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Emperor Ko-Dorr from Sonic the Comic #109. Art by Richard Elson.

Emperor Ko-Dorr, also spelled Ko-Door, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is the leader of the House of War. As the leader of the House of War, he is one of three rulers of the Drakon Empire, along with Sister Haggra (leader of the House of Magic) and Master Scholar (leader of the House of Knowledge). Ko-Dorr was very ambitious, and hoped to rule all three Houses himself.[1]

Emperor Ko-Dorr first appeared in Sonic the Comic #109. He was created, along with the rest of the Drakon Empire, by Nigel Kitching and Richard Elson.


When Dr. Robotnik was captured by a Drakon Prosecutor,[2] Robotnik informed Ko-Dorr about the Chaos Emeralds on Mobius. Ko-Dorr saw the Emeralds as a way to finally overcome his fellow rulers, Sister Haggra and Master Scholar, and thus rule the Empire himself.[1] He made a deal with Robotnik, offering to help Robotnik defeat Sonic and re-conquer Mobius,[3] if in exchange Robotnik helped Ko-Dorr to acquire the Emeralds.[1]

Robotnik informed Ko-Dorr about an incident some years earlier, in which Sonic had witnessed the self-destruction of an ancient Drakon Sentinel in the Aquatic Ruin Zone.[4] Robotnik travelled to Mobius via a Mobius Ring with two Badniks and his new Metallix, based on Knuckles. They captured Sonic and brought him back to the Drakon home world,[5] where Sonic was questioned by Ko-Dorr. Ko-Dorr decreed that Sonic should be imprisoned and face trial by combat the following morning.[4] In the Arena of Judgement, Ko-Dorr accused Sonic of crimes against the Drakon Empire and asked for his plea. Taking Sonic's response ("Oh, get on with it!") as a 'not guilty', he summoned the trial's Prosecutor: the Knuckles Metallix.[3] When Tails helped Sonic to escape the arena and crushed the Knuckles Metallix under a door, Ko-Dorr said that the law was clear: Sonic won his trial by combat and was thus innocent of all charges. Robotnik demanded a re-trial because Sonic has been helped, but Ko-Dorr silenced him and sent a Prosecutor to escort Sonic and Tails back to Mobius. Before he left, Sonic said that as long as Ko-Dorr supported Robotnik, Sonic would be his enemy.[6]

Some time later, Ko-Dorr was summoned by Sister Haggra to the House of Magic. Haggra had used the Vapours of Destiny to reveal one who knew the "ancient mystery", i.e. the secret of the Chaos Emeralds, and they had shown her Sonic. However, Haggra did not recognise Sonic, so reluctantly asked Emperor Ko-Dorr and Master Scholar if they knew who it was. Ko-Dorr pretended that he did not know Sonic, and this was apparently accepted, but the meeting spurred Ko-Dorr into new action. He travelled to Mobius via a Mobius Ring and demanded that Robotnik tell him where the Chaos Emeralds were immediately.[1] Robotnik, who wanted the Emeralds for himself, tricked Ko-Dorr into sending Sentinels and a Prosecutor to extract the information from Sonic,[7] and Ko-Dorr was shocked when Sonic managed to defeat even the Master Sentinel sent against him. Before he could attack Sonic again, however, Grimer revealed that Robotnik had been lying and offered to lead Ko-Dorr to the Emeralds.[8] Ko-Dorr accepted. Grimer told Ko-Dorr that the Emeralds were on the Floating Island and described the Island's defences,[9] before personally leading an invasion force of Drakons to the Island. Grimer's forces successfully infiltrated the Emerald Chamber,[10] and Grimer reported his success to Ko-Dorr before extracting the Emeralds.[11] However, once Grimer had the Emeralds in his hands, he betrayed the Drakons and teleported the remaining Prosecutors and Sentinels away with a modified Drakon Sword, revealing that his alliance with the Drakons had all been a part of Robotnik's plan to obtain the Emeralds himself.[12] Ko-Dorr's fate after this setback is unknown.


In Ko-Dorr's first appearance, in the story "The Evil Empire" between Sonic the Comic #108 and #111, he was referred to only as "the Emperor". In his next appearance, Sonic the Comic #116, "Best of Enemies, Part 1", Ko-Dorr's name was spelled "Ko-Door", but in all subsequent appearances (beginning in Sonic the Comic #117, "Best of Enemies, Part 2") it was spelled "Ko-Dorr".


  • Emperor Ko-Dorr has a long, pointed chin that resembles the style of false beards worn by Ancient Egyptian pharaohs.


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