Quotation1.svg I am Erazor Djinn! I am the one who shall carve up this world as I see fit. Quotation2.svg
— Erazor Djinn, Sonic and the Secret Rings

The Erazor Djinn (イレイザー・ジン Ireizā Jin?) is the main antagonist of Sonic and the Secret Rings. He is an evil djinn from the world of the Arabian Nights and the Genie of the Lamp from the tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. By releasing the stories from the Arabian Nights storybook and absorbing their power, Erazor's goal is to take over his world and bend it to his will and then make his way into Sonic's world.


Early life

Erazor wrecking havoc in the past.

Long ago, in his story, the Erazor Djinn caused many malicious misdeeds in the world of the Arabian Nights. He was eventually stopped and punished for his actions by being sealed away in a Magic Lamp where he was to remain trapped until he had granted the wishes of 1,000 people, which included Aladdin.

Eventually, Erazor fulfilled his sentence, but at that point, he had gained a renewed hatred for people and the creator of his story for giving him such a fate. He thus began taking over the Arabian Nights, twisting the words that supported the stories into spirits that followed his command and absorbing the book's contents so he could control the entire world of Arabian Nights, his ultimately goal being to make his way into Sonic's world as well.

Sonic and the Secret Rings

When Erazor first met Sonic, he quickly tried to kill him. After that, he asked Shahra if she had the seven World Rings (not paying much attention to Sonic), and finding she doesn't he shoots a flame at her as "punishment." Sonic jumps in front of the flame, takes the hit, and Erazor, taking advantage of the situation, tells Sonic to gather the rings for him before the flame goes out, or his "life is forfeit," before departing. He meets Sonic and Shahra again later when he's summoning the Ifrit Golem, saying that he decided to let the Ifrit Golem burn the remaining pages in the book. Erazor then asks Sonic if he has the Seven World Rings, and Sonic complains about Erazor calling him a rat. Erazor, figuring that Sonic doesn't have the rings, tells Sonic that he'd "better hurry it up," and leaves.

When Sonic and Shahra break into Erazor's Night Palace they meet him again. When Erazor asks if Sonic has the rings and Sonic says that he should look for them himself, Erazor responds "I'll carve you to pieces until I find every last one of them," assuming (correctly) that Sonic has the rings. Sonic beats Erazor and forces him back. When Erazor sees that Sonic has the rings, he plays on Shahra's feelings for him (or that she used to have for him), and gets the rings. Erazor then attempts to sacrifice Sonic to obtain the rings and open the gateway between his world and Sonic's world, but Shahra gets in the way of his attack to save Sonic and dies in Sonic's arms, asking for his forgiveness. Nonetheless, Erazor's ritual is successful, and he is empowered by the rings. However, without Sonic as the proper offering, Erazor doesn't obtain complete control over the rings and mutates into Alf Layla wa-Layla, a hideous, six-armed, incomplete cyclops monster. Fortunately, three of the World Rings (rage, hatred, and sadness) also trigger a transformation in Sonic, turning him into Darkspine Sonic, Sonic then battles Alf Layla wa-Layla in a dark world which lies in between the two worlds. Sonic manages to defeat Alf Layla wa-Layla, and Erazor turns back to his normal self.

Erazor survives the fight, and taunts Sonic, saying that he's immortal and cannot be defeated. Sonic, however, reveals that he has Erazor's lamp (given to him by Shahra and reverted to its normal form when she died), and asks "The genie of the lamp is supposed to grant three wishes, am I right?" Despite Erazor's refusal to ever grant a wish for Sonic, he is helpless against the power of his lamp and forced to do so. Sonic wishes for Erazor to resurrect Shahra, for the restoration of the works of the Arabian Nights, and for Erazor to be sealed into his lamp until the end of time. After granting the wishes, Erazor begs for Shahra to help him, but she doesn't respond, leaving him to be sucked into his lamp, with Sonic correcting him for the final time that he is a hedgehog, not a rat. At the end, Sonic drops the lamp into the Foundry where he fought the Ifrit, either destroying it or keeping anybody from ever finding it.

Other game appearances

Sonic Rivals 2

Erazor made a cameo in Sonic Rivals 2 as a collectible card in the game.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Erazor appears as a collectible Sticker:

Image Name Page ID Area of Effect Effect User
Erazor Djinn-2.png
Erazor Djinn (Sonic & the Secret Rings) 280 700 Flame Attack +28 Everyone

Sonic Runners

In Sonic Runners, Erazor appears as a S Rare buddy which produces a Shield for every thousandth combo.

During the "Desert Ruins Event," it is revealed that someone had set Erazor free again, but his body was split into one thousand smaller, weaker versions. In order to regain his whole body, he had to grant the wishes of a thousand people, so these mini Erazors would appear at treasures to grant wishes. Seeking to make Erazor his tool for world domination, Dr. Eggman gathered one hundred mini Erazors and merged them into one "Super Erazor Djinn" under his command. Meanwhile, Team Sonic had to deal with progressively stronger mini Erazors that Eggman sent after them. During the final confrontation, Team Sonic was no match for Eggman's "Super Erazor Djinn," so they unveiled they had made and tamed their own "Super Erazor Djinn" as preparation and used it to tip the battle in their favor and finish off Eggman's djinn minion.


Like most villains in Sonic's gallery of rogues, Erazor is depicted as a power-mad despot who seeks to rule both the world of Arabian Nights and Sonic's world. To that end, he is willing to put anything he pleases on the line and kill anyone who gets in his way without any sign of remorse. In the past, he seemed to have known Shahra and had a good relationship, but it seemed he put this behind him as seen when he kills her and did not seem concerned about her well being, calling her weak.

Powers and abilities

Erazor has access to many magical skills of incredible power. King Solomon even claimed that Erazor's power was nearly godlike. His most notable ability is the "Flame of Judgment" curse, which, when the flame goes out, the person who is cursed dies, even if it is another immortal being. He has the ability to summon spirits, djinn, and various other monsters from whatever confinements they may have. He can also fly and teleport. He is also a very capable swordsman, able to create lines of fire when he swings his sword and is easily capable of holding his own in a fight with Sonic, but despite his prowess, his sword was unable to defeat Sonic.

As a Genie, Erazor is an immortal being and can survive any kind of physical punishment, allowing him to return from any defeat. He is also able to grant the wishes of others, since he is the genie of the lamp, but never willingly does such, due to the magic lamp, which forces him to.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Once Sonic found out that Erazor Djinn has been erasing the pages of the Arabian Nights, Sonic has been after him, trying to stop him from doing such a deed. Erazor Djinn dislikes Sonic, and sees him as a tool When he first encountered Sonic, he called him a "rat", Sonic was not pleased by this and corrects him that he is a "hedgehog"; however, throughout the story, Erazor calls Sonic a rat, and Sonic, agitated, corrects him ("Enough with that rat stuff already! Seriously! I'm a hedgehog! HEDGE-HOG!"). Erazor Djinn accidentally cursed Sonic during their first encounter, shooting an arrow of flame at his chest. Erazor Djinn told him that if the flame goes out, Sonic's "life is forfeit." Sonic, obviously not wanting to die, asked Erazor Djinn to remove it; Erazor Djinn told him that if he collects all of the seven World Rings, he will remove the curse. But, when Sonic handed him over the rings, Erazor Djinn betrayed him, and attempts to stab him to death to gain full access to the World Rings. During this instance, he correctly identified Sonic as a hedgehog and not a rat. However, Sonic was able to use three of the World Rings and defeat Erazor Djinn. Using Erazor's lamp, Sonic wishes for Erazor to bring Shahra back to life, restore the storybook, and spend eternity trapped in his lamp, all of which Erazor has no choice but to do.


It is unknown about the relationship between Shahra and Erazor, but they seem to have known each other for a long time. Erazor forces Shahra to help him, but when she disobeyed, he attempts to curse her, but then that curse as intercepted by Sonic. He also asks her kindly, "Shahra, please, let us rule the world together." and at the end of the game, when Sonic was going to leave him stuck in his lamp forever, Erazor Djinn begs Shahra for help. These actions might mean that Erazor and Shahra somehow might have been friends or lovers.

Memorable Quotes

  • "You must be that blue rat that just got added to the story." Erazor's first encounter with Sonic.
  • "I am the one who shall carve up the book as I see fit." Erazor's answer when Sonic asks him who he is.
  • "I'll carve you to pieces until I find every last one!" Erazor's response when Sonic refuses to give him the World Rings.
  • "You filthy rat! I'll shut that mouth of yours permanently!" What Erazor says to Sonic right before you battle him in the Night Palace.
  • "Shahra, please, let us rule the world together." Erazor attempting to convince Shahra to join him.
  • "Shahra, I know you're there! Please, stop him! We can start over, the two of us! I swear! I swear it! The world is mine! I cannot be denied by that filthy rat! Whyyyyy?!" Erazor's final words before being sealed in the lamp.
  • "Bring me the seven world rings before the arrow of flame extinguishes. If you do not... your life is forfeit." Erazor commanding Sonic to bring him the seven world rings.


  • In one cutscene of Sonic and the Secret Rings, when Erazor Djinn was summoning Ifrit by using some sort of spell, he said the word "Jahannam", "Jahannam" is an Arabic word meaning "Hell".
  • Erazor's name is pun of eraser, since he's erasing the Arabian Nights, and razor, as he attacks with a razor based weapon (this is confirmed in the developer's notes in the 'special book' section of the game).
  • Erazor and Shahra might have been good friends or even lovers, but it was never exactly stated in the game, though there were hints throughout the story.
  • Throughout the story, he incorrectly refers to Sonic as a "rat", to which Sonic tries to correct him in regards to what his true species is. The only time he ever correctly identified Sonic by his correct species is just before he attempted to sacrifice him. The second villain to do this is Infinite.
  • Erazor Djinn is one of the few villains to survive a battle between transformed characters (ChaosG-merl and Neo Metal Sonic also have this trait).
  • Erazor Djinn is presumably left handed; throughout Sonic and the Secret Rings, he brandishes his sword in his left hand.


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