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Errol (left) and Tails from Sonic the Comic #18. Art by Dave Windett and John M. Burns.

Errol Blackthorn is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was an anthropomorphic fox and resident of the Nameless Zone. He was one of the Enchanter Kings' greatest warriors, and was assigned as Tails' companion on the mission to rescue the third Enchanter King, Shirob. He claimed to be familiar with every known text relating to the Land Beyond.[1]


On the journey, Errol learned that Tails' reputation as the hero of Mobius was a sham and his honour decreed that he had to expose him to the Enchanter Kings,[2] however by the end of the journey he decided to keep the secret to himself after Tails saved his life.[3]

When Trogg kidnapped the other Enchanter Kings, Errol returned to the Land Beyond alone to attempt a rescue, only for Trogg to transform him into a monster just like him.[4] When Knuckles defeated him, Shaman Warpull had him clapped in the strongest stocks in the Nameless Zone until they could cure him.[5]

When the Goblin Nation invaded the Nameless Zone, Errol was captured by King Roubal and locked in his castle.[6] He managed to escape his cell just in time to help his sister Morain and Tails as they attempted to free the Enchanter Kings from King Roubal, only to discover that the Enchanter Kings had agreed to become vassals of Roubal in order to avoid a war with the goblins. Errol, Morain and Tails were outnumbered and beaten, but Roubal allowed them to leave safely in order to placate the Enchanter Kings.[7]


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