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Emerald Coast

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Emerald Coast (エメラルドコースト[1] Emerarudokōsuto?) is the first board that appears in Sonic Shuffle.


Emerald Coast in Sonic Shuffle.

Emerald Coast is a location within Maginaryworld born from the dreams of those who enjoy peacefulness and the sun, but Void's magic is causing the tropical paradise to experience a rather unseasonal ice age with its warm islands becoming cold glaciers. Sonic and friends have to gather the Precioustones to thaw the ice and restore the paradise to its former glory.

Players can enter the water, but doing so will place a five-turn timer on them. If they stay underwater for too long without going back to the surface or passing an air bubble space, they will drown, sending them back to the surface and wasting a turn. Sea turtles act as stepping stones across water, but they cannot be crossed when they are submerged. If a player lands on a dolphin space, a flying dolphin will take them for an impromptu ride to another space somewhere on the board. Towards the end of the game, the wooden ship in the lower portion of the board takes to the sky and flies away, eliminating a valuable shortcut.

When the player lands on the Quest space, they are given eight turns to return a beached dolphin to the sea. If they make it to the sea within the allotted turns, they will complete the quest and earn an Emblem at the end of the board.

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  • This is shown to be Knuckles' Dream World in the Opening.

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