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This is "Emerald Town"... The place where Sonic and his friends live.

— Narrator, Sonic Battle

Emerald Town (エメラルドタウン Emerarudo Taun?) is a World Map that appears in Sonic Battle. It is a small town where Sonic and his friends live with access to the ocean. The area is located west of Central City and south of Holy Summit.


Emerald Town is a rural and pleasant-looking residential area with lots of small houses and buildings in various colors and relatively regular designs, with the exception of Tails' Lab, which is designed in the image of Tails' head. The area resembles Green Hill, with that location's distinct palm trees and sun flowers, as well as brown soil and aquamarine grass in checker pattern. At the south of the town is a beach.

Like other World Maps in Sonic Battle, Emerald Town has several points of interest:

  • Tails' House: A small house shaped like Tails' head where the fox lives, located near the center of the map.
  • Tails' Lab: A gray building and Tails' personal laboratory, found not too far away from his house. It occupies an entire yard, with various palm trees and hedges at the sides and a fountain in the back. In Emerl's story, it is here where the player can start Virtual Training.
  • Emerald Beach, A part of the beach near the town, at the south of it. In Emerl's story, it is here where the player can fight Sonic.
  • Beach: At the south-east corner of the map. It is here where the player fights Tails in Emerl's story. It can also be used as a training battle area to improve Emerl's skills.
  • Building: A three-story, black and yellow building, which Rouge robs with Emerl near the end of her story.


Sonic Battle[]

Sonic Battle begins in Emerald Town when Dr. Eggman throws Emerl in the beach after he created a duplicate of it that will obey his orders. Sonic finds the Gizoid and takes it to Tails' House to repair it. He is intruded by Shadow who has eyes for the Gizoid. Shadow fights Sonic only to be defeated by him. Shadow notified Sonic to insure he keeps the Gizoid safe from Dr. Eggman and runs off. Tails informs Sonic that there is a robot that looks just like it robbing a jewelry store. Sonic fights the robot, and it retreats. Sonic soon names the Gizoid Emerl and he and his friends train it by attacking it and showing it moves throughout the game.

Due to the indirect nature of stages in Sonic Battle, other characters return to Emerald Town in their own episodes, typically to visit Sonic (who can usually be found training at Emerald Beach), or Tails' Lab for the reassembly of Chaos Emeralds from their shards. Rouge also comes to the district, like the E-121 Phi robots, to rob a jewelry store with Emerl's help.


Battle Highway[]

Main article: Battle Highway

Battle Highway is an apparently dangerous and square-shaped highway-like area with containers and walls that divide the arena into five sections: an area for each corner and a open space in the middle.

While most of the Battle Highway fights occur on the Central City World Map, a few confrontations in Sonic's Episode take place in the street outside of Tails' House. This includes the game's first battle featuring Sonic versus Shadow.


Main article: Colosseum

Colosseum is a black square-shaped arena with a pulsating green grid pattern and contains four red wire-frame platforms. The whole arena is a virtual reality training environment only available in Virtual Training at Tails' Lab. It is only through achieving enough victories in Virtual Training that Emerl can unlock his Ultimate-level techniques.

Emerald Beach[]

Main article: Emerald Beach

Emerald Beach is a square-shaped arena situated on the beach and Sonic's preferred training area; a sandy beach dominates most of the arena while water and grass appear on the opposite ends of the arena. Five gray stone blocks also (almost) circle the arena's center. Emerald Beach is also where Sonic and Tails take Emerl for some of their knock-out practice fights. Sonic the Hedgehog remains here for training in Emerl's Episode.

Tails' Lab[]

Tails' Lab is a square-shaped arena with a high-tech look and a block on both sides of the arena. It serves as Tails' private training area. It is as well the first place in Sonic Battle where Sonic and Emerl by the E-121 Phis sent built by Dr. Eggman.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
N/A Tatsuyuki Maeda. Kenichi Tokoi, Hideaki Kobayashi 3:46

In other media[]

Books and comics[]

IDW Publishing[]


Emerald Town, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome #1.

The Last Minute[]

During the Zombot apocalypse, Tails, Tangle and Whisper came to Emerald Town to develop a cure for the Metal Virus in Tails' Lab. However, the Zombot outbreak Dr. Eggman created in Central City soon reached Emerald Town. To halt the Zombots and save civilians, Tangle and Whisper went to Central City to deal with the Zombots while Tails stayed hidden in his lab and worked on a cure while Zombots roamed the streets of Emerald Town. To speed his research along however, Tails made a risky move and retrieved a Metal Virus sample from the streets of Emerald Town.

Just as he had discovered a cure, Zombots attacked his lab, destroying all of his research. With his cure lost, Tails boarded his Cyclone, which he used to fight his way through the Zombots and escape Emerald Town.[1]

Zeti Hunt[]

To deal with the Deadly Six, Tails went to Emerald Town to prepare his Zeti Zappers and Zeti Launcher in his lab, inventions of which he presented to Jewel, Sonic and the Chaotix over video communication as they prepared for the Deadly Six's next appearance. As Restoration HQ came under attack by the Deadly Six however, Tails prepared to leave Emerald Town with his inventions and head to Restoration HQ in the Tornado.[2]

Imposter Syndrome and Trial by Fire[]

Amy eventually came to Emerald Town to pick some camping gear from Tails' Lab that she needed for a trip with her friends. After Sonic and Tails had helped her pack, Sonic contemplated about coming along on Amy's trip, but was reminded by Tails that he had already arranged a night of video games with him. As such, Sonic decided to stay in Emerald Town with Tails, playing video games with him well into the evening.[3]

Days later, Dr. Starline came to Emerald Town in an attempt to break into Tails' Lab and ensure that the fox cub did not have anything that he could use against Surge and Kit. However, he was unable to open the lab's reinforced door. Surge and Kit soon after met up with him in Emerald Town, but even Kit could not open the lab's door. With no possible way to enter the lab without causing a scene and with their time up, Starline subsequently withdrew from Emerald Town with Surge and Kit.[4]


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