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Tails in the Enchanted Battle Armour, from Sonic the Comic #28. Art by Casanovas and John M. Burns.

The Enchanted Battle Armour is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a special suit of armour created for Miles Prower by the Enchanter Kings of the Nameless Zone. It is enchanted to weigh no more than a feather when it is worn,[1] which allows Tails to fly while using it.[2]


The Enchanted Battle Armour from Sonic the Comic #16. Art by Dave Windett.

The Enchanted Battle Armour is magically tied to the Nameless Zone, and remains behind when Tails returns through the portal to Mobius.[2] When Tails is summoned by the Enchanter Kings, the Armour magically forms itself around his body when he arrives in the Nameless Zone,[3] but when he is summoned by anyone else (including Shaman Warpull or Morain), this does not happen.[4][5]

Tails first wore the armour in his first battle against Trogg on the Dimension Bridge,[2] and subsequently wore it on every one of his adventures in the Nameless Zone (except for his attempted rescue of the Enchanter Kings from King Roubal[5]).


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