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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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Emerl (エメル Emeru?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He was a robot created many years ago to cause destruction, but met his end at the hands of Cream the Rabbit and Cheese after he ran amok in the present day.


Emerl was a humanoid, mostly mustard-yellow, robot. He possessed five-fingered olive-brown hands and feet in the shape of shoes with orange soles. His upper arms, abdomen and thighs were olive-brown, and he had spherical orange joints as shoulders and pelvis-legs joints. He also had relatively thick armor around his forearms and lower legs, (each one possessing orange cuffs), thick kneecaps, and some kind of jetpack on his back. On his chest, he had three beige circles. Lastly, he possessed a spherical head with a beige mouth plate, blue eyes, orange caps for ears, and a curved orange horn on his forehead.

When running amok, Emerl's eyes glow red.




Emerl's origin is unknown. According to Dr. Eggman, Emerl is an ancient combat robot that was designed to copy the skills of its opponents.[3]

Emerl Saga


Emerl being discovered by Bokkun.

In the present day, Emerl was uncovered by Bokkun in the ruins of Dr. Eggman's fortress. Responding to Bokkun's shouting, Emerl activated itself and summited himself to serving Bokkun upon the latter's order. Together, the two headed out to divert Sonic's attention while the Bomb Tank broke Dr. Eggman out of prison. For this mission, Emerl was incorporated into a tank-like robot that Bokkun used to take on Sonic. After Sonic destroyed the tank however, Emerl managed to escape unnoticed. Soon after, Emerl was found in some bushes by Cream the Rabbit and Cheese.[4]

Brought into the Thorndyke Mansion, Cream and Emerl quickly befriended one another. While there, Chuck and Tails tried to analyze Emerl's data in hopes of uncovering his origins, only to discover that Emerl's program data had somehow been erased. Soon after, Emerl bore witness to the internal disputes in the Thorndyke family after Nelson and Lindsey abandoned their important work to see to their slightly ill son, Chris. When Emerl later joined the mansion's residents in the kitchen, Emerl would copy Sonic's Spin Attack when the hedgehog saved them from a handmixer-turned-evil robot. When the Gatyameca then attacked Chris, Emerl used his newly-acquired Spin Attack to destroy Gatyameca. Though Emerl joined forces with Sonic when Gatyameca recovered and more evil home appliances appeared, they were saved when the mansion's sprinklers went on, short-circuiting all the evil appliances. Afterward, Emerl remained behind in the Thordyke Mansion while the others took care of the other rampaging appliances around the city.[5]


Emerl leaping into action.

Emerl later followed Chris, Helen, Danny, Frances on their way home from school, during which they picked up Cream and Cheese. The group soon after ended up accompanying Mr. Stewart on his hunt for Dr. Eggman. Their hunt took them into the sewers where they wound up getting caught in one of Eggman's traps. Eggman subsequently imprisoned Emerl and his friends in his underground base. Although the group broke out of their cell, they proved unable to get past Eggman's second security gate. As such, they used Bokkun to sent them help by bribing him with cake. In the meantime, Emerl and co. got attacked by Eggman and his Egg Spider. When Sonic, Topaz and Rouge the Bat came to the group's rescue though, Emerl copied Rouge's Screw Kick. Emerl subsequently used his new move to destroy Eggman's security gate and then the Egg Spider. After escaping from the sewers, the group returned to the Thorndyke Mansion, where they saw Ella feed Bokkun cake.[6]

Some time after, Emerl was playing with Cream and her mother, during which the former bestowed Emerl with a flower wreath to signify their friendship. Not long after, Emerl enrolled in the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up fighting tournament. Advancing to the second round, Emerl was to face Ella. However, because Cream told Emerl not to hurt Ella, the fighting robot got stuck in a standstill. To help Emerl recover, Ella forfeited the match, allowing Emerl to advance to the quarterfinals.[7] In the next round, Emerl went up against Mr. Tanaka. When the fight began, Emerl copied Tanaka's fighting style, allowing him to counter Tanaka's attack, steal his weapon and prepare a counterattack. However, Tanaka surrendered before Emerl could land a blow. In the next round, Emerl was to fight E-77 Lucky. Lucky tried to provoke Emerl to fight by dancing, but he eventually tried himself out and got eliminated. Having made it to the finals, Emerl stood to fight Knuckles. Using his acquired skills, Emerl easily defeated Knuckles, who nonetheless thanked Emerl for a good fight after the match.[8]

Emerl going berserk

Emerl goes berserk.

Declared the winner of the tournament, Emerl received the main prize - a Chaos Emerald. However, a reaction occurred between Emerl's system and the Chaos Emerald's power. This caused Emerl to go haywire. Attacking friends and innocents alike, Emerl destroyed a large part of Station Square. Even Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge together with the aid of Amy and Tails were unable to stop him. Eventually, Cream tried talking sense into Emerl, and for a moment it worked. However, Emerl quickly went haywire again and tried to attack Cream, only for Sonic to block Emerl's attack with his body. Shocked and enraged, Cream and Cheese joined forces against Emerl, and began using collaboration attacks against him. Being unable to copy skills that involved two users at once, Emerl was beaten back badly until Cream and Cheese knocked him into the ocean. The last thing he copied was Cream crying, which restored his memory of his friendship with her. From this, Emerl learned how to cry. Thinking of his and Cream's friendship, he shed some tears before exploding.[8]

Archie Comics

In the Sonic X comic, it chronicles the events leading to Dr. Eggmans' discovery of Emerl. At some point during Gerald Robotnik's life, Emerl was created by Gerald Robotnik and he documented about it in one of his journals.[1] After Gerald passed away, Emerl was sealed in an unknown location for over fifty years.

After fifty years have passed, Emerl was found within the catacombs of France, Rouge and Topaz were unaware that they were being followed by the Gizoid, let alone knew of its existence as it secretly followed them back to Washington D.C. and later on over to France again. At Chris' birthday party when Eggman attacked with the intent purpose of stealing a prototype space shuttle design, Emerl managed to develop a Link with Sonic and copied his spindash technique to easily destroy the robot without anyone taking notice of his presence. After spotting Eggman, Emerl mistook Eggman for his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, and considers him to be his master. After collapsing from a drain in energy when he first met Dr. Eggman, the Gizoid was disassembled by him for study and was most likely put back together again by him.[9]


Entirely mute, Emerl never spoke, nor did he display many gesture that would indicate his feelings. Overall impartial, Emerl would serve anyone who assumed dominance over him. Despite this, he did show a devotion to his friends and allies' welfare.[5][6] He was also show to care a lot about Cream, whom he would willingly play with.[7] After copying Cream in her moment of grief however, Emerl learned how to shed genuine tears of sadness.[8]

After receiving a Chaos Emerald, Emerl went totally haywire. In this state, Emerl cared only about causing destruction, and would ruthlessly attack both innocents and close friends that got in his way.[8]

Powers and abilities

As a combat robot, Emerl was built for battle. At his most powerful, he could cause widespread destruction across Station Square in a matter of hours and overpower the combined forces of Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge, Amy and Tails.[8]

Emerl possessed the special ability to analyze and copy others' skills and techniques and use them for himself, such as the Screw Kick and Spin Attack.[5][6] The skills and attacks that Emerl copies were equal in strength to the original's, allowing him to perfectly counter any attack thrown at him.[8] He could also manipulate parts of his body to simulate different attacks, and has enough stamina and power to overpower others' people's combat techniques with the same techniques,[8] making him nearly unstoppable.


Emerl's only and greatest weakness is that he cannot copy the skills of those using collaboration attacks with more than one individual.[8]





  • In the anime series, Emerl was called "Emel" because of a mistranslated R.
  • At the end of the episode of Sonic X after Cream and Cheese defeat Emerl when he was underwater he was crying in tears, but in the Japanese version he was crying in oil.
  • In contrast to his game counterpart, who was capable of speech, this continuity of Emerl is silent. Thus, he communicates by chirps, beeps, buzzes and body language.

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