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You may be looking for the Action Stage on this continent, Skyscraper Scamper.

A melting pot of diverse folk and ideas. All who come here dream of making it big.

— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

Empire City (エンパイアシティ Enpaiashiti?) is a Town Stage that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. It is an urban metropolis and a melting pot of diverse folk and ideas, where those who dream of making it big gather. Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip visited Empire City during their quest to restore the planet following Dark Gaia's awakening.


Empire City is a high-rise metropolis based off the hustling and bustling American city of New York City. It also retaining features from other famous cities in the U.S. such as the fountain that bears a resemblance to the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. Endless highways, massive skyscrapers, and urban surroundings characterize Empire City, with bridges similar to the George Washington Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and the Verrazano Bridge, as well as tunnels similar to the Lincoln Tunnel. The main stage of the city is very reminiscent of Central Park.


Sonic Unleashed

During the beginning of Sonic Unleashed, Empire City's continent was torn away from the earth's mantle when Dr. Eggman awoke Dark Gaia, resulting in the planet shattering into pieces.

During this crisis, Empire City was threatened to be overrun by Dark Gaia's Minions. Amidst this chaos, however, Sonic the Werehog arrived in Empire City with Chip and cleared out Dark Gaia's Minions in Skyscraper Scamper which forced the monsters to retreat. A while later, Eggman decided to have his robot army invade Empire City. Fortunately, once hearing reports about the attack, Sonic and Chip returned to Empire City and drove off the invading forces, saving Empire City once more.

Some time later, Empire City and its continent were returned to their proper place when Sonic and Chip used the Gaia Temple in Shamar and the Chaos Emeralds to restore their fragment of the planet.

Points of interest

In other media

Archie Comics

Empire City is mentioned in the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and spin-offs. In this media, it is a Human/Overlander settlement in Eurish and a city-state of the United Federation.

Following the events of Worlds Collide, the city became virtually indistinguishable from its game counterpart. It hosts Casino Park, and is inhabited by Breezie the Hedgehog, the S6 Squad, and Honey the Cat.


  • Empire City appears to be based on different cities in the U.S like Chicago, Seattle and New York City, especially considering the fact that New York City is nicknamed "The Empire City" after New York State's nickname of "The Empire State." Also, the flag looks much like the United States' flag, except the current U.S. flag has fifty stars while the one for Empire City has only twelve, the U.S. flag has thirteen stripes while the Empire City flag has seventeen and the blue area covers an entire side of the Empire City flag while the U.S. flag only has a corner covered by blue.
  • Sonic never has to visit this city if he collects enough Sun Medals to enter Adabat.
  • This is the only location in Sonic Unleashed to not appear in the Wii/PlayStation 2 version.
  • Empire City is one of the two locations in Sonic Unleashed, which does not have a Gaia Temple, the other being Apotos.
  • If the player looks at the news stand in Empire City closely enough, they can see a picture of the cover of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) on a newsletter. This picture is also visible when looking over the shoulder of someone reading the newspaper in the background.
  • In the internal data of the game, it was found that the original name of Empire City was "NYCity", a nod to New York City.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Empire City - Day" Fumie Kumatani 2:39
"Empire City - Night" Fumie Kumatani 2:56


  1. Sonic Team (19 December 2008). Sonic Unleashed. PlayStation 3. Sega. Area/Level: World Map.

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