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The Eggshop (エッグショップ Eggushoppu?) is one of the Shops that appears in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. It is located in Eggmanland, where it was built when Dr. Eggman established his empire on the continent, and is run by EF-DC1998. It was presumably destroyed when Sonic the Hedgehog tore down Eggmanland.


In Sonic Unleashed, the player can buy items from the Eggshop with Rings, such as edible items and collectible objects in the game, such as Souvenirs, Records and Videotapes. Records and Videotapes bought from the Eggshop are automatically sent to the Collection Room, while other items are put into the Inventory.

The Eggshop becomes available after the player completes the game, as it is only then that the player can access the Eggmanland Town Stage.

List of Eggshop products

Edible items

Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Egg-squisite Lunch Egg-squisite Lunch.png An Eggmanland special. Every item on the plate is divine. 80
Poppin' Eggcorn Poppin' Eggcorn.png Popcorn, for a light snack. Eggman munches on it all the time. 60
Egg Dog Egg Dog.png Eggman's favorite chili dog. It's positively scrumptious! 50
Egg Puff Egg Puff.png Eggmanland's top seller, with a yummy cream filling. 50
Egg Candy Egg Candy.png A sweet treat with Eggman's face on it. Careful you don't drop it and break it! 40



Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Photo Frame SU Eggmanland Photo Frame.png A "hip" frame containing photographic proof of how "cool" Eggmanland is. 100
Miniature Flag SU Eggmanland Miniature Flag.png A replica of Eggmanland's national flag and the "inspiring" symbol that adorns it. 100
Egg Balloon SU Egg Balloon.png A balloon with Eggman's mug on it. Careful you don't let this one get away. 120
Eggman Poster SU Eggman Poster.png A candid shot of Eggman—signed, of course. 100
Egg Goggles SU Egg Goggles.png The goggles Eggman always has on.(For ages 3 and under.) 150

Art Books

Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Art Book 71 Art Book.png Dark Gaia 100


Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Record 35 Record.png vs Egg Dragoon 100
Record 36 Record.png vs Dark Gaia 100
Record 37 Record.png Super Sonic vs Perfect Dark Gaia 100


Name Image Description Price (Rings)
Videotape 36 Video Tape.png Congratulations 100
Videotape 39 Video Tape.png Planet's End 100
Videotape 45 Video Tape.png Spreading Darkness 100
Videotape 51 Video Tape.png A Score Settled 100
Videotape 54 Video Tape.png Save the Speech 100
Videotape 56 Video Tape.png Always 100


  • All of the food bought from the shop is only worth one Experience Point, and Chip seems to utterly despise the food.
  • Professor Pickle seems to show distaste for the souvenirs bought from the Eggshop. For example, he thinks the Egg Balloon is "about as fun as a kick in the pants".

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