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This group exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Emerald Hill Folk are a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They were based on the captive animals released from Badniks in early games of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, although not all such animals were Emerald Hill Folk.

Whether living in the sky, on the run or in their natural homes, the Emerald Hill Folk are a largely peace-loving people who are greatly thankful for Sonic's protection throughout the years.


When Doctor Robotnik transported Sonic the Hedgehog into the future, Robotnik was able to conquer planet Mobius. He enslaved the Emerald Hill Folk, using some as organic batteries for his robots and others as forced labour in the Chemical Plant Zone and other places, and built a garrison of Troopers in their village. When Sonic returned six months later, his first action was to destroy the Troopers in the village and free his friends. Sonic made it his mission to free the Emerald Hill Folk - and the whole of Mobius - from Robotnik's rule.[1]

However, Emerald Hill Folk had still been spread across Mobius, and Robotnik frequently retaliated to Sonic's interference in his plans by attacking the Emerald Hill Zone with his Badniks and Troopers. More threatening than that was the launch of Robotnik's Death Egg II satellite, which he pledged to use to destroy the Emerald Hill Folk and the Emerald Hill Zone once and for all. After destroying the Death Egg, Sonic realized the danger that the Emerald Hill Folk were placed under and, in return for returning the Master Emerald to Knuckles, Sonic arranged to have the Emerald Hill Folk taken away in secret to live in hiding in the Mushroom Hill Valley on the Floating Island.[2]

Their disappearance angered Robotnik, prompting him to unleash the likes of Mekanik[3] and Commander Brutus upon Mobius.[4] However, the Emerald Hill Folk remained safely hidden, protected by Knuckles. Even when Brutus discovered where they were by scanning Johnny Lightfoot's brainwaves they remained hidden as Brutus was forced to erase the knowledge from his mind.[5] Soon, the retired Porker Lewis joined the Emerald Hill Folk,[6] shortly after the devious Doctor Zachary had caused a scare by crashing the Floating Island into a mountain following his destruction of the Master Emerald.[7] However, Knuckles restored the Emerald and the Emerald Hill Folk continued to live out their lives in obscurity.[8]

However, Doctor Zachary revealed to Doctor Robotnik the location of the Emerald Hill Folk and, using hacked Guardian Robots, Robotnik and Zachary captured the Emerald Hill Folk during Knuckles' absence and planned to turn them all into a giant biological computer powered by their brains.[9] This fell through when the Omni-Viewer teleported the Black Asteroid from the Special Zone to Mobius moments before it was blown up by Super Sonic. The explosion caused an electromagnetic pulse that destroyed all of Robotnik's machinery, crashing the biological computer and setting the Emerald Hill Folk free. While Knuckles and Sonic battled Doctor Zachary, the Emerald Hill Folk managed to capture Robotnik.[10] The Emerald Hill Folk finally returned to their true home following Robotnik's defeat, though Porker chose to stay behind with Knuckles.[11]

Life was still no easy task following their return home as they faced the continued assault from Robotnik's Badniks, the wrath of the Drakon Empire,[12] and attacks by other forces such as Vile Peter[13] and D.R.A.T..[14] The worst of these came from the invaders from Earth, though they were eventually driven back by the Planet Mobius itself,[15] and the merging of the micro-world of Shanazar and Mobius, creating new Zones and dimensional tears. The lives of the Emerald Hill Folk, their home and all of Mobius was in real danger when Robotnik used the Plax's technology to absorb the life energy from the Planet. However, Sonic and Shortfuse managed to defeat him and return the energy back to Mobius, restoring Robotnik's damage, and peaceful days returned to the Emerald Hill Folk at last following Robotnik's defeat at the hands of the Freedom Fighters.

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