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End of the World is the final Action Stage of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). In this Action Stage, all playable characters in the game (save for Blaze and Sonic) work together in order to gather all seven Chaos Emeralds and resurrect Sonic before Solaris can completely destroy the fabric of reality.


Shadow the Hedgehog only succeeded in disrupting Mephiles' plans to revive the Flames of Disaster. The malevolent force reforms just as victory seems within the heroes’ grasp and spears Sonic with a beam of energy. Sonic falls, and the distraught Princess Elise cannot help but shed her first tear since her father made her promise so many years ago not to cry. Unwittingly, the Iblis Trigger unleashes death and destruction, and without Sonic to aid in the fight, all appears lost. However, at the urging of Sonic’s friends and even Dr. Eggman, who was duped by Mephiles into facilitating the release of Iblis, a mission is mounted to search the far reaches of Soleanna for the Chaos Emeralds. The world is being pulled apart by a rift in the time-space continuum, so the heroes must hurry. The power of the collected emeralds should be enough to revive Sonic, hopefully just in time to battle Iblis and Mephiles for the last time… for all time.



Sonic... we have to find the Chaos Emeralds soon!

Tails, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Tails vaults through time to retrieve a Chaos Emerald from the burning Crisis City. The player begins the mission on a crowded street full of fire monsters. As the player runs across the wrecked avenue, the Eyes of Solaris burst forth from the rip in the continuum. The player cannot touch the eyes, lest they lose a life, but neither can Iblis' minions. If one of the eyes opens near a monster, the beast will be pulled into the ominous orb and perish. The player must collect Rings as they run beneath the unblinking gaze of Solaris, and use the Springs at the end of the street to bounce up to a narrow ledge to the right. From there, the player should run along the ledge and jump out to the overturned highway signs, then fly to the ledge overlooking the left side of the street and run ahead until they see a gaping abyss full of eyes. The abyss is too wide for Tails to cross in a single flight, so the player must aim for the Boost Ring to get the necessary extra push to survive. They should look for ornate sculptures of a regal bird on top of a mysterious orb. If the player touches the orb, they will temporarily banish the eyes and stabilize the time-space rip. The effects are fleeting, however, and the eyes will reappear after several seconds.

After banishing the eyes, the player must duck beneath a horde of flailing fire worms and fly up to the top of a shattered skyscraper. As the player run down the side of the toppled building, watch out for attacks from the brutes of Iblis. Some are consumed when they step too close to an eye, lessening the amount of trouble the player faces on the building. The player should avoid taking the time to combat the monsters, and instead fly up to the wrecked support column on the building’s left side. A 1-Up Capsule waits on the column next to the pipe, but there are phoenixes which dart through the air nearby. As the player continues down the side of the building, they must touch the next orb statue to remove the eyes for a few seconds. At the end of the building, they should fly up to the balcony of a wrecked skyscraper to the left. The Chaos Emerald is on the balcony, guarded by several monsters. Before picking up the gem and ending Tails' section of the stage, the player can grab the Ring Capsules and the 1-Up from behind one of the hulking monsters. The yellow Chaos Emerald is in the balcony’s back corner, right next to the elephantine feet of a towering monster. They can then swipe the jewel to move on to E-123 Omega’s section.


Our targets are the Chaos Emeralds. I will begin the search immediately.

E-123 Omega, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

In Flame Core, Omega must jump across the rock platforms floating in the pool of bubbling lava of in search of the Spring on the opposite side of the lake of molten earth. The Spring launches the player up to a landing infested with Iblis' minions, where they must destroy all of the monsters to unlock a door in the side of mountain. This can be done efficiently by charging up Omega’s Homing Shot while headed toward the platform.

After the door in the mountain opens, The player must get a running start to cross the gap in the cave. When they exit the cave, the player will look down upon a lava pool full of Solaris' eyes and several Phoenixes. They must jump off of the ledge and hover slowly to the platforms floating in the lava below, then jump across the molten earth via the platforms until they reach the edge of the lava falls. The player must then bounce up the side of the falls, avoiding the fire worms that appear nearby. The red Chaos Emerald is on the topmost ledge jutting out from the cliffs that flank the lava falls. The player can then pick up the gem to switch over to Knuckles as he raids the Tropical Jungle.


The Chaos Emeralds... Where are they?!

Knuckles, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Chaos Emerald is on the far side of the crumbling temple, and it is guarded by Iblis' beasts in Tropical Jungle. Since time is of the essence, it is better to glide over the beasts and stick to climbing up the ruins to safe ground rather than engaging in combat. The ruins are tall enough that the player can cross them without ever touching the jungle floor except to pick up the Chaos Emerald. The eyes can interfere with flight paths, so the player must be sure to touch the orbs to clear the air.

Iblis' defenses increase as the player closes in on the Chaos Emerald in the swamp opposite the ruins. The player must eventually glide down to the ground, but should soar over the first batch of monsters and aim for the rickety wooden walkway that leads up to one final brute. The Chaos Emerald is on a small earthen mound at the edge of the ruins. The player can pick up the gem before the monsters can attack. After grabbing the turquoise Chaos Emerald, the player joins Silver as he fights through the Dusty Desert.


I'll never give up... Let's go!

Silver, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

When the mission begins in Dusty Desert, the player must jump into the air and Levitate to the first platform in the sands, use PK to raise the platform, then soar through the air and reach the orb statue in front of the massive staircase. The orb forces the eyes to vanish, clearing a path to the stairs.

A pair of large monsters attacks as soon as the player climbs the stairs. The player should use PK to lift the crates on the landing to daze the brutes, then finish them off to raise platforms from the desert floor beyond the landing. Thry should then levitate across the platforms, carefully avoiding the eyes as they blink into existence. After crossing the gap and landing safely on the temple remains, the player must start running up the spiral ramp that ascends a central tower. Iblis' minions stand in the player's path, but the player can retaliate by picking up crates, jars, and Spiked Balls with PK. Hurl the objects at the monsters to daze or destroy them, then rush past and jump across the gaps in the path. They must continue up the trail until they reach the pair of brutes at the top.

After disposing of the monsters, the player must jump up the sliding platforms to the top of the wall. Sand lies just beyond the top ledge of the wall, so they must take care not to jump out too far when they reach the last sliding platform. After floating above the sand, the player must pass two more giants in order to reach the Chaos Emerald. The player can jump up on the high ledges flanking the two monsters and Levitate out to the platform with the green Chaos Emerald, then pick up the gem to move on to Rouge the Bat, who is soaring over Wave Ocean in pursuit of her quarry.


The Chaos Emeralds... Where are they?

Rouge, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Rouge must cross a large marina at Wave Ocean to find her Chaos Emerald. To maintain height over the monsters that patrol the area, the player must land on the rock spires that punch out of the waves, climb to the top of the spire, then jump off, sailing through the air en route to the beach on the opposite side of the marina. The player should look out for fire worms that attach to the bases of rocks. Sometimes, an eye will appear close enough to inhale one of the monsters, but the player should steer clear nonetheless to avoid getting clipped by one of the worms’ fireball attacks. To avoid absolutely any engagement with the monsters, the player should climb to the tip of the spires and never glide more than a third of the way down the spires before landing and crawling up to the top.

Rouge will find the purple Chaos Emerald is sitting on the beach. The heroes now have five of the seven Chaos Emeralds. It’s up to Amy Rose and Shadow to complete the collection and revive Sonic.


Sonic, I'm going to save you.

Amy, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

As soon Amy starts ascending in White Acropolis, the eyes of Solaris appear, siphoning off energy from the monsters that Iblis has issued forth to stop the heroes.

After running across the first clearing, the player needs to scale the ledges. Watch out for the wriggling fire worms that lash out. As the player cross the clearings, they must watch out for the sweeping spotlights. If they are picked up in the beam, an alarm calls more monsters to the area. Between each clearing, the player should always ascend to the top ledge and use the orb statue to eliminate the piercing eyes.

After the player passes through three clearings, they will square off against two fire monsters. After they destroy the two monsters, a giant steel door will slide open, revealing the inside of Dr. Eggman’s base. The player must run through the interior corridor, passing the fire worms and eyes that try to get in their way, avoiding entering combat. The Chaos Emerald can be found at the end of the hall, so the player should rush up and collect the sixth Chaos Emerald to end Amy’s mission in White Acropolis. Now, it’s up to Shadow the Hedgehog to retrieve the Chaos Emerald in Kingdom Valley and return with it to revive Sonic.


The time-space rift is expanding... There's no more time, I need to hurry.

Shadow, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

When the mission begins in Kingdom Valley, the player must start ascending by jumping onto the tightrope in front of them and leaping high into the air. At the apex of the bounce, the player should slam into the phoenix with a Homing Attack and drop down to the ledge on the other side of the water before the bridge above them collapses. If the player is caught under the bridge, they will be dropped into the water. They must use the Springs on the side of the wall to bounce up the ledges until they see a brute raising a lava ball high over its head.

After the monster has been destroyed, an eagle drops out of the sky to pick Shadow up. The eagle drops The player off in front of a narrow bridge, but as soon as they touch down, three fire worms explode out of the ground. The player should skate between the monsters and zoom across the bridge to continue their quest for the Chaos Emerald. On the other side of the bridge, the player should use two tightropes to bounce across the water. The second tightrope vaults the player over to the outer perimeter and drops them right in front of a Golem. It is impervious to Chaos Spears, so the player should zap the Phoenixes to keep them from attacking and defeat the large monster so that the eagle feels safe landing by the orb statue on the next ledge. The player should touch the orb statue to get rid of all eyes in the valley. When the eyes are gone, the player must jump to the eagle and fly back across the water to the valley’s other side.

The eagle drops the player over a small platform covered with worms and Spiked Balls. They should use a Homing Attack to launch Shadow through the Rainbow Ring. The Ring rockets the player back across the water to the wall, causing them fall right in front of a green sphere. They should attack the sphere to unleash a jet stream which the player can ride on up to the Chaos Emerald. As they fly with the wind, the player must look out for Phoenixes that try to knock them down with their fireball attacks. The birds can also buzz the wind, so if they get too close to Shadow, the player should jump up and use a Homing Attack to drop them, then jump back to the jet stream. The jet stream deposits the player right in front of a Spring, which the player must jump on to reach a ledge with more monsters. They should circumvent the beasts and hit the green sphere to create another wind rail the player can ride even farther up the valley. The rushing wind drops the player on an extremely high ledge right in front of the Chaos Emerald. However, if they look over to the left, they can see a ledge with two Ring Capsules and a 1-Up. The player can jump over and use a Homing Attack to slam into the Capsules, then return to the Chaos Emerald. Once Shadow collects the final Chaos Emerald, he rejoins the heroes in the center of the nexus created by the warping time-space continuum.

Silver Medal Locations


  • After touching the Orb statue, the player must fly out and grab the Silver Medal hanging in the air.


  • After eliminating all of the Iblis Minions on the giant dais, the medal is in the back of the rock pillar on the right-hand side of the battle area. Before collecting this, it is better to activate the Orb Statue.


  • The player must climb to the highest point in the map and soar to the orb statue on the central pillar. Once all of the Eyes of Solaris have closed, the player should fly out to the square ledge near the wooden ruins to the right of the Chaos Emerald, then punch through the stone tablet to get the medal.


  • After raising up the second platform from the sand, the first medal can be found on the high ruin to the player's right.
  • The second medal is over a gap in the spiraling walkway. The player must touch a nearby orb to banish the eyes, then Levitate over the gap to pick up the medal.


  • Floating between two rock pillars in front of the Chaos Emerald.


  • The first medal in White Acropolis is on a ledge to the right of Amy's starting position. The player should Double Jump to grab the medal.
  • In the second Searchlight area, the second medal is under a patch of ice on the ground.


  • At the beginning of Kingdom Valley, the player should go to the normal path (not the one from the collapsing bridge). When the player gets to the second Eagle, instead of taking it, they should look ahead and they will see three platforms. The Silver Medal is on the highest one.
  • This time, the player should take the second Eagle ride in order to jump up from a Rainbow Ring. When they reach the second Air Rail, they should not jump on it. Instead, they should jump at the Wind switch on the Eagle Statue once more. The Air Rail will change and lead to the final Silver Medal.


  • Each segment in End of the World has a different theme, depending on what character plays through each segment.
  • Radical Train and Aquatic Base are the only levels that do not have segments in this stage.
    • Likewise, Blaze and Sonic are the only characters to not play in this level, due to the former being sealed into another dimension and the latter being killed by Mephiles.
  • Both the red time rifts that are part of Iblis, and the purple ones that are part of Mephiles turn blue when time starts falling apart, resembling Solaris.
  • This level is very similar to Cannon's Core, the final level of Sonic Adventure 2, as both are played with nearly all characters successively. Also, Tails is the first character to be used, and Sonic and Shadow are the last character to use or are not used in each level, although Shadow fight the Boss Biolizard is just after Cannon's Core. They also have a mechanic revolving around the use of switches.
  • In Amy's section of White Acropolis, the player can get caught by the search lights despite being invisible.
  • The white Chaos Emerald appears at the end of not one, but three segments. Multiplayer versions of the stage, however, have the Chaos Emeralds placed properly.


Act No. Stage Character Emerald Color Screenshot Mission Description
1. Crisis City Tails Yellow EndoftheWorld1.png Collect the Chaos Emeralds and save Sonic!
2. Flame Core Omega Green EndoftheWorld2.png
3. Tropical Jungle Knuckles Cyan EndoftheWorld3.png
4. Dusty Desert Silver Gray EndoftheWorld4.png
5. Wave Ocean Rouge Purple EndoftheWorld5.png
6. White Acropolis Amy Blue EndoftheWorld6.png
7. Kingdom Valley Shadow Red EndoftheWorld7.png


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
End of the World Tomoya Ohtani 5:20




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