For the Challenge Act, see Endless Boost (Challenge Act).

Endless Boost is a Skill used by Modern Sonic in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. When equipped, this Skill keeps the Boost Gauge full, but prevents the player from collecting Rings.


Endless Boost

Sonic using the Endless Boost in Rooftop Run Act 2.

When using Endless Boost, the Boost Gauge will constantly remain full, allowing infinite use of the Boost. However, it also prevents Sonic from picking up Rings, meaning he will die immediately after being hit.

To unlock Endless Boost, the player can buy it at the Skill Shop for 3000 Shop Points after clearing the Endless Boost Challenge Act. It can only be equipped to Modern Sonic and costs 70 Skill Points to be equipped.


  • The Endless Boost Skill has the same icon as the Auto-Gauge Skill.

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