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The Eggsplosive Eggpawn is an enemy that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a mass-produced Pawn Series[1] Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman. They were used by Eggman during Dodon Pa's Grand Prix.


The Eggsplosive Eggpawns are humanoid robots based on Dr. Eggman. They are primarily red in color, with round red bodies and dome-shaped black heads that come together in an egg-like shape. They also have blank cyan eyes, sharp red noses, a wide glowing panel for mouths, and a black lower torso section. They also have thick black forearms and armored legs, red elbow bands, four-fingered black hands, and disk-like shoulders. Lastly, they wear yellow hardhats.


In Team Sonic Racing, the Eggsplosive Eggpawns appear as enemies. They are encountered mainly in the Eggpawn Assault Events.

An overview of the Eggsplosive Eggpawn and its variants, from Team Sonic Racing.

In gameplay, Eggsplosive Eggpawns drive around in cars. Over the course of their Events, they will teleport onto the road and follow its route, trying to stay ahead of the playable character. If the playable character manages to overtake an Eggsplosive Eggpawn however, a new one will teleport up in front of the playable character.

The Eggsplosive Eggpawns' purpose in the Eggpawn Assault Event is to be moving targets that the player has to chase down and destroy in order to earn points and extend their time limit for the Event. They can be destroyed by either hitting them with the playable character's vehicle or shooting them with the Orange Rocket. However, when eliminated, they drop a red-flashing Black Bomb on the road that will detonate a few seconds after deployment or if the playable character touches it, thereby destroying all nearby enemies and damaging the playable character if they are caught inside its explosion. When destroyed, an Eggsplosive Eggpawn rewards the player with 100 points.

When destroying an Eggsplosive Eggpawn, a new enemy will appear immediately after to take its place. Also, over the course of the Eggpawn Assault Event, the more points the player accumulates, the more frequently will the Eggsplosive Eggpawns appear.

Powers and abilities

The Hard-boiled Eggpawns are passable drivers, possessing the skills necessary to drive a racecar. Also, as their name references, they can drop Black Bombs the instance they are destroyed.

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