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The icon for Expert Race mode.

This is the Expert Race for the experienced players who like long races!

Omochao, Sonic Heroes

Expert Race is a multiplayer minigame in the 2P Battle mode in Sonic Heroes. It is unlocked after the player collects all 120 Emblems from single-player mode.


This minigame plays identically to the gameplay of both Action Race and Quick Race: the two players each control a team to race against each other to the Goal Ring. Obviously, the team that reaches the Goal Ring wins. However, these stages are designed in a way that the stage length is long as implied by Omochao's description. When playing through all the stages, the player whose team wins two out of the three races wins the entire minigame.    


The following stages played in Expert Race (in order) are brief sections from their respective single-player mode, much like with the stages played in Action Race:

When the player selects "ALL", the game will go through all three of the stages mentioned. The player who wins at least two out of three stages wins the entire minigame.


Rail Canyon


Frog Forest


Egg Fleet


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