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The Erazor Djinn is the boss of Night Palace in Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Boss guide


  1. Vertical Slash: He will spin his blade while chasing Sonic from left or right. After he is done spinning, he will wield his blade vertically and slash straight down in a vertical line, usually near Sonic. Sonic can move left or right respectively to dodge this attack.
  2. < Slash: He will spin his blade. After he is done spinning, he will wield his blade semi-vertically and slash in a "<" shape. Unlike the Vertical Slash, he does not chase Sonic around so accurately. Simply move right to dodge it
  3. L Slash: He will head to the left side of the screen, spin his blade, wield it vertically, slash down vertically, and then slash to the right, hitting the entire bottom screen. Dodge it by Charge Jumping This attack leaves him wide open for a Homing Attack to the head.
  4. Z Slash: When the player has hit Erazor a number of times, he will start using this attack. He will go to the middle of the screen and slash a total of three times to form a "Z" shape. If the player jumps after his second attack, the player can Homing Attack his head.
  5. Duel: The camera will change perspective. The player now have to hold down Snnwii2buttondisco.png and wait untill Erazor moves forward. Release it and attack him when the lock-on appears.


Phase 1

This battle starts out with some Rich Pearls and a Rich Ring in front which will be needed. Erazor always starts out by using his "< Slash". Erazor will then teleport away and back again to use a vertical slash. Erazor's third attack is the "L Slash". After dodging the third attack, wait untill a red lock-on appears on Erazor's head, and use the Homing Attack on him. Keep attacking for a total of three hits.

After hitting Erazor, his next attacks will be two vertical slashes in a row. After dodging, Erazor will teleport to the back and eventually the screen/camera will change perspective; the player has now reached the "duel" phase. What the player must do is Charge Jump by holding the Snnwii2buttondisco.png. Look at the bottom of the screen after Erazor stops blabbing to see a text box. Release Snnwii2buttondisco.png just as the text box goes away to have Sonic jump onto Erazor. Wait for a red lock-on to appear on Erazor, then use the Homing Attack to damage him severely.

After the "Duel phase", the perspective will change back to normal. Erazor's next attack will be a vertical slash, so dodge. Continue dodging Erazor's attacks and attacking him whenever possible. He will also start using his "Z Slash" from here on. After dodging, wait for a red lock-on and try to hit him three times on the head. After hitting Erazor six times (for a total of fifteen hits) after the previous "Duel Phase", the battle will reach phase 2.

Phase 2

The only real changes in Phase 2 are that the speed of Erazor's attacks increase significantly and he now uses three hit combos. The red lock-on that indicate the moment to attack him takes longer to appear, so the player has to stay in the air after a Charge Jump for a while until it appears.

The mission is cleared when Erazor is hit at every given opportunity (three times on his head and once during the duel phase), and the player has memorized his attacks patterns. If any attacks are missed, simply try to dodge his attacks and hit him ten more times to defeat him.

How to get Gold Rank

Recommended Skills:

  • H-Mega Expand
  • Homing Recovery (hitting Erazor multiple times)
  • Quick High Step (avoiding attacks quickly)
  • Super/Hyper Speed-Up (increases Sonic's speed for better Pearl collecting)
  • H/S-Pearl Collector (attracts nearby Pearls for fast Soul Gauge charge)
  • Hyper Surge

Gold Rank tips:

  1. It is always wise to have H-Mega Expand equipped. During Erazor's "Duel" attack, the Homing Attack will have better range thanks to H-Mega Expand and thus makes the red lock-on appear earlier on for easier hit.
  2. During the "Duel" attack, the player can use the Time Break to get a better chance of hitting Erazor.
  3. Erazor Djinn has twenty-five hit points. The player takes off one hit point if Sonic hits him during regular combat. The player takes off six hit points if Sonic hits him during the one-on-one charge. To best exploit this, the player has to hit him five or four times during a charge, and once during regular combat.
  4. To obtain Gold Rank, the player has to finish the battle in 2:20 minute.



  • World 7: Night Palace: Mission 14: Final Paragraph

Special Book pages

  • Chapter 9: #11: The Mysterious Door
  • Chapter 9: #13: End Credits 1
  • Chapter #12: #8: Ending Theme Guitar


  • A glitch can occur when losing a life against Erazor in the "duel chase", which makes him move randomly on the screen but without affecting the battle.






Sonic & the Secret Rings Erazor Djinn (Gold Medal)