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Eggpawns are storming the track! Destroy as many as you can! Destroying different Eggpawns can earn you more points!

— Description, Team Sonic Racing manual

Eggpawn Assault[1] is one of the types of Events available in Team Sonic Racing. It appears exclusively in Team Adventure.


Sonic competing in an Eggpawn Assault Event.

In Eggpawn Assault, the player competes as a single playable character on the race track without any teammates to race with. Here, the player races against several Eggpawns in vehicles that they have to destroy by colliding with them or by shooting them with an Orange Rocket. When destroying an Eggpawn, the player will be rewarded with points. The player's objective is to score as many points as possible within a certain time limit. This time limit is indicated by the timer and gauge at the top of the screen that appears during the Eggpawn Assault Event. As the timer decreases, the gauge will deplete. When the time is about to run out, the gauge will turn from turquoise to orange, and then red. Should the gauge empty completely, the player will run out of time and the Event will end. However, for each Eggpawn the player destroys, the player's timer will be extended by three seconds.

There are four different types of Eggpawns in the Eggpawn Assault Events, each one with different traits and giving different points when destroyed:

  • Standard Eggpawn: Yellow Eggpawn models. These Eggpawns are the weakest and are destroyed with just one hit. They reward 100 points upon their destruction.
  • Hard-boiled Eggpawn: Blue Eggpawn models. These Eggpawns take two hits to destroy. They reward 150 points upon their destruction.
  • Eggsplosive Eggpawn: Red, yellow and black Eggpawn models with yellow hardhats. These Eggpawns drop dangerous bombs onto the racetrack when they are destroyed that will explode like the Black Bomb and stun the playable character if they hit them. The player thus has to move away from the bomb as soon as they can so that they do not receive any damage. They reward 100 points upon their destruction.
  • Melee Eggpawn: Pink Eggpawn models with bunny ears. These Eggpawns are equipped with Pink Spikes, making it impossible to destroy them by touching them. The player's best option is to destroy them with the Orange Rocket. They reward 100 points upon their destruction.

Noticeably, when destroying an Eggpawn, a new one will appear immediately after to take the old one's place. Also, when starting the Eggpawn Assault Event, the player will typically start out racing against Standard Eggpawns. However, as the player accumulates more points, different types of Eggpawns will appear more frequently to take the destroyed ones' place.

To aid the player with the destruction of the Eggpawns, the Eggpawn Assault Events offer several opportunities to get Orange Wisps that can be used to fire Orange Rockets at the Eggpawns. When starting out a race, the player will possess three Orange Wisps to use at any time. When those run out, the player can pick up three new Orange Wisps from any of the Item Boxes along the race track.

The Eggpawn Assault Events feature point milestones that indicate how well the player has performed. By collecting enough points, the player will be rewarded with a specific type of medal after the Event. The more points the player gathers, the better the medal they will receive. The fourth-highest medal the player can receive is bronze, the third-highest is silver, the second-highest is gold, and the highest is platinum.

To complete an Eggpawn Assault Event, the player has to either run out of time or earn a platinum medal.

Eggpawn Assault Events in Team Adventure

Chapter 4: Cheats Never Prosper

Stage Track
Stage 4-1 Pinball Highway
Stage 4-3 Frozen Junkyard
Stage 4-9 Haunted Castle

Chapter 5: The Race Continues

Stage Track
Stage 5-2 Ocean View
Stage 5-9 Clockwork Pyramid

Chapter 7: The Final Showdown

Stage Track
Stage 7-1 Turbine Loop
Stage 7-12 Dark Arsenal


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