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<center>''[[Unknown|&lt;&lt; Previous Zone]] — '''Sonic Rush: Exception'''
<center>''[[Unknown|&lt;&lt; Previous Zone]] — '''Sonic Rush: Exception'''</center>
[[File:Exception.png|thumb|left|Super Sonic fighting Eggman in the Exception Zone]]
[[File:Exception.png|thumb|left|Super Sonic fighting Eggman in the Exception Zone]]

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<< Previous ZoneSonic Rush: Exception

Super Sonic fighting Eggman in the Exception Zone

Exception is the true final stage of Sonic Rush. In this stage, Sonic and Blaze use the powers of the Chaos and Sol Emeralds to become Super Sonic and Burning Blaze to fight Doctor Eggman and Eggman Nega. It is accessible at the character select screen after collecting all of the Chaos Emeralds with Sonic and the Sol Emeralds with Blaze. The zone is a multicolored dimensional rift that is the result of Sonic and Blaze's worlds merging together to form one, a place in which both Eggmen hope to build their Eggman Empire in.

The player takes turns in controlling one character a time. First you play as Super Sonic in the top sreen who fights Eggman and can only dash with the A and B Buttons. In order to damage Eggman's mecha, Sonic has to deflect the two small satellites that Eggman fires back at his cockpit. After getting hit, Eggman fires some energy beams which can also be deflected back at him. Sometimes Eggman will also go into the background and fire rockets which Sonic has to dodge or lose 5-7 rings if hit. After three hits, the Eggmen will take to the bottom screen with Eggman Nega now conrolling the mecha to fight Blaze.

As Burning Blaze, she can dash like Sonic but only with the B Button, and she can also generate fireballs with the A Button. Nega fires lasers much more quickly than Eggman, and sometimes he will hold out a claw and fire it at Blaze. If the player manages to dodge it, it will leave him vunerable to an attack. If the player fails to attack, Nega will grab Blaze and hit her with the other claw. Other times, he'll go into the background and cause some kind of rift which will not only pull Blaze in but also any rings nearby. To dodge the rift, you must dash numerous times until the rift disappears. After getting hit three times, the villains will return to the top screen, and back again. The pattern repeats until the bosses are defeated. Then Sonic and Blaze say their goodbyes, give eachother a handshake, and return to their respective worlds.

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