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For the technique of Sonic Man used in the Archie Comics, see Energy Shield.

The Energy Field[1] (エネルギー·フィールド Enerugī·fīrudo?) is a move used by Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) when he is carrying Princess Elise. By combing their powers, they can form a force field to traverse environments and damage enemies.


The Xbox 360 prompt to use the Energy Field on the loading screen.

When performing Energy Field, Elise's hidden powers combine with Sonic's which allow them to project a yellow aura in the form of an energy field enclosing them.[2] In gameplay, Energy Field enables Sonic to run on water and shifting sands without sinking into them and as well attack enemies by touching them for a limited time. However, it does not make Sonic invulnerable to damage like a Shield would.

The Energy Field can only be performed in the Princess Stages in the game which include Sonic's Dusty Desert and Tropical Jungle. To perform it in gameplay, the player must hold Xbox-Button-RT.png/R1ps3.png. However, using this move will steady deplete Sonic's Action Gauge and once it runs out, the Energy Shield cannot be sustained until the Action Gauge regenerates.


  • Sometimes, using the field after launching a Homing Attack on a wall while falling will cause the player to run on the wall.


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