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Dr. Eggman, Sonic Lost World

The Eggrobo[note 1] is the boss of Lava Mountain and the final boss of Sonic Lost World. It is a giant mech powered by the life of Sonic's world that Eggman and the Deadly Six plundered using the Extractor.



Bearing similar appearance to the Death Egg Robot, the Eggrobo is shown as a humanoid mech whose head and torso come together in an indistinguishable egg shape. Its head and torso bear a great resemblance to Eggman's classic look, right down to his mustache and attire, with a smaller platform-like torso inside the head for the Egg Mobile to be inserted into as a cockpit. It also has yellow shoulders with green highlights on them, along with red and yellow arms with five fingers and a gray jetpack on the back. The Eggrobo has large armored black feet with what appear to be jets installed in them and has a short green cape made from the life of Sonic's world.

Abilities and traits

The Eggrobo is a massive powerhouse but is incredibly slow. Its thick chassis makes it highly resilient to attacks and it possesses a jetpack that makes it capable of flight. It can also fire its hands as projectiles, launching a barrage of fireballs with every spin, similar to that of a Gatling gun.


Sonic Lost World

The Eggrobo was constructed by Dr. Eggman in the period before the Deadly Six rebelled against him,' and was specifically designed to be powered by the energy harvested from the Extractor. Before Eggman could deploy this mech, however, he was driven off from his operations by the Deadly Six when they broke free.

To get to the Eggrobo again and as well stop the Deadly Six from destroying the world, Eggman teamed up with Sonic and Tails. When Eggman and Sonic arrived at Lava Mountain, however, he faked his own death so he could get to the Extractor and the Eggrobo without anyone knowing. While Sonic took care of the Deadly Six, Eggman used the energy the Extractor had collected to super-charge the Eggrobo.

When Sonic and Tails got to the Extractor to shut it down, Eggman ambushed them in the Eggrobo. After having explained how he survived, Eggman revealed his plans to conquer whatever that was left of the world from the Extractor's effects with the same energies it had harvested. However, Sonic did not intend to let Eggman go through with his plan and engaged Eggman in the Eggrobo. In the end, the Eggrobo was no match for Sonic and was utterly destroyed.



Boss guide

The beginning of the battle takes place in a narrow, straightforward platform aisle that Sonic runs on after being fired from a cannon. The Eggrobo adopts three different attacks during this boss fight:

  1. The floating hands of the Eggrobo shoot out a string of green energy bullets in a straight line. Sonic must stay in between the two streams. Once Eggman has been hit a couple of times, these streams become wavy rather than straight.
  2. Scrolling laser beams fire out from the Eggrobo, and move them across Sonic's highway. These must be jumped over with the Double Jump. Again, the pattern changes up once the Eggrobo has been damaged: the lasers strafe much faster.
  3. The levitating hands fly parallel to Sonic and try to squash him. Again, Double Jump above the hands' grasp to dodge.

Having dodged the previous three attacks, Sonic is close enough to launch a Homing Attack on the mech's leg. This will lead the Eggrobo's arm to drag along the highway, allowing for another series of Homing Attacks, finally on Eggman's cockpit. Once hit, the Eggrobo will fall on the ground and roll until it manages to pick itself up again. During this time, Sonic has a chance to use the Focused Homing Attack at the Eggrobo while it is rolling to deal additional damage.

It should be noted that Super Sonic cannot be used for this fight through normal means.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Dr. Eggman Showdown Tomoya Ohtani 3:47


Nintendo 3DS

Boss guide

The battle begins with Sonic already running after Eggman's mech, though unlike the Wii U/PC version, he has the ability to control his speed via the R button, rather than automatically running at his top speed. The Eggrobo fight lasts longer in this version and uses different set of attacks from the Wii U/PC version, each based on two Color Powers:

  • Lightning/Laser: The Eggrobo's floating hands fire out plasma beams based on the Ivory Lightning and Cyan Laser, which are avoided by moving out of the way. As the Eggrobo takes more damage, it will fire from both palms. Sometimes the beams will swivel around and be crossed in an X shape, forming an energy ball in the center, although this happens extremely late into the fight and can possibly be avoided if the player is skilled enough. However, this variation of the attack is performed much more frequently in the Extra Zone, as well as in Hard Mode.
  • Burst/Asteroid: The Eggrobo raises its arms in the air, flinging three or five Red Burst-influenced fireballs at Sonic (four or five in the Extra Zone) that are avoided by stepping out of their crosshairs. Once the Eggrobo has received enough damage, Eggman will toss a larger fireball which he combines with the Indigo Asteroid; upon landing, it will create a black hole that will instantly kill Sonic if he comes too close to it.
  • Drill/Quake: The mech's hands utilize the Yellow Drill to drill into the terrain, causing rocks to spike out from the ground that Sonic must maneuver around. After dealing enough damage, the drills will launch rolling boulders influenced by the Gray Quake at Sonic. Occasionally, the mech will slam its hands onto the ground and shake it, also much like the Gray Quake. If Sonic fails to jump in order to avoid this, he will momentarily be unable to jump, making it harder to dodge the rocks.

Between every attack, the power of the Eggrobo will be shown and will increase as the Eggrobo loses health. In Easy mode, it will start from 1000, then go up to 8000, then finally 10000. In Hard Mode, it will start from 1000, but temporarily go up to 5000 for one attack, then go down to 1000, then 8000, then finally, 10000. Finally as the boss of Lava Mountain's Extra Zone, it will start at 5000, then 8000, 10000, and will go past its limits as it reaches a power of 100000.

After dodging enough attacks, Sonic will get close enough to launch a Homing Attack, but initiating the attack is a little different in this version, as Sonic must lock-on to the arms, the legs and the chest at the same time to be able to reach Eggman's cockpit. Near the end of the fight, these sections become a little more difficult, as Eggman will fire homing missiles at Sonic. When the Eggrobo tumbles afterwards, Sonic can unleash a Focused Homing Attack to deal more damage. The amount of damage Sonic can deal to the Eggrobo is slightly lowered in Hard Mode as well as in Lava Mountain's Extra Zone, and the amount is even further reduced in Hard Mode's version of the latter.

As the fight draws closer to the end, the mech will drop Wisps which will encase Sonic in a shield made from the stolen life, accompanied by a sound effect from the Genesis games. Eventually, Sonic will launch a final attack on the Eggrobo, and the player is prompted to mash DSB.png as fast as they can to successfully destroy the mech and end the fight. Unlike the Wii U/PC version, there are no Red Star Rings to collect, and Super Sonic can be used in this fight, although he will de-transform for the final attack.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Dr. Eggman Showdown Tomoya Ohtani 3:47



  • There is a glitch in the Wii U/PC version that allows the player to transform into Super Sonic. Ironically, the transformation is only allowed on the final attack, which is the opposite of the 3DS version. To do this, the player must have all Red Star Rings and obtain fifty Rings. As soon as the game becomes slow-motion for the final attack, hit the jump button for the Homing Attack then quickly activate Super Sonic.
    • Since Super Sonic was never programmed for autorun sections, Super Sonic will not be running forward and the Homing Attack is the same as on foot, making harder to reach Eggman for the final attack. The path is circular thus making it easier to fall on the lava since the camera is stuck as the same position for the final attack.
  • The battle between the Eggrobo and Sonic has some similarities to the Nega-Wisp Armor fight from the Wii version of Sonic Colors and the Death Egg Robot fight during its third phase from Sonic Forces:
    • Sonic has to aim at the cockpit to deal actual damage to the final boss.
    • When Eggman is defeated, he is ejected from his mech and sent soaring into the distance before exploding into an Eggman Empire decal-shaped firework when he is out of sight.
    • In order to do damage the player must chain multiple Homing Attacks together also similar to the Sand Scorpion from Sonic and the Secret Rings.
    • After the player chains the Homing Attacks they will have another chance to deal extra damage.
    • The boss shoots lasers at the player from its two hands that get gradually faster as more damage is done.




Wii U/PC


Nintendo 3DS


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  1. Located in the Lava Mountain level files of the HD version of Sonic Lost World, the mech's model is named "boss8_obj_eggrobo".

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