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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Espio the Chameleon is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is the alternate reality counterpart of Espio the Chameleon from the In Another Time, In Another Place Zone. He is a ninja and member of the Chaotix, a group of detectives.


Espio is indentical in appearance and wardrobe to his Prime Zone counterpart.


Sonic Generations

As one of Sonic the Hedgehog's friends, Espio and his teammates attended Sonic's surprise birthday party alongside his other friends. With the other guests, however, he was then abducted through one of several mysterious portals created by the monstrous Time Eater.[1]

Olympic Trials

Later, Espio and his fellow Chaotix joined their friends again for the Olympics. The trio were in a boat, taking part in the rowing event, when their vessel turned into a prison, courtesy of Dr. Eggman. Sonic's other friends soon followed, but Sonic was able to save Espio and the rest by tapping into the spirit of the Olympics.[2]

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