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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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You're lucky I held myself back. I was just about to batter you like a chicken cutlet.

— Ella, "Fast Friends"

Ella (エラ Era?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is a human and the housemaid of the Thorndyke family. Her job involves cooking, cleaning and other housework-related activities around the Thorndyke Mansion. She is usually calm and kind, but when she gets angry, she becomes a force to be reckoned with.


Ella is a plump human woman with burnt sienna skin. She has short and curly brown hair and dark blue eyes. She possesses red lipstick. For attire, she wears a light blue dress with a celeste collar, button and trim on the sleeves, a white apron with pink frills, yellow slippers, and yellow earrings.

During days off, Ella wears a teal dress with puffy sleeves and four buttons attached to a gold belt with circles, gold ring earrings, a pearl necklace and bracelet, and dark blue heels.

For formal occasions, Ella wears a dark blue dress, a large pearl necklace, gold ring earrings and bracelets, and dark blue heels.




Ella has been in service to the Thorndyke family for many years. When Chris was just a small kid, Ella would bring him presents from his mother and father, who were too busy with their jobs to come see him in person, and try entertaining him.[3] She was also responsible for keeping the Thorndyke residence clean and tidy, and making sure Chris was taken care of, alongside Mister Tanaka.

New World Saga

Ella and Tails looking at each other.

Intruding on Chris and Chuck in the latter's room while doing some housecleaning of the Thorndyke Mansion, Ella almost discovered Tails in Chuck's room. However, Ella was convinced by Chris that Tails was just a stuffed animal he was holding onto. Just as she thought Tails looked at her though, Chris and Chuck ran off with him, much to her confusion.[4] A little while later, Ella learned while serving breakfast to Chris that Lindsey and Nelson were stopping by for a visit. The very same afternoon, she and Mr. Tanaka welcomed the Thorndykes back when they appeared. Beginning dinner, Ella remained certain that Chris was fine when he did not show up on time after school. Tanaka wanted to go look for Chris, but Ella told him to wait. When Chris finally did arrive, Ella was able to serve the whole Thorndyke family a good meal.[5]

The next day, Ella found the kitchen in a mess from Lindsey's home cooking. Upon hearing that Lindsey planned to have a dinner party though, Ella eagerly went to work cleaning up. While cooking for the party later on, Ella left the kitchen for a moment to help Lindsey look for some clothes. When she returned however, she was doused by the contents of a mixer that someone turned on at full speed. Chris helped Ella shake it off. Things soon after took a turn for the worse when she learned that Lindsey had to leave for a movie shoot. Ella tried to help Lindsey find Chris, but could not before Lindsey, whom Ella and Mr. Tanaka could only say goodbye to, left. Then, during the dinner party, Ella saw a stuffed animal talk and walk. Just as she wondered what was going on, Ella was suddenly invited to dance by Chuck. In the aftermath, Ella was wondering if she was losing it. It was then that Chris and Chuck explained that they had been secretly housing animal visitors from another world in the mansion. Agreeing to let the visitors live in the mansion, Ella formed a close relationship with Cream after hearing how the young girl had been separated from her mother.[6] She also formed a bond with Amy Rose, who soon gained better experience in cooking thanks to Ella.[7]

Ella and the gang witnessing the arrival of Bokkun.

Some time afterward, Ella and Amy were serving everyone cakes they had made when the TV reception was lost. As Ella worried that she would not be able to watch her shows now, Bokkun arrived with a message from Dr. Eggman, who revealed that his E-90 Super Sweeper was sucking up the satellites orbiting the planet, completely destroying satellite communications. Fortunately, Sonic and co. managed to stop E-90. Afterward, Ella served Sonic some food to heat him up following this adventure.[7] Ella would later accompany Chris and Mr. Tanaka to the opening of Hotel de Blanc on Emerald Coast. When Dr. Eggman attacked the resort though, Ella had to stop Mr. Tanaka from getting into a brawl with Eggman's robots. Fortunately, Sonic arrived and saved the day, with some help from Amy.[8] During one evening later on where Ella was teaching the residents of the mansion good table manners. Bokkun arrived with a message from Dr. Eggman, who challenged Sonic and the gang to a game of baseball over a Chaos Emerald. Once the message had been delivered, Bokkun began throwing baseballs at everyone for a while until Ella stepped in, grabbed Bokkun, and threw him out of the window.[9]

Later, Ella and Cream would watch a television broadcast from the President, who announced his attack on Eggman's headquarters with GUN. In order to get Sonic's help for the attack, Jerome Wise went to try and recruit him, only to meet Ella at the door, who feigned ignorance to Jerome's claims that Sonic was there. When he persisted, Ella pretended to get Sonic, but instead returned to splash Jerome with a bucket of water as a final insult and refusal to let him take Sonic away.[10]

Chaos Emerald Saga

When Jerome sent agents to retrieve Sonic from the Thorndyke Mansion so the hedgehog could attend a meeting with the President, the group met Ella at the front door, who still refused to reveal Sonic's whereabouts and feigned ignorance once more. When the agents persisted, she summoned Mister Tanaka, who dealt with the agents quickly with his martial arts, forcing them to leave empty-handed.[11]

Ella vs. the paparazzi.

Some time afterward, Ella went with Chris and Sonic's friends on a shopping trip to Station Square. While there however, Sonic's friends drew the attention of the locals, who were fascinated by the alien visitors. Ella tried to drive the crowds away, but to no avail. No sooner, Eggman would attack Station Square with his Egg Fort and his army of robots. Ella and her friends tried to escape in their limousine, but quickly got surrounded by E-42 Toroles. Fortunately, Sonic arrived in time to help them, which gave Ella and co. the time to escape. Sam Speed himself soon after showed up and gave Ella and her friends a ride. When they later got cornered by Eggman's E-33 Buballs, Mr. Stewart showed up and saved them. Resuming their escape, Ella and company were subsequently saved by Mr. Tanaka, who brought them the X Tornado. Ella stayed afterward with Cream while the others made the Egg Fort crash into the sea.[12] Ella soon after tried to teach Sonic and his friends how to behave at the table. However, they were interrupted by Chuck and Mr. Tanaka, who brought Sonic and his friends their official papers and documents.[13]

Ella later traveled with Chris, Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cream and Cheese, to the site of where Lindsey was filming her latest movie. There, Ella got cast as an extra character in the movie, allowing her to be a part of some of the scenes that Lindsey was in. During the following night, Ella saw Lindsey getting captured by King Boom Boo's minions, the Booms. Ella and Cream tried to save them, but they too ended up getting captured by the ghosts, who trapped them in a pocket dimension. Ella and the other captives were later found in the local catacombs by Amy and Chris, and the latter managed to free them using the Talisman. This allowed Ella and the others to escape the catacombs, which the heroes then sealed with the aid of the Talisman, and regroup with Lindsey's film crew. However, they were still spooked by what happened and whether they might encounter the ghosts again.[14]

An enraged Ella chasing Bokkun.

When Chris took Sonic and his friends on a trip to the glaciers on the Thorndyke Family yacht, Ella stayed at the mansion to tidy it up. There, she was visited by Bokkun. When Bokkun broke down crying over how there were nobody home though, Ella forewent her attempt to ridicule him and tried to comfort him. In return, Ella received a gift from Bokkun. However, this was a ruse, as Bokkun's gift turned out to be a bomb that blew up in her face. With that, Bokkun took off laughing. His little prank soon came back to bite him though when Ella, now enraged, chased Bokkun all the way back to the Egg Fort II in the X Tornado (which Chuck had taught her to fly[15]) and was able to send the Egg Fort II and a whimpering, frightened Bokkun flying into the horizon with a Cyclone Kick, saving Sonic and his friends from the Egg Fort II's onslaught.[16] Some time after, Ella and Tanaka attacked an intruder who arrived at the Thorndyke Mansion in the middle of the night. However, upon discovering that the intruder was Sam Speed, who had arrived to challenge Sonic to a race, Ella and Tanaka went back to sleep.[17]

Some time later, Ella was summoned to Filmdom City by Nelson as part of a plan by Nelson to present an anniversary gift to Lindsey with his family and friends in attendance. However, the plan fell apart when Nelson tripped and exposed the ring, which was actually a Chaos Emerald, causing it to react violently to the ones Sonic and Knuckles were carrying. Eggman soon after crashed the sound stage in the Egg Fort II to claim the Emerald, and once he had it, unleashed E-74 Weazo on the Thorndykes. Ella, Lindsey, and Chris found themselves facing down Weazo, paralyzed with fear, before Nelson and Mister Tanaka attempted to protect them. However, Sonic and Knuckles were able to take down Weazo, although Eggman still escaped with the Emerald. While Ella was disappointed about the loss of Nelson's gift to Lindsey, she was grateful her employers were alright, and joined in the celebration afterwards for Nelson and Lindsey's anniversary.[18] A while afterward, Ella helped Chuck and the others in catching Sonic, who was stuck running amok. She also provided food to the crew and first aid help to those that got injured during the crew's attempts to capture Sonic.[19]

Ella comforting Cream.

When Sonic and his friends left to find the last missing Chaos Emerald, Ella and Cream saw them off. Ella in particular told Cream her hopes about the group finding the last Emerald. Afterward, Ella began to vacuum. When Chris later returned home, Ella told the boy that Sonic and his friends were on another search for the last Chaos Emerald and that Chuck had gone shopping for new machine parts.[20]

Chaos Saga

Six months after the battle between Super Sonic and the E-99 Eggsterminator, Ella managed to move on with her life while Tails, Amy and Sonic moved out of the Thorndyke Mansion. During one morning in particular, Ella would serve Chuck breakfast, who praised her omelet.[21] Shortly after, Ella and Cream saw Sonic and his friends depart from the mansion to deal with Chaos, a chaos creature that Eggman had taken control of.[22] Ella in particular assured a worried Cream that Sonic and co. would deal with Chaos.[23] Shortly after, when Sonic and Tails left the Thorndyke Mansion to find Amy, who had been kidnapped by Eggman, Ella comforted Cream by assuring her that Amy was fine despite the circumstances.[24] Ella shortly after attended to the needs of Tails and Chuck after the latter brought Tails and Amy to the Thorndyke Mansion.[25] She soon after watched a television report covering an Eggman missile that had landed in Station Square and was set to explode. Luckily, Tails was able to stop it.[26]

Back in the Thorndyke Mansion some time later, Ella watched a news report with Tails and the others that detailed Tails' heroic efforts in stopping Eggman's missile. When Tails then needed to get unseen through a crow of grateful citizens outside the mansion, Ella and Tanaka helped the fox cub by disguising Tanaka like a baby that Ella was taking out for a walk, which distracted the crowd while Ella snuck Tails past them by keeping him hidden under her apron.[27]

Ella watching Sonic's victory over Chaos.

When Perfect Chaos unleashed its wrath on Station Square in the form of a devastating flood, Ella was forced to evacuate the Thorndyke Mansion with Chuck, Cream, and Cheese, while Tanaka remained behind to wait for Chris. Ella would afterward travel to the site of Perfect Chaos' rampage with her friends. There, she helped gather the Chaos Emeralds after Perfect Chaos relinquished them and bring them to Sonic. Using the Chaos Emeralds' positive energies, Sonic became Super Sonic and engaged Perfect Chaos. During the battle, Ella and her group nearly got blasted by Perfect Chaos, but were protected in the last moment by Super Sonic. Ella then saw Super Sonic defeat Perfect Chaos, neutralize it of its anger, and revert it to its base form. Afterward, a calmed Chaos departed with Tikal.[28]

Shadow Saga

Ella watching over Cream and Cheese on the way to the capital.

Due to the damage caused by Perfect Chaos to Station Square, Ella, Mr. Tanaka, Chuck, Cream and Chris were forced to move to the capital for the time being until the Thorndyke Mansion, its grounds, and the city were repaired from the flooding.[29] While there, however, Ella learned from the news that Sonic had been accused of various crimes, including theft of a Chaos Emerald. Ella and her friends however, refused to believe that Sonic could be a criminal. Later, during one evening, Ella saw Mr. Tanaka follow Chris and Chuck to Downhill Street, where Sonic was currently fighting a government robot. The next day, Ella saw Chris and Mr. Tanaka off when they decided to sail to Prison Island to free Sonic.[30]

After the crew returned with Sonic, but without Chris, Ella watched the television news that covered the destruction of Prison Island. With no casualties reported, Ella realized, much to her relief, that Chris had escaped Prison Island with his life. However, the group realized that he had been taken by Shadow. Some time afterward, Dr. Eggman demonstrated the power of the Eclipse Cannon he commanded by destroy half of the moon with it. In response, Sonic and co. headed into space to stop the doctor.[31]

Ella soon after watched a TV recording from Professor Gerald Robotnik, who long ago programmed the Space Colony ARK to collide with the Earth and destroy it once the seven Chaos Emeralds had been inserted into the Eclipse Cannon. Ella later bore witness to the final fight between the Final Lizard and both Super Sonic and Super Shadow as they fought to stop the Space Colony ARK's collision with the Earth. Eventually, the hedgehogs stopped the Final Lizard and sent the ARK back into orbit with Chaos Control.[32]

Egg Moon Saga

After moving back to the Thorndyke Mansion following the events with the ARK, Ella watched the news when word came out that Eggman, in a display to show that he was sorry for his grandfather's doomsday plot, mended the Moon, thus turning it into the Egg Moon. Later, Ella was with Cream and Cheese when she suspected that she was being watched from the outside, which was true as Cream and Cheese were being spied on by the Chaotix. When Chaotix leader Vector the Crocodile and his teammate Charmy Bee later entered the mansion, demanding Cream, Ella appeared. Thinking she was some sort of bodyguard monster, Vector threatened her with Charmy's stinger, leading to a scuffle that ended when Vector's client, Vanilla, arrived with Sonic, thus allowing Vanilla to reunite with Cream.[1]

Ella and her friends celebrating the New Year.

Later, Ella joined everyone in celebrating the New Year's first sunrise, only for it to be ruined when the Sun was eclipsed by the Egg Moon. It was later revealed that the Egg Moon had seemingly malfunctioned, and that Dr. Eggman was compensating for this malfunction by selling the people Sunshine Balls, which were spheres providing artificial sunlight. Ella in particular liked the idea of getting some sunlight back and ordered some to dry the laundry. However, Ella was later shocked to learn that Sonic had begun destroying the Mirror Towers that provided power to the Sunshine Balls. Deprived of light, the residents of Station Square attacked the Thorndyke Mansion where Ella and the others were in their search for Sonic.[33] Faced with the angry mob outside the Thorndyke Mansion, Amy provided a way out, only for Ella and co. to be confronted by the mob, led by Jerome Wise. Luckily, Sam Speed and his Speed Team arrived and forced the mob to disperse and leave without further incident. Later, after it was discovered that Dr. Eggman was intentionally causing the eclipse, Ella joined Chuck, Vanilla, Cream, and Cheese in celebrating the return of the daylight after the Egg Moon's eclipse was ended. Meanwhile, Eggman and his lackeys were arrested.[34]

Emerl Saga

When Chris got a fever, Ella would inform Nelson and Lindsey about Chris' slight illness. When later serving the Thorndyke Mansion's residents, Mr. Tanaka arrived with Ella's vacuum cleaner, which Ella had sent to the repair shop after it broke down. Soon after, Ella saw Nelson and Lindsey arrive at the mansion because they were worried about Chris. When Chuck then got angry at his son for abandoning his important work over a slight illness, Ella would stand back while Chuck and Nelson quarreled. Eventually, Chuck and Nelson decided not to talk to each other. To lighten the mood though, Lindsey suggested that they should all bake a cake. However, when Lindsey could not open the fridge, Ella tried to help her. It was then that the mixer attacked them. Fortunately, Ella and Lindsey were guarded by Nelson while Sonic destroyed the mixer. Ella soon learned though that other electronical appliances all over Station Square were attacking the citizens. Although Ella and co. discovered that water could stop the rogue appliances by short-circuiting them with water, they soon discovered that the city's water had been cut off. Ella subsequently remained in the mansion with Cream and Vanilla while the other handled the situation. In the meantime, Eggman broke out of jail.[35] Some time afterward, the Thorndyke Mansion was visited by Bokkun, whom Ella offered cakes while she waited for Chris and his friends to come home. As time passed and no one arrived though, Ella began to get worried. It was first late in the evening that Chris and the others got home, thus allowing Ella put her worries to rest.[36]

Ella vs. Big at the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up.

Not long after, Ella and Mr. Tanaka would comfort Amy when she felt lonely and unloved. While later watching a commercial for the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up, whose main prize was a Chaos Emerald, Ella heard from Chris that Nelson had signed her and their friends up for the tournament.[37] On the day of the tournament, Ella faced off against Big. While Ella chased Big around with a frying pan however, Froggy hopped out of Big's fur and jumped on Ella, causing her to faint out of shock and fear. However, Big was disqualified for going out of the ring while running from Ella, allowing her to advance.[38] Soon after, Ella faced Emerl. When the time came to fight however, Emerl got stuck in a standstill when Cream told her to not hurt Ella while fighting her. Eventually, Ella decided to throw the match, remarking that she had to make dinner anyway.[37]

Homebound Saga

After the Emerl incident, Ella and the rest of the Thorndyke Mansion's residence got a visit from Dr. Cadberry and Knuckles, who revealed that Eggman had stolen a map of the ancient Earth from them that revealed the location of Murasia, an ancient continent which supposedly was where the hotspot of the world was located. Sonic and his fellow heroes thus decided to journey to Murasia, with Ella coming along with them. However, before they could reach the island holding the entrance to Murasia, Eggman attacked them with the Egg Battleship. As revealed to Ella and the other before the attack, Eggman planned to blow up the hotspot in Murazja and make all the volcanoes in the world erupt so he could built the Eggman Empire on top of the world's ruins. During the fight with Eggman, Ella and Cadberry stopped Tanaka from jumping into the ocean in order to save Chris and Sonic who had fallen overboard. Fortunately, the heroes received help when the GUN Fort V3 arrived. Together, the heroes managed to sink the Egg Battleship, but Eggman and his robots managed to flee to Murasia.[39] Arriving on the island holding the entrance to Murasia, Ella helped Chuck and Cadberry communicate with Sonic and his friends who went underground to stop Eggman. After Eggman's plans were thwarted, the heroes returned home.[40]

Ella saying goodbye to Amy.

Back home, Nelson and Lindsey took some time off and organized a family barbecue. Although the pair's culinary skills were less than subpar, Ella nevertheless praised them for their efforts. During the following evening, it was revealed that Sonic and his friends had to return to their world, or time would stop forever. Chris did not want to believe this however, and fled. When Tanaka could not find Chris, Ella would wait for his return. When Chris finally came back, Ella decided to cook him something warm.[41] Eventually, the day came for Ella and her friends to say goodbye to Sonic and co. Ella thus came with her friends to the outskirts of Station Square where a portal to Sonic's world had been set up. After the portal was opened, Ella said a tearful goodbye to Amy, whom she gave a recipe book to for her to remember her by.[42] After everyone else went through the portal though, Chris, to everyone's surprise and shock, shut it down before Sonic could step through, before grabbing Sonic and running away with him. The next day, Ella and Mr. Tanaka silently stood by Chuck when he decided to tell Nelson and Lindsey the mistakes they had made in Chris's upbringing. Eventually though, the Thorndyke family returned with their son safe and sound, while Sonic returned home.[42][43]

Metarex Saga

Six years after Sonic and his friends had returned to their home world, Chris snuck off and traveled to Sonic's world. Ella was worried for Chris, and wondered if he was safe, wherever he was. However, Chuck suggested that wherever Chris may be, he was sure to be alright.

Archie Comics


Ella taking out her revenge on Bokkun while piloting the X Tornado.

Ella hates dirt and untidiness, but nevertheless likes her job as a housemaid. She is generally nice and caring, but it is easy to upset her. Whenever she is angry, she can be quite capable, even piloting the X Tornado like an experienced pilot.[16] She also hates bullets and rascals, but she is willing to forgive her enemies when she sees improvement in their behavior. She has also shown an aversion to uninvited guests, which she usually attacks or has expelled.[10][11][17]

Ella can usually get easily upset, whether in distress or in disbelief. However, when someone is openly honest with her, she will jump right back into spirit. On the other hand, Ella likes nurturing the young and making them feel comfortable and welcomed, as shown with her relationship with Chris and Cream the Rabbit. Although she may come off as mean and harsh, Ella is very soft spoken and likes making people (mostly her friends and allies) feel welcomed and cheerful.

Powers and abilities

Ella is an experienced cleaner and cook. She is also a capable pilot, as Chuck has taught her how to pilot the X Tornado.[15] In fact, Ella shows great mastery over the X Tornado's various functions and modes, and can perform the Cyclone Kick with it.[16] She also has a lot of physical strength, as she was able to throw Bokkun out of sight with a single throw.[9]


In combat, Ella tends to use a black frying pan.[17][37]


Amy Rose

Ella and Amy hugging on the day of Amy's departure from Earth.

After learning of Amy Rose's existence, Ella became good friends with her and formed a strong bond with her. Afterward, she taught Amy how to be a better cook. When Amy and the others later had to return to their native dimension, Ella tearfully gave Amy a recipe book to remember her by.

Cream the Rabbit

Ella formed a close relationship with Cream the Rabbit, and took care of her in the absence of her mother, Vanilla.

Chris Thorndyke

Ella has taken care of Chris since he was a child, and was recognized as his mother figure. Since Mr. and Mrs. Thorndyke were always away, Ella would usually be the one who took care of the boy, the one who made him food and kept him organized and prepared.


Ella had a rough relationship with the robot, Bokkun. Since meeting him, Bokkun would explode things in her face, and would often take out her revenge on him. However, Ella originally thought Bokkun to be a robot of innocence who was just misunderstood, that is, until he exploded an object in her face, and, in rage, she took out the X Tornado to exact her revenge. Since then, she had disliked him at some points, but also baked sweets and goods for him on some occasions. Although she may not like the robot, she does not consider Bokkun an enemy.





  • Scarlet Garcia reports that Big and Ella are possibly part of the heavyweight division.
  • Despite not appearing in the fighting tournament in the English dub of Sonic X, a brief scene of her battle with Big can be seen in the second episode's introduction.
  • The English dub is the only dub to have her be voiced by a man.


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