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Eric Trueheart, born Eric Parker Trueheart, is an American television writer, actor and production assistant who works on the Sonic Boom television series.



Series Debut Position
Bolts & Blip 2010 Writer
Growing Up Creepie 2007 Writer
Invader Zim 2001 Writer, actor
OMG! 2014 Writer
Packages from Planet X 2013 Writer
Pound Puppies 2010 Writer
SheZow 2012 Writer
So Random! 2011 Writer
Sonic Boom 2014 Writer
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! 2006 Writer
The Godthumb 2002 Actor
The Millennium 1999 Actor
The Wild Thornberrys 1998 Production assistant
Thumbtanic 2000 Actor
Toonix 2013 Writer
Turbo FAST 2013 Writer
Weird TV 1995 Actor
Yin Yang Yo! 2008 Writer



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