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The Enchanter Kings from Sonic the Comic #18. Art by Dave Windett and John Burns.

The Enchanter Kings are a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a group of anthropomorphic foxes and the rulers of the Nameless Zone. As the name suggests, they are powerful enchanters. Among their notable achievements they have opened the portals between the Nameless Zone and Mobius (allowing Tails to travel between the worlds), they created Tails' Enchanted Battle Armour, and they cast a spell to ensure that the evil Trogg could not invade the Nameless Zone unless he first defeated a champion of their choosing on the Dimension Bridge.


Before Tails left the Zone, there were three Enchanter Kings. The eldest and most powerful was Shirob, but Shirob accidentally made contact with the Evil One and was transformed into Trogg.[1] Believing that Trogg had killed Shirob, the other Enchanter Kings exiled him over the Dimension Bridge into the Land Beyond.[2]

The remaining two kings ruled the Nameless Zone together for many years, until Trogg sought to return and lead his armies back into the Zone. However, the Enchanter Kings' magics prevented him from doing so unless he defeated a champion of their choosing on the Dimension Bridge. Believing that their former subject, Miles "Tails" Prower had become a true hero on Mobius, they selected him and granted him a magical suit of armour. When Tails claimed that there had been a misunderstanding, the Enchanter Kings assumed that he was being modest and insisted that he battle Trogg anyway.[3] Fortunately, Tails was able to win on this occasion, largely by chance, thus cementing his reputation as the Nameless Zone's champion.[4]

Trogg sought revenge on Tails for his defeat. Taking Shirob's form, he sent a message to the Enchanter Kings claiming to be Trogg's prisoner. The Enchanter Kings once again summoned Tails to the zone, and sent both Tails and Errol Blackthorn, their bravest warrior, to rescue Shirob from the Land Beyond. When the pair returned, having learned the truth, Errol explained Shirob and Trogg were one and the same.[1][2]

Some time later, Trogg kidnapped the Enchanter Kings and took them to the Land Beyond,[5] intending to transform them into monsters like him.[6] Errol Blackthorn was sent to rescue them, only to be captured and transformed himself.[5] However, while Blackthorn's transformation was within Trogg's own power, he required the aid of the Dark One to perform the transformation.[7] Eventually, Tails himself, accompanied by Knuckles the Echidna, set off across the Dimension Bridge to rescue the Enchanter Kings.[8]

Trogg summoned the Dark One by means of the Dark Orb[7] and successfully had the demon transform the Enchanter Kings into monsters. However, as part of a rescue attempt by Tails, Knuckles the Echidna and Morain, Tails threw the Dark Orb over the side of the Dimension Bridge into the "non-existent space" below, destroying the Dark One and restoring the Enchanter Kings to their original forms.[9] The Dark One's destruction even turned Trogg back into Shirob, and free of his evil curse he rejoined the ranks of the Enchanter Kings.[10]

Some time later, the Nameless Zone was invaded by hordes from the Goblin Nation, who built a castle in the middle of the Nameless Zone. The Enchanter Kings were apparently captured,[11] but had in fact been treated almost as guests by the Goblin King, Roubal, who offered them a deal: the goblins would no longer attack the Nameless Zone, as long as the Enchanter Kings perform a ceremony every year in which they promised to obey the Goblin Empire. Realising that refusal would cause a great and bloody war, which the foxes would certainly lose, the Enchanter Kings agreed. When Tails and Morain broke into the Goblin Castle to rescue the Kings, they were nearly overwhelmed by goblin warriors until the Enchanter Kings demanded that Roubal allow the heroes to leave safely, which he did.[12]


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