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Ekkletos from Sonic the Comic #78. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Ekkletos is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is the spiritual leader of the Tantaror and resides in the Tantaragor dimension. He first appeared in Sonic the Comic #77, but was not introduced until the following issue.


Ekkletos resembles a giant, red, ghostly, elephant-headed man with a third eye in the middle of his forehead. He also has white markings of unknown significance around his eyes. He is incredibly powerful, like all Tantaror, and is the only known being shown to be capable of activating the teleportation powers of Tantaragor Idol remotely, even across dimensional boundaries.[1] He was able to easily subdue the three heretic Tantaror followers of Orkym-Ro,[2] who had previously easily defeated Knuckles the Echidna and an entire crew of Sky Pirates.[3]

Although always large, he has the ability to vastly increase his own size. For example, while initially appearing as approximately the size of Captain Plunder's house,[4] he later grew so that the house was only the size of his leg.[2]

Ekkletos enforces the Tantaror laws that forbid capturing creatures from other worlds, but still seems to consider himself superior to such creatures. He had no qualms about using Knuckles as bait to capture three heretic Tantaror, although he later (brusquely) apologized and claimed that it was "by far the easiest solution".[2]


In attempting to capture three heretic Tantaror, who were followers of the evil priest Orkym-Ro and had captured many slaves on Mobius, Ekkletos remotely activated the Tantaragor Idol and brought it back to Tantaragor. However, the Idol had been stolen by Captain Plunder, and thus instead of the heretics Ekkletos summoned Knuckles the Echidna and a group of pirates from Scourge Bay.

Ekkletos explained the mistake, and Knuckles insisted that he be allowed to go back to the heretics' Ghost Ship to rescue the slaves, to which Ekkletos agreed.[1] However, Ekkletos was merely using Knuckles as a distraction so that he could once again remotely activate the Idol and bring the entire Ghost Ship and its passengers into Tantaragor. Having captured the heretics, he returned Knuckles, the pirates and the slaves back to Mobius, but kept the Idol behind in Tantaragor. He claimed that the heretics' punishment would be "most severe".[2]


  • Ekkletos appears to share many characteristics with deities revered in Hinduism. Most obviously, his appearance as an elephant-headed man appears to be based on the god Ganesha, one of the most widely worshiped of all Hindu deities.
  • He also resembles the god Shiva. Like Shiva, he possesses a third eye on his forehead, and in his first appearance he had assumed the lotus position, a posture in which Shiva is frequently depicted meditating.


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