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You may be looking for Erik, Eric Bungalow or Eric the Echidna.

Anastasia's husband, an 80-year old man who's in absolutely no rush to hit 81. Eric believes himself to be very in tune with his wife, and helps interpret her murky mumblings, but something always seems to get lost in translation...

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Eric (エリック Erikku?) is a character that appears in Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Apotos and the husband of Anastasia. He helps interpret his wife's murky mumblings whenever she is unable to talk, but he always gets something wrong in the translation.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

In his youth, Eric appeared as a shady character who used to hang around on the shore with a grin on his face, while combing the beach for shells. One day however, Eric got bit by a crab and a young Anastasia came to his aid. Eric however, mistook this as a sign of affection from Anastasia's side and he fell in love with her. After that, he brought her beautiful shells every day and saying “Marry me! I can’t go on if you won’t” even though Anastasia was not interested in him. Eventually, Eric's constant pleas made Anastasia give up on resisting, and Eric married her, though Eric came to see his courtship from another point of view. Over the years however, the two of them came to have to have a happy marriage, and Eric managed to gain Anastasia's love.

When the earth broke apart in Sonic Unleashed, the tremors from the shattering made Anastasia lose her dentures, leaving her unable to talk, and Eric helped her to look for them. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip came to Apotos, Eric and Anastasia met the traveling duo. During their meeting, Eric explained his wife's condition to the duo and translated her mumble as a greeting to Sonic and Chip. During the following nightfall, Eric later saw Tails pass through Apotos and later passed this information on to Sonic and Chip when they met again the same night.

As the planet began to come together again, Eric began to believe that they had better chances at finding his wife's dentures. Some time afterwards, Eric and Anastasia met Sonic and Chip again, and Eric casually asked them how they were making out. As Eric heard his wife mumble afterwards, Eric translated it as if she was asking Sonic if he had been to Chun-nan.

Some time later, Eric and Anastasia met up once more with Sonic and Chip, where Eric pronounced absolutely thrilled that Chun-nan's continent had been restored. He then heard his wife following mumble and translated it as if she wanted to go visit Chun-nan to which Eric happily complied.

Eventually, Eric traveled with Anastasia to Chun-nan. When arriving there, Eric was amazed by things such as the local waterfall. While there, Eric and Anastasia met Sonic and Chip and Eric told them of why they came here. As he expressed his own amazement at Chun-nan, Eric heard his wife's occasional mumble, but took it as if she was thrilled beyond words.

Sometime afterward, while still in Chun-nan, Eric and Anastasia met Sonic and Chip anew, and Eric asked the duo if they had walked all the way to Chun-nan, remarking that it was quite the trip. As Eric remarked the scenic routes to Sonic and Chip, he asked Anastasia if she would like to like to go on these routes with him and took her mumbling as if she agreed to.

A while later, while still in Chun-nan, Eric and Anastasia met Sonic and Chip again, and Eric asked Sonic and Chip if they had tasted the meat buns in Chun-nan, as he found them exquisite. Upon hearing Anastasia's mumbling, Eric took it as if she liked the meat buns too.

Eventually, Eric returned with Anastasia to Apotos. After they arrived back home, Eric and Anastasia came by Sonic and Chip came again, and Eric told them that he was glad that they made this trip, while he translated his wife's mumbling as if she liked the trip too. Without warning, Eric suddenly told Sonic that he heard him asking how he and his wife met (though Sonic did not say that) and began telling his version of his early romance, bit for bit. He claimed to Sonic and Chip that in his youth he was a shy, yet debonair fella and stand-up guy, while his wife was shy, awkward and plain unlucky in love. He claimed that he naturally "felt bad for this sad girl" that was Anastasia and that one day he thought he would go lift up her spirit, and told them that she then fell for him hard and that he could not get rid of her from that moment on. During his story, Eric translated his wife's angry outburst as if she was agreeing with him.

Around the time Sonic and Chip defeated Dark Guardian, Eric and Anastasia managed to find the lost dentures. As Anastasia was putting her dentures back, Eric saw that Sonic and Chip had arrived, and informed them of the great news. No sooner as she was able to speak again, however, Eric was scolded by Anastasia for his poor translations. Eric tried to make her calm down and to soften her up with cute noises, but to no avail.

Following his wife yelling at him, Eric was left doing penance and told Sonic and Chip when they came to him that he was pretty ashamed to do so in his age. At the same time, he wondered if Anastasia was still mad at him. Eventually however, Eric and Anastasia reconciled and Eric was relieved Anastasia was no longer mad.

Wii/PlayStation 2

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Eric and Lambros met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when they were asking around town for someone who knew Chip, as Chip was suffering from amnesia. Unfortunately, just like Lambros, Eric had never seen Chip before. During the following nightfall, Eric met Tails and provided directions for the young fox. Tails then asked a favor of Eric, which he accepted, and Eric received a Moon Tablet from Tails, who told him to give it to a "blue hedgehog" if he saw him. Later that night, Eric found Sonic as Sonic the Werehog, and while he was different from Tails's description, Eric was sure it was him and gave the Moon Tablet to him.

Later on, Eric was talking to Sonic and Lambros about how the town used to be quiet, but now was in turmoil due to the tremors created by the planet's shattering. Nevertheless, Eric wanted Sonic to feel welcome, and gave him Soundtrack 32 as a memento of him.


Eric is a spirited and quite jolly elderly man, if not a little delusional. Though he often takes his translations of his wife's gibberish completely out of context, he believes himself to be in fine tune with her


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