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Ciccio's son. The fact that he inherited his father's facial features bothers him to no end, but he's far too nice a kid to ever say anything about it.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Elio (エリオ Erio?) is a character that appears on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Spagonia, the son of Ciccio and Natalia, and the big brother of Lucia, whom he often hangs out with.


Elio was the firstborn child of Ciccio and Natalia. Later, he became a big brother when his mother gave birth to Lucia. As he got older, Elio came to see that he had inherited his father's facial features, but he was not pleased about it.

Prior to Sonic Unleashed, Elio witnessed the kidnapping of Professor Pickle by Dr. Eggman, and saw him being flown to Mazuri. Elio tried to tell his mother about what he saw, but she did not believe him. After the earth was broken apart due to Dark Gaia's awakening, Elio saw Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails and Chip arrive in Spagonia for the first time and told them upon meeting them that he was rather surprised to see creatures such as them. Later on, when Sonic and Chip were asking for clues to Professor Pickle's whereabouts, Elio told them what he saw when Professor Pickle was kidnapped, but asked them not to tell anybody, thinking no one would believe him.

At some point, Elio and Lucia realized that their mother's birthday was coming, and the two of them decided to work together to give Natalia the best birthday ever. Elio and Lucia then came up with the idea that they should attempt to make their mother as beautiful as she was during her modelling career as their birthday gift to her. To this end, they formulated a secret plan between them; Lucia would steal her mother's food and eat it, so that Natalia would chase Lucia and get some exercise, and Elio would collect enough Rings to buy their mother a nice piece of jewelry.

In order to save up Rings in secret, Elio began sneaking out at night to collect Rings, while claiming that he merely went on evening strolls to others. Occasionally, Elio met up with Lucia to hear how they were progressing with the plan, where Elio would tell Lucia that he was doing great, while Lucia complained about how hard her part was. During the beginning of their plan, Elio saw Sonic and Chip head back to Mazuri. He asked them when they were about leave if Mazuri was far away, as he was wondering if walking there would make his mother lose weight. Later, when Sonic and Chip returned, Elio told Sonic about how everyone talked about how he saved Professor Pickle.

One night while collecting Rings, Elio found himself tracked by Sonic the Werehog, who had been sent by his father to bring him back. When he was brought back to his father by Sonic, however, Elio remained silent about his actions, much to his father's disappointment. Afterward, Elio told Sonic that he was surprised to see that his father had assigned him to find him and that he could not tell Sonic why he was out at night.

As Natalia's birthday approached, Elio heard from Lucia that she could no longer make her mother chase after her, which Elio remarked was a problem. Eventually, she and Elio decided to abandon their "forced diet" part of their plan. Not long after, however, Elio accidentally dropped all the Rings he had collected. As Elio began to despair about his loss, Sonic and Chip arrived. After Elio explained to them about how they planned to buy their mother a piece of jewelry, he asked Sonic to help him round up more Rings. Sonic accepted the request, and soon returned with enough Rings, much to Elio's joy. Now feeling that he could trust Sonic, Elio told Sonic about their former plan to make their mother as beautiful as she used to be.

With enough Rings, Elio began to wonder what kind of jewelry they should give their mother and began consulting with Lucia. As they wondered about what they should give her, Lucia suggested a new house and a mini-skirt, but Elio said that a house was too expensive and that their mother would never wear a mini-skirt. He then suggested that they should buy her a finger ring, and Lucia thought it was a nice idea. Unfortunately, all the pieces of jewelry they could find were too expensive. During their search in the town, Elio found an Old Necklace and considered giving it to Natalia as a present, but found it too old and beat up to be a good gift.

Elio later briefly met Sonic and Chip again and told them about their situation. Not long after however, Sonic came back, where Elio heard from Sonic that he was looking for Aida's lost necklace and Elio thought that the necklace he had found earlier was the one. Elio gladly handed it over to Sonic so he could return it to its owner. Later, when Sonic returned, Elio saw that he had brought a finger ring from Aida as a thank-you gift, and Elio remarked that this was the ring they were going to get for their mother, and was surprised they could just have it. Elio then thanked Sonic for his help and proclaimed that their mother was going to love it.

After getting the present, Elio and Lucia decided that they should celebrate their mother's birthday at Restaurant Swa where they could have dinner. They were unable to make a reservation, however, as the shop was closed, because the owner Gigi was having trouble coming up with new recipes, and Elio and Lucia's only hope was for Gigi to reopen again before her mother's birthday. Thanks to Sonic, however, Gigi reopened the restaurant in time, and Elio and Lucia could make their reservation. Afterwards, Elio met up with Sonic and Chip and told them that he was confident that their mother was going to love her birthday.

During the evening on their mother's birthday Elio and Lucia made their father wait in front of the restaurant, while Elio brought Natalia. On his way, Elio met Sonic again and asked him to bring his mother to the restaurant while he got ready to receive her. After Sonic brought Natalia to the restaurant, Elio thanked Sonic for all his help and together with his family. Elio celebrated her mother's birthday. who was overjoyed and thanked both him and Lucia for the best birthday ever.

After the birthday, Elio met Sonic again and told him that his parents had been all smiles since the birthday and said that he knew it would be worth all the trouble.


Elio is rather bothered over the fact that he has inherited his father's facial look, but he is much too kind of a person to say such a thing to him.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Elio (Archie)

Elio, from Sonic the Hedgehog #280.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Elio is a human resident from Spagonia. During the Shattered World Crisis, he got help from the Freedom Fighters to prepare his mother's birthday.


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