turning your back on them, then that's what we are.
[Shadow continues walking.]
Chris: You don't have to go, Shadow.
[He stops.]
Chris: Why don't you stick around and help us defeat them? They may be using Cosmo, but it's not her fault. And who knows? Maybe we can use their own weapon against them? Come on; what do you say? Will you stay?
Shadow: No matter what you say, your friend Cosmo is a Metarex spy, and that's all there is to it.
[Shadow starts walking again.]
Chris: It's not that simple!
[Something slams into the ground nearby. Bokkun rises out of the brambles.]
Bokkun: Shadow! Emergency!
Chris: Hey! What's he doing here?
Bokkun: Please help, Shadow, I'm begging you! [Shouting] The Metarex have taken Eggman prisoner!
[Shadow and Chris are shocked at this new development.]

[Scene Change: A prison]

[Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe are imprisoned in a Metarex prison.]
Decoe: How dare you treat us like common criminals!
Bocoe: There is nothing common about us!
Pale Bayleaf: You are under arrest for stealing top-secret information. We have been watching you for a very long time.
Bocoe: How dare you have us under surveillance!
Decoe: Yeah! We should have you arrested for spying and for stealing the doctor's technological innovations!
Pale Bayleaf: I'm afraid that will not be possible, my jailbird friends. It would be best if you just sit tight and enjoy your stay.
[He leaves.]
Decoe and Bocoe: (Hey!) (You let us out of here!) (Come back!)

[Scene Change: Dark Oak's Battleship - Bridge]

[Black Narcissus enters Dark Oak's room.]
Black Narcissus: Master, all preparations have been completed. We are ready to move forward.
[Dark Oak laughs.]
Black Narcissus: Master?
Dark Oak: Well, Earthia, it seems that your daughter has decided to continue in her mother's footsteps. But I'm afraid she's just as misguided as you.
[Dark Oak turns around in his chair. The screen behind him rises, revealing he has all seven Chaos Emeralds.]
Dark Oak: All of the lights have been gathered. The time has come. The Forestation Project is about to begin! [Laughs]
[The episode ends and the credits roll.]