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The Enchantress is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs. She was a Mobian rabbit and the partner of Black Death, an evil sorcerer residing on Angel Island until she met her end at the hands of Sir Connery.


During Knuckles the Echidna's search for the Sword of Acorns, he ventured into the Land of the Dark, where the Enchantress and Black Death attacked him. While Black Death distracted Knuckles, the Enchantress used her magic to take control of him and held him imprisoned as their submissive servant. Days later, the Enchantress and Black Death came under attack by Sir Connery, the Paladin of the Ancient Walkers, who broke into their lair. As Connery used the Sword of Light, the Enchantress was distracted and lost control over Knuckles, which allowed Knuckles to defeat Black Death while she herself was attacked by Connery. After the mages were tied by Knuckles Connery, the Enchantress and Black Death met their demise when Connery struck them down with the Sword of Light. Connery then departed, carrying the Enchantress and Black Death - or at least their bodies - with him.[1]


An evil magician, the Enchantress treated her enslaved victims as her submissive pets and absolute slaves without remorse.[1]

Powers and Abilities

A witch by title, the Enchantress was able to perform black magic. However, she was far weaker than Black Death in terms of magical ability, and Knuckles theorized that a good uppercut would be enough to take her down, suggesting she possessed low durability. Regardless, she could still perform powerful magic of her own; one the spells she was able to perform was to take control over people's will by simply gazing upon them, allowing her total control over their motor functions, though their thoughts would remain their own. Additionally, she was also able to teleport.[1]


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