Excalibur Sonic's Soul Surge is Excalibur Sonic's Soul Surge technique in Sonic and the Black Knight. When using this technique, Excalibur Sonic unleashes a fury of sword slashes with Excalibur. This move is only usable during Excalibur Sonic's battle with the Dark Queen and is the only move that can damage her.


When Excalibur Sonic is performing his Soul Surge, Excalibur Sonic extends Excalibur's outer energy blade into a longer blade, while charging up the attack. Excalibur Sonic then homes up to the Dark Queen at incredible speeds and delivers a hasted combo of illusion-like lightning fast and focused powerful slashes with Excalibur. At the end of the combo, the force from the attack will throw the Dark Queen some distance away.

To perform Excalibur Sonic's Soul Surge, Excalibur Sonic's Soul Gauge must contain some energy to initiate it. To activate it in gameplay, the player must press WiiB, and to attack with it, the player then has to swing the Wii Remote. To cancel the move while being used, the player must press WiiB again. Using this Soul Surge deceases the energy in the Soul Gauge and If Excalibur Sonic runs out of energy, the move will end. If the player attacks the right time during Excalibur Sonic's combo, the player can perform a Perfect Hit for more damage and extra points.


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