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Battle For Angel Island[]


Sonic and Knuckles using Extreme Gears, from Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

When their battleship was about to crash on their way to Angel Island, Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna used their personal Extreme Gears to abandon the ship and fly the rest of the way to Angel Island.[1]

Bonds of Friendship[]

Having targeted the Mineral Museum in Spiral Hill Village, which held valuable minerals, the Babylon Rogues used their Extreme Gear to plunder the Mineral Museum and escape back to their blimp with the spoils.[2]

Tangle & Whisper[]

After blowing up an Eggman base, Mimic used his Omnipotence to return to the site of the explosion in hopes of finding the bodies of Tangle and Whisper.[3]

All or Nothing[]

The Babylon Rogues later used their Extreme Gear while battling Master Zik. However, the Zeti managed to knock them off their Extreme Gear using his electromagnetic abilities. He then stole the Type-J while Wave and Storm crashed on their Extreme Gears. Ultimately though, Jet managed to knock Zik down on to the ground and retrieve the Type-J.[4] While battling the Zombots however, Wave was stripped of her Type-W, and Storm damaged his Type-S while fending off Zombots with it. After defeating Master Zik, Jet hooked his green Chaos Emerald to his Type-J and tossed it through the portal to Angel Island. There, it arrived safely and the Emerald on it was retrieved by the heroes.[5]

Test Run![]

Seeking to follow Sonic, Tails and Amy to the new Eggman tower at the coast, Tangle and Belle found an unused Big Bang Extreme Gear in the Restoration's HQ. After Belle had hotwired it, she and Tangle then used it to leave the HQ.[6] Eventually arriving at the Eggman tower Sonic, Tails and Amy were at, Tangle crashed the Big Bang upon landing it in front of the tower's entrance.[7]

Trial by Fire[]

Eventually, the Blue Star and Yellow Tail ended up in the backyard of Tails' Lab in Central City.[8]

Another Grand Adventure for Jet the Hawk[]

Jet would later use his Type-J to follow Whisper's Cyan Wisp, which had stolen his calzone. However, a Super-Badnik she was hunting captured him, forcing her to ride the Type-J to position herself to snipe the robot. After rescuing Jet, Whisper hopped of the Type-J and left.[9]

The Protector[]

Sonic and Tails race to find the Chaos Emerald and Tails sees this as an opportunity to test out his extreme gear for the race. Tails would later use it to help Sonic fight of Salamander in a cave which would later be put to good use as the final results were successful.[10]

Clean Sweepstakes[]

The Restoration and Clean Sweep Inc. hosted an Extreme Gear race. But during the race a sabotage happened causing Team Sonic to get disqualified.

List of Extreme Gears[]


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